Top 10 Best Automotive Oils and Fluids of 2021

When it comes to oils and fluids, there are plenty to choose from. There are motor oils, lubricants, rust inhibitors, threadlockers, and plenty more.

We picked what we thought were some of the best automotive oils and fluids and listed them here for your pleasure in our order of the ones we thought were the best available for 2020.

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10. 3M 38808 Headliner and Fabric Adhesive

Best Automotive Oils and Fluids

Coming in at #10, this automotive fluid is often needed in older cars is the Headliner and Fabric Adhesive from 3M. If you’ve ever experienced the fabric in your headliner falling off or starting to become disconnected, you’ll want to use this headliner and fabric adhesive from 3M.

Especially in older vehicles, the fabric on the inside of the doors will start to become disconnected due to deterioration or friction damage, and this fabric adhesive is the perfect solution.

With a dry time of only 30-60 minutes, this will form an exceptionally strong bond to hold those fabrics in place permanently. This fabric adhesive utilizes a formula that will allow foam, fabric, and plastic to bond to metal. 

The spray comes in an aerosol can so you can dispense an even, controlled layer on the surfaces only where you need it. This will also work on carpets and other fabrics in your vehicle.

9. Plews 55001 Lubrimatic Fluid Quart Pump

The only physical tool to make our list for the best automotive oils & fluids use is one of the most practical to have around the garage. This lubrimatic fluid pump for quart-sized bottles will find many uses when you need to do a fluid transfer of any type.

If the garage or dealership accidentally put too much transmission fluid, motor oil, power steering fluid, antifreeze / coolant, or any other fluid into your car then you can easily use this fluid pump to take the excess back out.

Another great use for this fluid pump is to pull some transmission fluid out so you can check the color if you’re experiencing transmission problems and think it might be related to the fluid.

This is also great for adding fluids to small engines. You will find it much easier to fill fluids in a small engine or motor with the flexible host that will allow you to reach those hard to fill plugs as well.

8. WD-40 Specialist Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray

When it comes to cleaning sensitive electronics in your car, the Specialist Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray from WD-40 is the best choice available. This will blast away dirt, oil, condensation, flux residue and other contaminants from your sensitive equipment and electronics with incredible accuracy.

This electrical contact cleaner spray is safe to use on metal, rubber, plastic as well as some of the most sensitive electronics on the market such as circuit boards, switches, controls, electric panels and precision instruments.

This specialist electrical contact cleaner spray is available in a 1 or 6 pack and will provide you with an industrial strength solution that is safe to use in order to clean your electronics.

7. Permatex 82180 Ultra Black Maximum Oil Resistance RTV Silicone Gasket Maker

Next on our list is the silicone gasket maker from Permatex. Anyone who has torn an old engine or motor apart knows the fear of having to replace the gaskets that oftentimes fall apart when exposed to air.

This silicone gasket maker from Permatex can be used to create a new gasket in any shape needed. Allow this gasket maker to set and cure for 24 hours before putting it to the test as it does require time to set. Using the proper amount is incredibly important as you don’t want to use too much and have it spill over into vital parts of your engine, where it might break off and clog up your motor.

In addition, it is oil resistant so if you’re using this gasket maker to fill in the gasket for an oil pan or any pieces of metal previously exposed to oil, it will still do its job properly. This gasket maker will also be resistant to temperature fluctuations and vibration once installed and set. 

There are some applications that this won’t work for, like replacing a head gasket. In the event of needing to replace a head gasket, use the OE-style gasket instead of gasket maker. This silicone gasket maker is available in a variety of sizes, 0.5 oz, 3.35oz, 9.5oz, and 13oz.

6. Dicor Lap Sealant

Next on our list is the white self-leveling lap sealant from Dicor. One of the main applications for lap sealant is it is great for water-proofing the edges of RV roofs. Lap sealant is great for creating a secure seal along air vents, vent pipes, or roof edges. 

This is the leading brand of lap sealant, highly rated for its ability to adhere to galvanized metal, fiberglass, mortar, wood, vinyl, aluminum and even concrete. This lap sealant is even compatible with TPO sheeting and EPDM rubber.

After it sets, it will remain flexible and will not deteriorate or become sun-damaged due to its UV resistance.

5. Permatex 80078 Anti-Seize Lubricant with Brush Top Bottle, 8 oz.

This Anti-Seize Lubricant from Permatex is great for assembling and disassembling metal parts, particularly spark plugs, exhaust head bolts, cylinder head bolts, anchor pins for brake assemblies, u-bolts, spring bolts, gears, chains, sprockets, hinges, and rollers to both lubricate and prevent corrosion and wear.

This anti-seize lubricant combines a combination of copper, graphite, and aluminum lubricants to help prevent moisture and salt from interfering with your chosen application.

When properly used, this should help to prevent your bolts from seizing up over an extended period of time. One of the primary uses you’ll see for this anti-seize lubricant is for spark plugs, and it’s highly recommended that you use anti-seize lubricant on your spark plugs when installing them so that when you need to replace them in the future, it is possible to remove them without breaking anything.

This is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from single use options, aerosol can option, or the brush bottle style for bulk applications.

4. Rotella T6 Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil 5W-40 CJ-4

This 5W-40 Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil from Shell Rotella is the optimal synthetic motor oil for your diesel needs. This motor oil has additives that will protect your oil and engine from the effects of dirt, soots and other possible contaminants. This motor oil will help your diesel engine to maintain the proper oil pressure keeping it running optimally.

This particular oil is great for classic cars, heavy-duty diesel pickups that permit SAE 5W-40, tractor/trailers and other vehicles that utilize SAE 5W-40 with diesel engines.

This synthetic motor oil provides for a long engine life and excellent equipment protection due to its additional advanced additives. When compared to traditional SAE 15W-40, the performance of your vehicle should realize a 1.5% improved fuel economy over standard motor oils. 

Always consult your vehicles manual for recommendations on both what type of oil and the quantity needed for a full change.

3. AmazonBasics High Mileage Motor Oil – Full Synthetic (SN Plus, dexos1-Gen2) – 5W-30

Third on our list is the 5w30 High Mileage Full Synthetic Motor Oil from AmazonBasics. This full synthetic oil is designed for high mileage engines that have over 75, 000 miles and provides sufficient protection that you will be able to go longer with the same oil, saving you both time and money. This provides a lot of the same protections the previous oil on our list does, except it is intended for a more mature engine.

This oil is resistant to breakdown from thermal causes, will help to improve fuel economy through a reduction of friction, will help to fight volatility burn-off so as to reduce exhaust emissions, and engine deposits will be minimized. Always follow your manual recommendations for your vehicle for both quantity and type of oil.

2. AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Second on our list of automotive oils & fluids for your car is the 5w30 full synthetic motor oil from AmazonBasics. For a full oil change, 5 quarts should be enough but always check your vehicles manual to confirm.

This particular oil is formulated to last longer so you don’t have to change your oil quite as often. This 5w30 motor oil will help to protect against engine wear, reduce friction to help you with fuel economy, and will even help to prevent low speed pre-ignition.

This full synthetic oil will also help fight volatility burn-off so as to minimize exhaust emissions and to minimize engine deposits. This was a solid choice for our list and quite popular among those who required a 5w30 full synthetic oil. Make sure to follow your vehicle manual for oil quantity and type recommendations.

1. Loctite Heavy Duty Threadlocker

First on our list for the best automotive oils & fluids for your automotive needs is the heavy duty threadlocker from Loctite. Loctite is a trusted name when it comes to securing threads and bolts so that once they’re secured with loctite, they won’t come undone without additional physical exertion that was meant to break it loose.

Anytime you have a bolt or metal fastener that keeps coming loose due to unwanted vibrations, this threadlocker will help secure it so that isn’t a problem anymore. This threadlocker will also help secure and prevent leaks and will also help to prevent the bolts themselves from rusting.

This blue threadlocker will set in only 10 minutes and become fully cured within 24 hours. However, this is the weaker of the available threadlockers from Loctite and will allow you to still remove those bolts and fasteners when you need to. That means that while it’s still strong enough to hold your parts intact, with enough effort, you should be able to take your fasteners and bolts back out if the need arises.

This is great for small engines, lawnmowers, snowblowers, motorized bicycles, RC cars, or any other small device that might introduce a rattle and cause bolts to come loose. The viscosity of this fluid is preferable for fasteners between the ranges of ¼” to ¾”.

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