Do Electric Cars Come With A Charger? 

There is much to love about electric vehicles, from faster acceleration to lower maintenance costs. Of course, it’s no secret that electric cars usually come with a hefty price tag. Many consumers have wondered whether an electric vehicle includes a charger or whether this needs to be purchased separately. 

A 120-volt Level 1 charger is typically included when purchasing an electric vehicle. Level 1 chargers can recharge an electric car using any grounded outlet. However, drivers can also opt for 240-volt Level 2 chargers. Many electric vehicles are also compatible with DC fast charging. 

In this article, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about the chargers included with electric vehicles. From the universal compatibility of these chargers to different recharging methods, all your questions will be answered! 

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Does Every Electric Vehicle Come With A Charger?

With gasoline-powered vehicles, refueling is a no-brainer – you just go to the gas station! Of course, electric vehicles (EVs) do not use fuel at all and instead need to be charged. This has left many prospective EV buyers wondering whether the purchase of an electric car includes a charger. 

When purchasing an electric vehicle today, a standard Level 1 portable charger is almost always included with the purchase. These Level 1 chargers are compatible with all household outlets. The included charger means that EV owners don’t need to worry about buying a charger to recharge their vehicle at home. 

The chargers that are classed as Level 1 are 120-volt cables. One end of the Level 1 cable will fit into your EV’s charging port, while the other end can be plugged into any grounded plug outlet in your home. 

While these cables are included with purchasing an electric vehicle, it is possible to buy a replacement cable, which generally costs around $200. Many EV drivers also prefer purchasing longer charging cables for their cars. However, the longer the charging cable, the more it will likely cost. 

While almost all EVs are sold with these Level 1 chargers, you might be wondering whether all these charging cables are universal. In the following section, we’ll look at whether every electric car charger is the same. 

Are Electric Car Chargers All The Same?

As we established above, most electric vehicles purchased today come with standard Level 1 120-volt chargers. Of course, these Level 1 chargers can be used to charge your EV at home. However, you might be wondering whether electric car chargers are all the same. 

Generally, electric car chargers have universal compatibility, which means they will be compatible with all EV brands. However, there are exceptions to the rules. Tesla’s EVs use Tesla’s Supercharger, which is unique to Tesla’s cars. 

With the use of an adapter, Tesla owners will be able to use a universal cable to charge their vehicle. However, for non-Tesla electric cars, it will be impossible to utilize Tesla’s Supercharger cable. 

While EV chargers have universal compatibility with different vehicle brands, as discussed above, not every electric vehicle charger is alike. While most EVs come standard with Level 1 cables, using a Level 2 charger is also possible. Much like Level 1 chargers, Level 2 chargers are also universally compatible with different EV makes. 

In addition to Level 1 and 2 car chargers, many fully electric vehicles also support DC fast charging. In the following section, we’re going to provide you with a brief overview of the different ways you can recharge an electric car.  

Different Ways To Charge Electric Cars

Overall, there are three different ways to charge electric vehicles. Let’s break these various methods down for you! By understanding the various EV charging methods, you can choose the best way for your daily needs! 

Do Electric Cars Come With A Charger

Level One Charging

As discussed earlier, Level 1 chargers are typically included with your car purchase. As discussed earlier, this isn’t the most efficient type of car charger. However, for drivers with daily commutes of 40 miles or less, Level 1 chargers will be able to replenish their battery overnight

If your daily commute on average is less than 40 miles, the Level 1 charger that was included with your car will be able to support your needs. For most EV owners, Level 1 chargers are ideal. However, there’s always the option of a Level 2 charger! 

Level Two Charging

Level 2 EV chargers can charge vehicles at a faster rate. However, using a Level 2 charger at home will require additional equipment to be purchased and installed. Level 2 chargers use 240-volt outlets instead of the 120-volt outlets used by Level 1 chargers. 

A Level 2 EV charger can replenish 40 miles with two hours of charging. For EV drivers with longer commutes, a Level 2 charger can significantly simplify their lives. Unfortunately, getting an electrician to install a 240-volt outlet for this wall-mounted charger can be quite costly. 

DC Fast Charging Stations

A DC fast charger is the fastest way to charge an electric vehicle. Generally, these chargers provide 10 to 20 miles of range for every minute of charging. Most electric cars are compatible with DC fast charging. DC charging cannot be done at home and is reserved for public EV charging stations. 

If your electric car is compatible with DC fast charging, you can look for a fast-charging station near you. By using these public stations, you can efficiently charge your EV. These charging stations offer an excellent way for EV owners to supplement at-home charging. 

Many fantastic apps can help electric car drivers find charging stations near them. These charging stations are commonly located in parking lots at malls, hotels, community centers, and more. Using these charging stations remains cheaper than buying gasoline! 


When purchasing an electric car, a Level 1 charger will be included. For most EV drivers, this 120-volt charging cable is perfect. However, it’s also possible to splurge on a Level 2 charger, which will require additional equipment to be purchased. Public charging stations offer another great way to recharge electric vehicles. 

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