Top 10 Best Car and Truck Exterior Care Products of 2021

Caring for the exterior of your car is important if you want to keep rust, bugs, dirt, and other contaminants off of your car. There’s plenty to pick from in terms of cleaners, washing kits, car wash tools, scratch removers and more.

We’ve highlighted some of the best products that you will want to keep in the garage so that you’re ready to tackle it all when it comes to caring for the exterior of your car. Here are the best car and truck exterior care products of 2019.

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10. Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit by Aero Cosmetics

Best Car and Truck Exterior Care Products

Ease of use is the name of the game with this Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit from Aero Cosmetics. It couldn’t get any easier than this. This kit includes one full gallon and one full spray bottle of the water based eco-friendly formula that is safe for all surfaces, interior and exterior.

Also included are 4 microfiber 16” x 16” towels, a product guide, a manual, and a guide on what vehicles this should be used on.

This alcohol and ammonia free waterless wash can be sprayed on after wet washing in order to provide a nice wax finish as you dry with one of the provided towels. It can also be used without watering down your vehicle first, as this works on dry surfaces as well.

Manufactured for airplane industry cleaning specifications, this will work wonders on your car, truck, motorcycle, or RV in order to provide a wonderful protective wax finish with or without the need for water.

9. Super Cleaner by CarGuys

For exterior surfaces such as trim, metal, antennaes, steps, vinyl, and others, the All Purpose Cleaner by CarGuys is an all-in-one cleaner. This can be used to clean everything except your windows and windshield. This is your first step to getting rid of that tree sap, dead bugs, bird poop, grease, tar, or any other filthy things making your car look bad.

This all in one cleaner can also be used on all of your interior surfaces as well except for electronic instrument panels. This means it will work on your dash, your steering wheel, upholstery, headliner, headrests, vinyl, trim, you name it, it’ll clean off the dirt and grime and leave your interior and exterior looking great again.

8. Hybrid Ceramic Wax by Meguiar’s

The Hybrid Ceramic Wax by Meguiar’s will give your car, truck, or vehicle a high quality ceramic wax coating. You will see a fantastic shine and after proper application, water will bead off of your vehicle with velocity.

This will add a layer of protection to help keep bird poop, tar, tree sap, dirt, and other road grime off of your car. This ceramic wax comes in a thick paste form and should be buffed off with a quality microfiber towel.

You’ll see quality water beading properties as a result of applying this wax. Make sure you’ve completely cleaned the car before applying the wax as it needs a clean surface to work properly.

7. Microfiber Applicator Pads – Blue – 6 Pack by Viking Car Care

Coming in a variety of sizes and styles, the Microfiber Applicator Pads by Viking Car Care is the best choice for evenly applying polish, protectants, dressings and waxes on your vehicle. These can be used to buff and polish both the interior and exterior of your car.

Safe for usage on clear coats, these are made of high-tech soft microfibers that will aid in the even application of the sealant of your choice.

Other styles include the addition of a finger pocket and a rectangular version for applying waxes and polishes by hand. No matter your choice, these will allow you to put an even distribution of polishes, sealants, and waxes on your car.

6. Best Garden Hose Nozzle by Gardenite

The Heavy Duty Garden Hose Nozzle by Gardenite is the ultimate car wash and exterior care product. This nozzle has a metal base connector with a rubber grommet meaning it won’t have any problems with leaking. It has a beautiful chrome finish which means it won’t rust.

It has an ergonomic heavy duty textured rubber comfort grip which means you can use it as much as you need without getting uncomfortable or wore out. If you need to keep it open for an extended period of time, you can utilize the hands free clip to lock it in the on position.

The nozzle features 8 different watering patterns that will make this garden hose nozzle ideal for rinsing down your car, watering your garden, grass, or flower beds, and rinsing off anything else that needs cleaned. The watering spray patterns are: Full, Center, Cone, Flat, Angle, Mist, Shower, and Jet. A spin click selector allows the operator to easily adjust to the spray pattern of their choice.

5. Scratch and Swirl Remover by Carfidant

The Scratch and Swirl Remover from Carfidant can fix and fill in swirls, scratches and other marks on your car’s paint. This is a slightly abrasive rubbing compound that will also remove oxidation, water spots, and other small contaminants from the surface of your car.

Sold with an included buffer pad, this swirl remover can take out the imperfections in your car’s paint simply by buffing it out by hand. This scent free scratch remover is safe for all paints and paint colors, and is safe to use on single stage, multi-stage paint, or clear coat also.

If you have scuff marks, imperfections, scratches, or swirls on your paint, use this compound with a DA polisher or buff it out by hand to take care of those imperfections. You’ll instantly see the gloss and shine return to your car as those scratch marks are taken care of. Carfidant stands behind their products and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy on their products, offering a full refund if you aren’t satisfied.

4. Metal Polish, 8 oz by Brasso

The Metal Polish by Brasso is perfect for cleaning and polishing your exterior metal surfaces including stainless, aluminum, pewter, bronze, chrome, copper and brass. For the exterior of your car, this can mean chrome trim, rims, hubcaps, wheels, or any other metals that need to be cleaned and polished.

This polish will bring out a smooth and polished surface on your metals, giving it a long-lasting brilliant shine after a thorough cleaning.

Bring out the best look on your car rims with this metal polish. Effective and still gentle enough that it shouldn’t bother your skin if it comes into contact. This may require a little effort to get the polish and shine that you want, but rest assured, this will do the trick.

3. Mirror Shine – Super Gloss Wax & Sealant Hybrid Spray by Torque Detail

This Mirror Shine by Torque Detail is a super gloss wax and sealant hybrid that will spray on easily and adhere to your car’s paint, leaving you with the ultimate super gloss shine and weather protection.

This new outer layer of your car’s surface will shield your car from dirt, dust, road grime, road salt, tree sap, bird droppings and more while giving your car a luxuriously deep shine. This is suitable for cars of all types, motorcycles, trucks, SUVs, RVs, boats, and even airplanes. 

As with most exterior protectant products, you’ll want to thoroughly wash and clay-bar your vehicle before applying this mirror shine. Protecting your car from dirt, water marks, and road contaminants has never been easier. Torque Detail stands behind their products, offering a 60 day satisfaction guarantee policy.

2. Adjustable Foam Cannon 1 Liter Bottle Snow Foam Lance

The Adjustable Foam Cannon by MATCC attaches to a pressure washer with a stainless steel ¼” quick connector. The pressure washer must have over 1000 PSI pressure in order to properly operate this foam cannon for dispensing car wash soap.

It’s not recommended to use with pressure washers over 3000 PSI. The core of the Foam Lance is quality brass construction, and features two adjustments to allow regulating the foam dispensing amount and the spray pattern for your convenience. 

The ability to adjust the foam dispensing amount allows you to conserve or dispense extra foam as necessary for those spots on your car that need more or less attention. This is ideal for washing your motorcycle, car, flooring, windows, siding, roofs, or anywhere you might need to dispense foam accurately and quickly. The capacity of the chemical storage tank is 0.22 Gallons (1L). 

1. Scratch Swirl Remover by TriNova

The Scratch and Swirl Remover by TriNova is a must have for anyone with imperfections on their car’s painted surfaces. If your car has scratches, swirls, or scrapes that are an eyesore, then this polishing compound will allow you to touch up your paint in order to touch up those spots.

This advanced formula allows you to buff the scratches and swirls out by hand or with a dual action polisher. This remover will repair your paint glaze to a high gloss so those eyesores are no more.

If the scratch on your paint is too deep, this product may not work to take care of it and you will need the advice of a professional on how to proceed to repair it. Light scratches can easily be taken care of though without the use of any special tools or hardware.

This can also be used to take off external paint that you might have picked up from bumping into other cars or painted roadway obstructions.

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