Few names are notably etched in vehicle folklore than that of the Lamborghini. The Italian carmaker was established in the 1960s to contend with the likes of Ferrari, and after several years picked up lots of fame among auto buffs. The firm has since gone on to become one of the world’s leaders in engineering and design, releasing multiple models of automobiles over the years that have pushed the limits on many fronts. Now its vehicles are usually seen driving up to red carpets, outside of fanciest eateries, and loved by famous and successful people. Below we celebrate the top 10 Lamborghini models of all time:

9Lamborghini Espada

The thought of a large Lamborghini four-seater is quite foreign to us these days, but back in the 1970s the Espada was among the most fashionable ways for a party of four to travel. Its vast, tapering fastback, long bonnet and aggressively shortened tail meant it exuded sophistication, while its broad posture and wide, vented front end showed its substantial power. The front-mounted engine up 325bhp – more in later variants – ensuring few multi-seaters could keep up.