Over its 50 year run, Camaro has been and astonishing and beautiful V-8 powered muscle vehicle, a stylish driver, a track racer and a purpose-built drag race car ready for a road course. Here we consider the ten greatest Camaro models of all time.

102014 Camaro Z28

To ensure that the weight of the vehicle is low, the car’s radio has only one speaker. This was built simply to meet the legal requirements which specify that every car must produce a chime when the car door is left open. Also, air conditioning is optional, and the rear window glass is slimmer to curb weight.

In total, the Camaro 505-hp Z28 is 300lbs. Far lighter than the Camaro ZL1. A constricted chassis, lowered suspension, as well as carbon ceramic brakes make up this the track-ready muscle car. Just like the original, some Camaros offer more torque than this Z28.