How to Make Your Car Louder

There are many car owners who love the sound of a loud engine. Perhaps it makes them think of the car they own as a more powerful and sporty model than it actually is. So, if you are trying to learn how to make your car louder, then what I have for you here could be just what you are looking for.

Making your car louder includes techniques such as enlarging the exhaust system and changing the intake system. A smaller intake will cause the gases to flow slower which will make it easier for them to combust. By doing this, you are able to make your car louder by increasing the combustion rate.

The sounds of a car engine can be one of the most pleasing sounds for an automotive enthusiast. If you are not satisfied with the current sound that your vehicle is making, then there are many ways to get that louder sound that you are looking for. Let’s take a look first at why you might want to make your car louder.

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Why a Car Owner May Want a Louder Engine

It might seem strange to talk about making your car louder but this can be quite appealing if you love the sound of a revving engine! It may remind you of those powerful sports cars which sound so good as they rumble before accelerating. If this is what you are looking to do to your car, what follows should help you to decide if this is something with doing.

A louder engine can be a sign of a better car. It makes the driver feel proud and powerful. The sound of a good engine is also a sign of success and prosperity. A louder engine also reassures other drivers that you are driving safely and not playing around on the road.

A car owner may like an engine that is louder because it is seen as a key component of the brand. For this kind of person, the sound of the engine is fundamental to the experience.

A car owner might want a louder engine because they want to be seen as a more masculine, aggressive driver. A car owner might also want a louder engine because they want to show off their vehicle to other people or they want it to be easier for other drivers on the road to hear them coming.

Some car owners may want a louder engine because it can make them feel better about their car.

The more your engine can be heard from a distance, the higher your status. And it’s not just for bragging rights either- surprisingly a louder engine actually improves performance and fuel economy.

If any of the above describes how you feel, then you’ll need to learn how to get that “Loud Race Car Sound.”

How to Make Your Car Louder

How Can You Make Your Car Louder?

In this section, we will be discussing the different ways you can make your car engine sound louder.

The first step is increasing airflow into the exhaust system which should result in a louder sound from the tailpipe. You should also consider adding a cat-back exhaust system which would reduce backpressure and allow more air to flow through it while increasing horsepower.

When the exhaust system on the car is modified as above it can increase engine breathing and the noise level of the car may be increased through decreased backpressure. The cat-back system is a modification made to your exhaust system connecting it via a pipe to the catalytic converter, check this page for more information about the benefits of cat-back systems.

Another way to make your car louder is to add a performance muffler that decreases back pressure and provides a faster turbo response and increased horsepower. Some mufflers are quite loud such as the Flowmaster Outlaw, check the loudest mufflers including this one here.

Other mufflers can reduce the noise of the exhaust, so check which model of muffler you need to get the level and type of noise you require. For example, some mufflers change the sound and make it deeper.

How Can You Modify Your Car to Make It Louder?

The process of modifying a car to make it louder is called “sound-modifying.” This includes anything from adding mufflers and resonators to the exhaust system to replacing the original mufflers and resonators with free-flowing pipes.

You can make your car louder without modifying it, but it won’t be as loud as if you modified the car. For example, if your exhaust is too quiet, you can replace it to make your car louder.

Making Your Car Louder with Timing Chain Tensioner Adjustment

One way to make your car louder and more aggressive sounding is with a timing chain tensioner adjustment. this does require care though because incorrect timing chain adjustment can affect your car’s performance negatively if adjusted badly.

While this isn’t something that everyone wants to do, it does provide a significant increase in the volume of the engine and is quite easy to do if you understand what you are doing.

Timing chain tensioners are mechanical devices that are used to control the timing of an engine’s valve strokes. Before adjusting your car’s tensioners, it is important that you consult a professional or do research so that you do not break any essential parts of the engine while doing so.

Other Modifications That Will make Your Car Louder

A loud engine can be achieved in many ways for different cars. For example, newer cars will have sound-insulated engine compartments to limit noise. It may be possible to remove this but seek guidance and check before attempting to do this.

Another method to make your car louder is to replace the mufflers. Also, mufflers can be replaced with straight pipes to release more sound waves from the engine.

One can also use a turbocharger, which increases airflow into the engine and consequently increases power, but decreases back pressure and makes the motor louder.

One very clear way to increase the loudness of a car is to replace the engine with a bigger, more powerful one. While this is costly and requires experience and knowledge of car mechanics, the result should be a much louder car. Be aware, though, that there may be other accessories or components that may need modifying or replacing to enable good performance with the new engine fitted to your car. Seek the help of an experienced mechanic if you are not confident enough to attempt this work yourself.

Before modifying your car to make it louder you need to consider there are many factors that will determine how loud it will be. Here is more on how to modify your car to make it louder.

None of this is straightforward, you can’t just add a muffler you need to consider the effect on the sound that its design will have and this requires research before any work is started.

You also can’t just add an exhaust and expect it to be louder than other modifications, you need to seek advice from those who have experience of fitting exhausts and ask them what the effect might be on the noise level after fitting it to your model of car.

How is the Loudness of a Car Engine Measured?

Loudness, the sound pressure level of a pure tone at a specified distance from the source, is measured in decibels.

In automobiles, loudness, or volume, can also be measured in BHP (brake horsepower).

The 3 Best Methods To Make A Car Louder And Which One Is The Right For You

There are three basic methods to make a car louder: exhaust, intake, and mufflers. These methods vary in applicability and cost. You should weigh your needs and budget before deciding which method is right for you.

The right method for you depends on what you’re looking for:

-If you want maximum volume and loudness with minimum cost, then go for an exhaust system swap or muffler delete kit

-If you want a custom sound without the drone of a straight pipe system, then invest in quality mufflers.

– Intake System – as described in more detail on this page, there are a couple of ways to modify the intake system of your car to make it sound louder and better. One is to replace the drop-in panel filter and the other is to fit an upgraded turbocharger. Both of these options are good ways to improve the sound and increase the loudness of the car and should also benefit you in terms of performance too.

The increase in power achieved by optimizing your intake system is one of the most cost-effective ways to make your car louder. It is a nice way to get more horsepower and torque.


As you can see you have quite a few options when trying to increase the noise level of your car, so choose carefully and make sure that you consider whether you should get the help of a professional mechanic before attempting the modifications yourself.

Unless you are experienced and know what you are doing you may end up with a costly problem rather than a sweet-sounding loud powerful machine that is a delight to drive!

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