The first vehicle to wear the Porsche badge, the Porsche 356, was built in 1948. 2 years later, a New York businessman known as Max Hoffman was the first dealer to bring in these astonishing machines to North America. Presently, the brand is a lot stronger than ever, and 2016 marks the 66th anniversary of the Porsche brand in North America. Every Porsche is a known classic, but here are ten that stand out more than the rest of the clan.

101966 911S

There are many great 911s; it is hard to pick just one. Presented in 1964 as the replacement to the 356, it wrapped leading performance, prestige and technology in one package that still appears fresh and modern in our day. 1966 brought about the more powerful Porsche 911S, which featured an even more powerful 158-horsepower, with bigger brakes as well as a revised suspension.