As superb as the Mercedes-Benz and BMW are, Audi, no doubt produces the best engines in the world. The name Audi came from a Latin translation of the founder’s name, August Horch. Horch, which means ‘Audi’ in Latin. Another aspect that has an important bearing on the creation of Audi is the Audi logo. The four rings found on the Audi logo stands for one of the four auto companies that collaborated to create the Audi’s forerunner company called, the Auto Union.

9Audi R8

This Audi is undoubtedly one of its kind. It has an isolate look and advanced aluminum space frame made from one of the most coveted sports cars around. The R8 is seen as one of the best-driven cars on the road today and is one of the most livable. This car is sure to be classic.