Top 10 Best Automotive Cleaning Cloths and Towels of 2021

Whether you’re trying to detail your car or clean up a spill, a good cleaning cloth, wash mitt, or towel are always good to have around. Disposable towels, wash mitts to expedite your car wash, microfiber applicators to apply polishes and waxes, and maybe a towel just to finish drying your car, we’re going to cover the best and the brightest of the automotive cleaning cloths and towels of 2020.

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10. Drying Chamois by AmazonBasics

Best Automotive Cleaning Cloths and Towels

The Drying Chamois from AmazonBasics is exactly what you want from a drying cloth. It’s 26 inches by 17 inches in dimension and made from a synthetic material that will absorb liquids quickly and easily.

There won’t be any residue, lint, streaks, smears, or spots left behind when drying with this cloth. They’re machine washable so you can reuse them over and over again. These also include plastic storage containers for storage so that they can stay stored away without getting potentially dirty in between uses.

Reviewers are overall pretty satisfied with these drying chamois. Some are using them for the gym, or the kitchen, so you may get more use out of these than you expect. They’re rather large in size, so you could always cut them down to the size you prefer. The value you get for the cost is unbeatable, as comparable chamois are much higher in price.

9. Car Care Bug & Mesh Cleaning Wash Sponge by Viking

The Microfiber Mesh Bug Sponge from Viking Car Care is exactly what you need when you’re trying to clean windshields and windows. The mesh is designed to safely and effectively grip onto and remove hard stuck-on dirt and debris from glass and paint.

This microfiber mesh is perfectly safe to use on clear coats as well, and inside is a super absorbent sponge that will soak up and spit out soap suds allowing you to save trips to the car wash bucket. For cars, RVs, SUVs, and trucks that are bug magnets, this should be your go-to cleaning sponge for cleaning them off. This won’t leave any scratches, swirls, or damage your paint or clear coat as it’s non-abrasive.

Reviews rave that these are great for wiping off bugs and this sponge does exactly what they’re intended to do. Most found that it’s more effective than bug sprays and simple soap and water, which is a good thing. While this is pretty far down on our list, it’s a pretty amazing product for what it does and it’s incredibly affordable.

8. Chenille Microfiber PremiumWashMitt by Chemical Guys

The premium microfiber wash mitt from Chemical Guys is large, which means it’s going to save you trips back and forth to your designated car wash bucket.

The extra plush microfiber threads are super-absorbent which means you can get more soap applied to your truck, car, SUV, or RV with less effort.

Great for car washes, it has a cotton interior where your hand goes inside the mitt and holds up well over time. Reusable and machine washable, this mitt is a great help when it comes to washing your car, truck, or vehicle.

7. Premium Grade Blue Microfiber Applicators by Chemical Guys

These wonderful microfiber applicators from Chemical Guys are premium cleaning applicators.

They are made up of an incredibly absorbent plush sponge that is wrapped in a heavy-duty microfiber fabric. They’re inside stitched 2 times for reliability to prevent the fabric from falling apart.

The primary use of these microfiber applicators with sponges inside would be for waxing and polishing purposes. These would also be great to use for car washes, polishing, waxing, general interior cleaning, applying cleaning chemicals, and can even be used to dry your car. These durable cleaning pads are reliable enough to use over and over again.

While these claim to be machine washable, there are a lot of complaints about the cover falling off during some wash cycles. Best to keep these out of the washing machine.

6. Screen/Electronics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth by Quickie

More and more cars come standard with electronic screens or A/V displays to output your cars information nowadays.

The Electronics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths by Quickie is the best we found for cleaning electronic screens and components without risk of damaging, scratching, or leaving any streaks. These are safe to use on computers, tablets, phones, televisions, car consoles, and more.

They are made up of 80% polyester and 20% nylon, and are 13 inch by 15 inch in size. These are machine washable and reusable, making them an environmentally friendly choice when it comes to cleaning your electronics and screens.

5. Personal Microfiber Towel by PackTowl

These personal microfiber towels from PackTowl are great. Available in sizes ranging from personal face towel to beach sized, they are made up from a quick-drying microfiber material.

These will dry 70 percent faster than normal cotton towels and are much more compact, meaning they will take up less space when you’re packing them in the car.

This personal towel is great for the shop, garage, or even personal use. Included with the towel is a zippered storage pouch with a hanging loop so you can keep it clean, dry, and out of the way until it’s needed. For your fashion convenience, they can also be ordered in different colors and patterns.

4. Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towel by Chemical Guys

The Professional Grade Premium Microfiber towels from Chemical Guys are top quality, with silk banded edges and made of a long lasting microfiber.

They won’t leave any scratches, swirls, spots, or lint on your car, truck, RV, motorcycle, or SUV as you use them to wipe them clean. They can also be used to clean up grease, oil spills, automotive fluids, or other spills around the garage or shop.

These towels are available in a variety of sizes, 16×16, 16×24, or 25×36. They’re machine washable and incredibly durable. One side of the towel is ideal for drying your car or gently removing a layer of wax while the other is wonderful for buffing, polishing, or waxing. These are great towels from a great company.

3. Microfiber Wash Mitt by Meguiar’s

This Microfiber Wash Mitt from Meguiar’s is incredibly handy to have when you’re looking to wash your car.

You can use this mitt to do a traditional wet wash with soap or you can use a dry spray style cleaner to wipe it clean. The super-absorbent fibers can carry more soap so you can get the job done faster. Either way, this mitt will get the job done, giving your car that sparkling clean. 

The best part about this incredibly affordable wash mitt is that it’s machine washable allowing you to throw it in with the laundry so it’s clean and ready for your next use.

2. Blue Shop Towels by Scott

If you need to clean up motor oil, transmission fluid, or any other potentially caustic automotive fluid, look no further than these disposable Blue Shop Towels by Scott. They’re great to have around the garage, kitchen, or anywhere you might potentially have a spill.

These super absorbent towels are thicker than your typical paper towel, allowing them to easily absorb liquids, grease, and other fluids. These hold up better than other sorts of disposable towels when it comes to heavy cleaning with thick and sticky liquids. This one is a must-have for anyone getting dirty in their garage.

1. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths by VibraWipe

These Microfiber Cleaning Cloths by VibraWipe are simply the leaders in the industry when it comes to the best automotive cleaning cloths and towels.

These super absorbent microfiber towels will allow you to clean windows and mirrors without leaving any streaks, lint, or streaks behind. Powerful but gentle, these thick, plush, and soft towels are safe for all hard surfaces.

These are great for wiping off bolts, wiping down your dash, cleaning your windows, and can even be used inside your home for everyday cleaning tasks as well. Since they’re machine washable, these towels will also allow you to be more environmentally friend as well as these can replace the use of paper towels around the house and shop.

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