How Long Do Tesla Motors Last?

A few car models have gained a reputation for safety and reliability, while others have not. On the other hand, Tesla’s electric vehicles haven’t been around for as long as many other gas-powered car brands have, so how long do Tesla motors last?

As none of the Tesla models have been in action for long enough, it is tough to find an average on how long a Tesla motor lasts. However, engineers and other experts have calculated that a Tesla motor can last around one million miles. The highest-mileage Tesla in the world only has 750 000 miles.

Therefore, it is hard to determine how long a Tesla motor will last, despite what experts say, as some cars may experience different conditions throughout their lifetime. It is imperative to research the strengths and weaknesses of Tesla motors to evaluate whether it is a good vehicle option for you.

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How Long Until A Tesla Engine Needs Replacing?

Although no Tesla vehicle has yet driven near one million miles, experts have evaluated the different Tesla models and published that the longest-lasting motor in a model will last about one million miles before needing to be replaced. The Tesla vehicles with the most miles on them globally have just over 750 000 miles driven and are still running well.

This length of time does not mean that you will never have to replace anything under your Tesla’s hood. Tesla batteries (which range between 4 and 6 in each car) are said to last about 300 000 miles before needing replacement. So, the batteries may not be completely dead, but old batteries mean you will not get the same mileage when fully charged as you could with new batteries.

A new (single) Tesla battery can cost anywhere between $3000 and $7000 to replace. Luckily for Tesla owners, Tesla offers their customers an 8-year battery-pack warranty. This warranty means if anything goes wrong with a Tesla’s battery pack within the first eight years of owning it, it can get replaced for free by Tesla themselves.

Due to the technology inside Tesla engines being relatively simple, not many components move around as a gas-powered engine does. This lack of movement means parts within the Tesla do not get worn down as quickly and therefore last longer. This extended component lifespan makes Tesla vehicles some of the longest last cars all-round, compared to many other car brands known for not being reliable in the long term.

how long do tesla motors last
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What Are The Components In A Tesla Motor?

While the typical internal combustion engine that one will see in petrol- or diesel-powered cars has around 200 moving parts, Tesla electric vehicles only contain approximately 17 moving parts. This number means roughly 90% fewer components in Tesla motors are moving than a typical gas-powered engine.

Some electric car brands may differ from Tesla regarding what they put under their hood. However, Tesla engines and other electric engines typically consist of:

  • Power is provided to the wheels by an electric motor
  • An inverter converts the direct-current motor into a more robust and manageable alternating-current
  • A drivetrain that comes with only a single-speed transmission
  • A set of batteries get used to store the power required to move the vehicle
  • A plug/cable allows electricity to move from the batteries to the motor

Unlike gas-powered cars, Tesla electric vehicles do not use a standard transmission. An electric vehicle does not need to turn any gears, so there is no need for multiple gears. Instead, they have a special transmission only consisting of one ‘gear.’

Tesla vehicles do not need different gears (and combustion engine vehicles do) because gas-powered cars cannot run at less than a certain speed. Electric cars can do this, which is why you may hear an electric vehicle produce a humming sound when idling or driving at a slow speed.

Tesla vehicles soar above their electric vehicle competition because of their sleek and slim appearance that attracts many and because of what is inside the motor. Tesla cars are notoriously expensive, but that is because the technology inside them is magnificently ahead of any of their competitors.

Tesla motors and batteries have a cooling system that allows the engine to stay cool for a very long time and therefore use less power in the long run. When producing Tesla electric vehicles, the aim is to protect the environment as much as possible and create a powerful and reliable vehicle.

Tesla vehicles are very powerful and get a tremendous amount of range compared to the power the cars produce. ‘Filling up’ (charging) a Tesla is much cheaper than filling up a gas-powered car, with a much higher range/power ratio. In addition, Tesla vehicles are more eco-friendly than gas-powered cars and more eco-friendly than any of their electric-vehicle competitors.

How Long Do Other Components Of Tesla Cars Last?

As said above, Tesla batteries last anywhere between 300 000 and 500 000 miles before replacing. They are pretty expensive to replace, but fortunately, Tesla provides an 8-year warranty on their battery packs.

Tesla tires last anywhere between 30 000 to 50 000 miles before needing replacement. This distance is much longer than the distance of a standard car because Tesla tires get specially made with higher quality materials and rubber than everyday cheap-production tires are.

The brakes on Tesla cars last anywhere between 100 000 and 150 000 miles, which, again, is way better than your average car’s brakes. These brakes are powerful but are made with higher quality materials – like the Tesla tires – than your average brake pads and therefore last much longer.

All of the components mentioned above are much more expensive to replace than average car versions of the same components. You are also required to get said components replaced at Tesla and not at another place for cheaper, as only Tesla provides the replacement components.


The majority of the components within a Tesla electric vehicle last much longer than your average gas-powered car. For example, the motor is said to last around one million miles before it needs to get replaced. No Tesla has ever reached that many miles yet, but the Tesla cars with the highest mileages are still said to be going strong at over 700 000 miles.

The motor inside a Tesla lasts as long as it does due to the small number of components that move around within the motor. Unlike a typical combustion engine with about 200 moving parts, Tesla motors only have 17. The lack of moving components means fewer components are prone to wear and failure.

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