Here we analyze some of the worst automobiles ever built by Chevrolet. These vehicles were fragile, underpowered and lacked durability. They helped to shape the American automotive tradition around their bad example. Some of these cars did well in terms of grossing sales, while others faired poorly in the automotive market.

The positive work behind of these auto machines is that the platform for their design may have been conceived as an excellent idea. But it is more like a very good idea that was betrayed by haphazard quality, half-effort engineering, and cynical compromises. Below is the list of the top ten worst Chevrolet vehicles.

91982 Chevrolet Cavalier

The 1982 was one of the automaker’s first front wheel drive cars with a compact look and was notorious for its pathetic engine design. It came as a choice of two versions of GM’s 122 series with four-cylinder pushrod engines, 2 and 4-door sedan, as well as a hatchback, and station wagon styles. The car was supposed to be a step forward but ended up a disaster. The only people who bought it were senior citizens who needed a means of transportation. The majority of the people who acquired this vehicle describe it as being sloppily built.