We’re going to cover some of the most useful tools and equipment to have for roadtrips, for car maintenance, and some that are just nice to have when you need them most. This can range from safety equipment to tools that will help you get the job done right the first time.

Some of these automotive tools and car safety equipment are necessary to have, so if you don’t have something that’s on this list, you might consider putting it on your Christmas wish list. Here are the best automotive tools and equipment of 2019.

99. Nopro Plastic Funnel, Set of 3

This Plastic Funnel Set by NoPro is the best way to handle refilling your automotive fluids in your car, truck, or SUV. With three different sizes, you can keep them separated for the fluids of your choice, whether you’re using it to refill engine motor oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze or coolant, power steering fluid, or windshield washer fluid.

Each funnel has a spout that will fit perfectly into the inserts of your automotive fluid reservoirs for more convenient filling of fluids without the risk of spilling potentially caustic fluids everywhere. These have a convenient loop near the top for ease of storage in your garage or utility room. They’re also made of a hard, durable plastic so they are safe to clean in the dishwasher as well. They’re so affordable, you may want to order two sets.