How Far Can a Tesla Go in One Charge?

Technology has come a long way since the first car, and with the increasing demand for eco-friendly vehicles, the electric car has started getting more popular. Being a world-renowned electric car manufacturer, Tesla is a leader in using batteries that extend the range of electric vehicles. However, we still need to ask, how far can a Tesla go in one charge?

Depending on the model, Tesla cars can travel as far as 405 miles per charge, but the average is around 340 miles. The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus is at the low end at about 272 miles per charge, and the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus is at the higher end with around 405 miles per charge. 

A couple of factors weigh into the distance a Tesla car can travel on a single charge. Some of these factors include battery size, weather, and speed. It’s incredible to see just how far technology has come since some of the first electric car designs like that of BMW, whose first electric car was only able to manage a distance of under 40 miles.

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How Far Can Different Models Go in One Charge

Naturally, different Tesla car models will travel different distances on a single charge as the weight, technology used, and even battery size can differ drastically.

Since the question of how far a Tesla can go with a single charge can vary depending on the model, I have summarized the average distances, in tests done by Tesla, per model below:

Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 has three variants that allow the distance you can travel on a single charge to range between 272 and 358 miles. 

Model 3 Standard (Rear Wheel Drive) – 272 miles per charge

Model 3 Performance (Dual Motor) – 315 miles per charge

Model 3 Long Range (Dual Motor) – 358 miles per charge

Model X

The Tesla Model X has only two variants called the Model X and the Model X Plaid. Both of these models use all-wheel-drive, and the Model X Plaid has three different motors and is said to be more powerful, which is possibly why the range is lower.

Model X Standard (Dual Motor) – 348 miles per charge

Model X Plaid (Tri-Motor) – 333 miles per charge

Model Y

The two Tesla Model Y variants differ in the seating capacity, price, top speed, and 0-60 acceleration. These two models also vary in the range they can drive in a single charge.

Surprisingly the less expensive one can travel longer distances on one charge.

Model Y Performance (Dual Motor) – 303 miles per charge 

Model Y Long Range (Dual Motor) – 330 miles per charge

Model S

There are two variants of the Model S, which both have incredible ranges. The Tesla Model S series is the model of Tesla cars that can travel the longest distance with only one charge.

This series of vehicles have improved their range and has added over 100 miles extra compared to some of the other versions of Tesla cars.

Model S Standard (Dual Motor) – 405 miles per charge

Model S Plaid (Tri-Motor) – 396 miles per charge

Of all the Tesla cars available, the Standard Model S is the car that can travel the longest on a single charge. Compared to the Standard Model 3, the Model S adds an average additional 130 miles per charge.

How Far Can a Tesla Go in One Charge

Aspects that Influence Battery Life

As seen above, Tesla cars can drive anywhere between 272 and 405 miles, depending on the model. However, these distances are the results of tests done by Tesla, which means they might be exaggerated.

Since these factors will change depending on the driver as well as the conditions, these are some things to consider:

Battery Size

Naturally, the size of the battery used in a Tesla car can significantly influence how far a vehicle can travel on one charge. Bigger batteries will enable the driver to travel much greater distances than a car with a smaller battery.

Battery range is also one of the most significant factors when it comes to the price of your Tesla. The bigger the battery, the more the car will cost.


According to studies done by independent organizations, the weather can influence the distance you can drive on a single charge quite significantly. Not only can temperatures over 80˚F lower the range of your car, but anything under 50˚F can cost you up to 40% of the car’s battery efficiency. 

These studies also state that wind plays a factor in your car’s travel distance in the form of “phantom drain,” though there is little more detail on the matter. 

Speed and Driving Habits

Another factor that influences how far your car can travel on a single charge is personal habits and speed. Like regular combustion engines, electric vehicles also run out of juice faster when driving at high speeds.

There are ways to determine what speed is the best to make your battery last longer, and sticking to those speeds will influence how far you go. 

Studies have also shown that other aspects like how fast you stop and how many of the car’s utilities you use can influence the range of the vehicle.

For example, using the air conditioner and radio might reduce the distance you can travel with a single charge.

Weight in the Car

Similar to regular cars that we all know, the weight your vehicle is carrying can also affect the number of miles you can drive on a single charge.

The more weight your car has to take, the more power your vehicle must use to keep moving and, therefore, the faster your battery will deplete. 

How Long Does A Tesla Battery Last?

Since most electric cars, including Tesla, use Lithium-ion batteries to power their vehicles, it is natural to assume that these batteries will die at some point.

After all, most smartphones also use lithium-ion batteries, and we know that they can die in as little as two years if not looked after properly. So how long does a Tesla battery last then? Is it worth it?

All newly purchased Tesla cars come with a warranty that ranges from 100,000 miles up to 150,000 miles depending on the model of the vehicle you buy.

This warranty means that Tesla is willing to bargain that most of their cars will reach at least 100,000 miles without the battery dying or losing too much of its charging capacity.

However, research shows that a Tesla’s battery lasts an average of between 300,000 and 500,000 miles; this means that the batteries usually last much longer than the warranty.

Some research also shows that depending on the cars’ model and their batteries, they lose an average of 5% of their charge capacity every 100,000 miles.


Tesla cars have made a name for themselves amongst other electric vehicles on their excellent quality batteries that allow you to drive long distances on one charge and the fact that they last for a decent period.

As seen above, the best model of Tesla for long-distance traveling without a recharge is the Model S Standard. Feel free to compare the models on Tesla’s website.

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