This year has been truly eventful with the release of many new automobiles, however some appear on this list of the Worst Rated Cars of 2020. The top two “best” automakers were Audi and Subaru this year, and they were followed by some of the other luxury brands, BMW, Lexus, and Porsche, as the highly-influential top five. Mazda came in sixth while Buick took the seventh position. Toyota took the eighth position overall and was followed by Kia in the ninth position, and Honda ended things on the 10th. 

This list, however, contains the top ten worst rated vehicles of the 2020. 2020 has been a wild, crazy year with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting all walks of life. However, many of these carmakers cannot blame the world pandemic for these worst cars of 2020! Enjoy!

10Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee is one that’s promoted as providing electricity and extravagance and a heavily publicized vehicle, but don’t attempt telling any of that to the people who have reviewed this subpar SUV. This SUV was likewise smacked for having lousy visibility from the front windshield, not much cargo capability, a nine-speed automatic transmission that was clumsy, and a weak 4-cylinder engine to speak of. Undoubtedly, a poor investment. We may have been impressed by the Eco Diesel Grand Cherokee and the small turbocharged Renegade Sport seen here, but apparently, there is more to the equation than meets the eye.