List of 11 Best Car Tires in 2021

List of 11 Best Car Tires in 2021

I tested 10 tires from different tire manufacturers worldwide and curated a list detailing why they are our top picks.

The thing is, there is a vast choice of car tires to choose from. This has made it quite hard to pick the right tires for your vehicle. The recommended approach when getting car tires is usually to shortlist the best brands and then narrow down on your preferred tires with the right specifications that fit your needs. You’ll be glad to know that this formula works for Michelin tires.

Tires are arguably the most important component of your car. The tires determine how fast you can go, stop, turn, slow down, speed up, skid, drift, burn out, and slide. Tires also do more than this. They play a key role in your vehicle’s safety, fuel efficiency, and driving feel. There are so many tire manufacturers and types of tires in the market.

This makes it hard and confusing to find the best tires for your vehicle. Luckily you are in the right place because we will discuss some of the best tire brands around the world and give you our top picks for the best tires to buy in 2021.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the best car tires you can get for your vehicle. So, if this piques your interest in the slightest, read on to find out more because this will certainly be an enlightening read for you.

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What Are the Best Car Tire Brands?

1. Michelin

Best Car Tires

Michelin is arguably the world’s best tire manufacturer. It leads the industry in both innovation and trust. It is a French multinational tire manufacturer and has been in the business since 1889. It owns 69 manufacturing facilities that are located across 18 countries.

This company manufactures a wide range of tires for various applications such as space shuttles and aircrafts, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and heavy equipment. When it comes to tires for automobiles, Michelin offers 53 models. Regarding car and truck tires, Michelin offers all-season and winter tires. It also offers tires for various terrains such as rough and muddy and also performance tires with exceptional appearances on the track.

The only thing that some car owners have against Michelin tires is their price. This, however, is a small price to pay for comfortable and safe driving. Besides, you are also assured of the longevity of tires from Michelin.

2. Goodyear

This company was founded in 1898, and it quickly earned a reputation as a top tire manufacturer. Currently, it’s one of the top four tire manufacturers globally in terms of size and deserves a top spot as one of the best tire brands of the 21st century.

This brand manufactures a wide range of tires, including tires for race cars, automobiles, light and commercial trucks, airplanes, motorcycles, bicycles, farm equipment, and much more. It offers over 85 different tire models for every driver’s needs. Their largest category of tires is for trucks and SUVs, which are most popular among customers.

For decades now, Goodyear has always been associated with quality and longevity across various tire models, which makes them such a good choice of a company to buy your tires from.

3. Cooper

This tire manufacturer, located in the United States, was founded in 1914. Despite being younger than most brands in this list, it is well-known for automobile and truck replacement tires. It still has subsidiaries specializing in motorcycle, racing, and medium truck tires, so Cooper has you covered if this is what you are looking for.

This brand cannot compete with the largest manufacturers in terms of product breadth because it only offers 21 tire models. The bright side is that all of its products are highly rated and widely acclaimed for exceptional performance.

This brand is well known for its affordable tires, but the downside is that finding Cooper tires can be difficult because they are mostly sold online or through participating dealerships.

4. Bridgestone

List of 11 Best Car Tires in 2021

This Japanese multinational tire manufacturer has been making a name for itself since 1931 and is well known for offering a variety of passenger, car, truck, and SUV tires. Bridgestone is arguably the largest tire manufacturer in the world. In 1988, it purchased Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. This, coupled with other acquisitions over the years like Tires Plus and Wheel Works, has expanded its product offering and global distribution network.

This company offers over 100 tire models, and it has something for every type of driver. It has carved out a name for itself ad being among the top brands in the industry for innovation. They are currently devoted to reducing CO2 emissions and using renewable resources for their products.

They offer all-season tires, winter tires, all-terrain tires, touring tires, high-performance tires, and ultra-performance tires.

5. Pirelli

This multinational tire manufacturer is located in Milan, Italy, and has a long history spanning nearly 150 years. Today, it’s one of the best tire brands in the industry, especially in the arena of high-end truck and SUV tires and performance tires. It exclusively provides tires for major European racing series and events such as Formula One and the Grand Am Rolex Sports Car Series.

Pirelli tires are commonly paired with luxury vehicle brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati. This alone should provide enough assurance for you that every tire is carefully produced with top-quality materials and with innovative designs. While they may have a reputation for sports cars and high-performance cars, they also make tires for day-to-day passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs. The brand’s high-quality products have higher price tags.

6. Continental

Continental, colloquially known as Conti, is a German multinational automotive parts company founded in 1871. It has grown to be the fourth-largest tire manufacturer, and among one of the best tire brands, you could ever hope for. Continental is a trusted tire manufacturer for most types of passenger vehicles- from high-end sports cars to motorcycles. It’s famous for providing some of the best car tires, and specialized luxury vehicle brands like BMW and Mercedes rely on their top-grade tires.

They are famous for producing tires that ensure both handling and comfort while driving. In addition to this, they are widely acclaimed for the stopping distance on both wet and dry roads. Their pricing is typically lower than some top tire brands and this, in addition to the quality of tires they produce, makes them a popular choice.

Some of its categories include passenger, truck/SUV, and commercial truck as a top brand.

7. Yokohama

List of 11 Best Car Tires in 2021

This Japanese tire manufacturer has been making tires since its start in 1917. However, it only started to build a reputation in the West (particularly the United States) from the year 1969. Ever since it has opened two manufacturing plants in the U.S., and despite being an underdog in both age and scope compared to some of the names we have discussed so far, it has become one of the best tire brands thanks to its amazing tires.

Yokohama offers a comprehensive product range with 76 models available in Western markets. Yokohama specializes in creating durable tread profiles to minimize rolling resistance, provide better fuel economy, and increase tread life. Each model is also built with pitch tread pattern technology, enabling drivers to experience a smooth and quiet ride.

Thanks to the design vulnerability and long-lasting construction, Yokohama tires are usually used in luxury cars, motorsport and racing vehicles, and everyday commuting vehicles.  

8. BF Goodrich

This is one of the top tire brands that hail from America. It has a rich history that can be traced back to 115 years. BF Goodrich is a brand that is famous for creating the best car tires to improve the driving experience. This brand’s emphasis is mainly focused on performance cars and truck/SUV tires. It has carved out a name for itself as one of the top tire companies for off-roading.

BF Goodrich gives drives an incredibly trustworthy product that can handle tough terrains and driving styles with innovative tire designs and uncompromised quality.

9. Falken

Falken is a Japanese brand that was founded in 1983 and is one of the recent tire manufacturers to enter the market. Its relatively short existence has quickly established a reputation for being one of the best tire brands. It has some of the most dependable and versatile products out there.

With links to the racing and motorsports industry, Falken prides itself on being capable of delivering high-speed capabilities and exceptional handling to everyday drivers.

List of 11 Best Car Tires in 2021

1. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

List of 11 Best Car Tires in 2021

This tire is Michelin’s Max Performance Summer tire developed in collaboration with some of the most demanding vehicle manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche. This tire is designed for drivers who are looking to maximize the performance potential of their sports cars, powerful luxury vehicles, and performance sedans.

The tire performs exceptionally well in warm, dry, and wet conditions. This, therefore, means it isn’t intended to be stored nor driven in near and below-freezing temperatures. This means the tire doesn’t perform when driven through snow or on ice.

2. Michelin Defender LTX M/S

This tire is Michelin’s highway all-season tire that combines long tread life with all-season capabilities for vans, pickups, commercial vans, shuttles, and sports utility vehicles. This tire was developed with smooth and quiet rides in rides as well as year-round traction in dry, wet, and winter conditions. It also works well in light snow conditions.

This tire has a highly functional tread pattern and has increased wear life/longevity to better meet the high torque demands of modern trucks. This tire has an internal structure that includes twin steel belts to provide the strength and durability required to handle heavy loads.

3. Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack

This Grand Touring All-Season tire from Bridgestone was developed for the drivers of luxury cars, family sedans, coupes, crossovers, and minivans. It was designed for drivers of these vehicles who prefer a luxuriously refined driving experience and secure, year-round traction. It is designed to combine a smooth and quiet ride with long tread life and confident capability on the road.

4. Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

List of 11 Best Car Tires in 2021

Just as the name suggests, this tire aims at providing excellent fuel economy. It has a highly optimized tread pattern that is made with a special compound to reduce rolling resistance and boost efficiency. To put everything into perspective, this particular model from Goodyear has proven to provide energy savings of up to 2600 miles worth of gas throughout the life of four tires.

The Assurance Fuel Max tire is one of Goodyear’s best all-season tires, and it was designed for sedans, coupes, and minivans.

5. Cooper Evolution Tour

Copper is one of the biggest tire brands in the market, and as such, it is no surprise that the Evolution Tour is one of their top tires and is among the most popular models in the industry. This tire is designed with comfort, fuel efficiency, and reliable traction in mind. The Evolution Tour features cutting-edge proprietary 3D Micro-Gauge siping technology, ensuring even wear throughout the tire’s long life.

This tire also features a five-rib tread pattern combined with Cooper’s patented Stabiledge technology, holds the tread steady, and prevents hydroplaning. This innovative technology is a clear reason why most consumers prefer this tire from Cooper. 

6. Pirelli P4Four Seasons Plus

When it comes to all-season tires, this model is one of the reasons why Pirelli is widely acknowledged as one of the best tire brands in the world. This tire was built for sedans, minivans, and coupes. It is built with variable angle grooves and continuous central ribs that bring a fantastic amount of control.

It is constructed with more than 18 materials, and its performance is matched with high mileage and excellent handling all year round.

7. Yokohama AVID Touring-S

As a leading tire manufacturer in the world, Yokohama pulled out all the stops to produce this dependable tire model. This tire model combines smooth handling, unbelievable durability, and optimal traction throughout its life. It is perfect for sedans, coupes, and minivans.

It features intermediate tread blocks and tapered rain channels that ensure extra grip on wet roads. This tire’s construction comes with twin steel belts and body piles for a smooth and stable ride.

8. Continental ContiProContactSSR

List of 11 Best Car Tires in 2021

This tire model from Continental is built with advanced polymers within the tread rubber. This provides exceptional handling on all sorts of roads. This tire offers amazing all-season abilities with low rolling resistance and fuel economy.

This makes it an outstanding choice for drivers who would like to play it safe but not compromise on the quality. The “SSR” stipulates that the sidewalls on this tire are heavily reinforced, and this supports the vehicle for up to 50 miles in case of a puncture.

9. BF Goodrich G-Force Sport Comp-2

This ultra-high performance tire was developed for the drivers of sports cars, sporty coupes, performance sedans, and modern muscle cars searching for the next level of control and fun while driving. This tire is designed in such a way that it allows faster acceleration, hard cornering, and short breaking in both dry and wet conditions. However, this tire isn’t intended to be driven through snow or on ice.

BF Goodrich’s silica-infused COMP-2 compound is derived from racing technology, and it helps the driver to deliver sharp steering responses along with wet and dry grip without forfeiting treadwear.

10. Falken Ziex ZE950 A/S

This model was built with extra-long mileage and grip on roads year-round in mind. It offers excellent performance on sedans, SUVs, and sports cars. This is one of the best tires that Falken has to offer, and it is regarded as being a leader in delivering excellent grip on dry, wet, snowy, and icy roads with long mileage.

11. Dunlop Signature HP

List of 11 Best Car Tires in 2021

This tire line includes V, and W-speed rated high-performance radials that were developed for the drivers of sports cars, sporty coupes, and high-performance sedans. If you’d like to take the command of your vehicle and experience the thrill of the road, then this is the right tire for you.

This tire was developed for drivers who love having power and control at their fingertips when driving. This tire is designed to combine a stylish look with all-season traction, even in snow.The tire features hard rubber sidewall reinforcements to enhance steering response and cornering stability. It also has rim guards to help prevent the wheels from accidental curb damage.

In conclusion, you need the best tires if you want to have a smooth driving experience and stable control. There are several tire brands to choose from, and each of these has various models, so there really are many options when you decide to get tires for your vehicle. You can use this article as a guide to help you land the best choice for your needs.

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