Top 10 Best Car Polishing and Waxing Kits of 2021

Polishing and applying waxes are an important step in the auto detailing process. Polishing will buff out any water spots, swirls, scratches or marks and let the true gloss of your paint finish shine. Waxing will coat your car’s surface with an additional protective layer making the surface smooth, shiny, and can give your car a glossy look that makes it truly beautiful.

Polishing and waxing go hand in hand to bring out the true beauty of your car’s color and will allow your car to regain and retain it’s beautiful glossy look. Here are the 10 best car polishing and waxing kits of 2019.

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10. Correcting & Finishing Polish Combo by Adam’s

Best Car Polishing and Waxing Kits

This combo from Adam’s includes a Correcting Polish and a Finishing Polish. Start off with the correcting polish, a slightly abrasive cutting polish that will work out even some of the toughest scratches and swirls on the surface of your car.

Using a microfiber cutting pad or orange foam, the correcting polish will work best. This polish will cut better and finish cleaner, allowing you to move onto the finish step quicker and complete your car detailing sooner.

The finishing polish will further help to refine your paint finish, removing minute imperfections and restoring your paint to looking flawless. Use with a dual action polisher for best results and you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll see after using this combo. Adam’s stands behind their products with a satisfaction guarantee, so if you have any problems, contact them to let them make it right.

9. Cquartz 50 ml Kit by CarPro

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The Cquartz 50 ml Kit by CarPro is your path to a professional ceramic coating on your car, truck, motorcycle, or SUV. The kit includes 5 suede microfiber cloths, an applicator, and 50 ml of CQuartz. CQuartz is made up of 70% quartz which will protect your car’s surface by protecting it from stains, temperature variance damage, exhaust fumes, bird dropping damage, and scarring from minor impact and scratches.

It utilizes a fast action formula that will allow you to apply this ceramic quartz coating without any power tools and won’t take much effort at all. If necessary to take out paint imperfections, follow the full prep routine for the surface where you intend to use this product. Wash, clay, compound, polish before applying this ceramic coating. Using this kit will result in your car’s paint reflecting a deep gloss that will last.

The protective layer will form a scratch resistant layer that will protect your car’s surface from water, oil, dirt, UV damage and other road contaminants. This is exclusively for your car’s painted surface, as you’ll want to use different products for your windshield, windows, or glass surfaces. Not recommended for electronic screens as the liquid dries into a hard, protective coating.

8. Plastic Polish Kit by Novus

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This Plastic Polish Kit from Novus includes 3 different polishes for restoring your plastic. For neglected plastic that has been the victim of years of abuse and scratches, it’s always been difficult to figure out a way to restore it to new.

With this kit, you can restore that plastic by cleaning and removing the scratches instead of just filling them in. The first polish included is a Plastic Clean & Shine which is more of a polish/protectant for finishing up.

The second product is the mid-range Fine Scratch Remover which is slightly abrasive and will start to work into the plastic to remove fine scratches and restore plastic to its original appearance. The third product is a Heavy Scratch Remover, which should be used first if your plastic is in incredibly poor shape.

This is an abrasive compound that will take off the outer layer of plastic, reducing the visible effect of the scratches that are present.

If you have transparent plastic like headlights that need scratches or oxidation removed, use these products to work to clear the plastic of defects. These products will also work well on restoring plastic on motorcycle visors, fairings, and windscreens, snowmobiles, ATVs, marine crafts, acrylic spas, and cultured marble sinks. 

7. Random Orbital Polisher Kit (Polisher + 9 Items) by TORQ

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This incredible Random Orbital Polisher Kit by TORQ includes a random orbit polisher, two backing plates, three applicator pads, two 4oz compounds, and two 4 oz polishes. The polisher features speed control and a digital display to allow more precise control over your polishing.

The lightweight construction means you won’t get tired while you’re trying to polish and should help to reduce unnecessary vibration that might cause you to make any mistakes. The variable speed allows you to polish from between 2800 – 7800 RPM so you can adjust the speed based on the need of your finish. This will give you the cutting power you need to polish your car’s surface appropriately.

There are two backing plates included, one soft and one hard, allowing you to choose between polishing or correcting. This orbital polisher starts softly and builds up momentum which prevents any initial starts doing unnecessary damage. The polisher is sturdy and well worth the money here.

6. Black Box Kit by Turtle Wax

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For the ultimate in black car care, the Black Box Kit from Turtle Wax offers six products. This is an all in one waxing package that will take your black car and bring it back to that original beautiful shine it once had when it first drove off the lot.

Before beginning to use this package, it is recommended to wash your car thoroughly first to remove any dirt, grime, or buildup so you don’t seal it in with the layers of wax. If you intend to apply the waxes by hand, we recommend using a thick pair of disposable gloves before beginning the process as these waxes are incredibly dark. These waxes can also be applied by a polisher tool as well.

The first item in the kit is a bottle of Pre Wax Cleaner and Conditioner. This pre-cleaner will work out any small swirls, surface contaminants and scratches and can be applied with one of the included applicator pads. Buff it into the paint evenly until it’s no longer visible.

Then you will follow up with the second item, the Deep Black Carnauba Wax. Apply this with the second applicator pad that’s included, and let it fully dry to a haze. Spray your car with the Black Spray Detailer and buff the wax into your paint thoroughly with a decent microfiber towel (not included).

Be forewarned that this will turn your microfiber towel incredibly dark so potentially use one that you don’t mind disposing. When it’s all said and done, your black car should now have a show finish with a deep true black.

5. Super Shine X Polishing Kit by Zephyr

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The Super Shine X Polishing Kit by Zephyr includes a variety of tools to allow you to polish your car, truck, SUV, RV, or motorcycle. Included is three 10 inch color shine airway buffing tools, one airway buff safety flange, a primary cutting tripoli rouge bar, a secondary cutting green rouge bar, a final finish white rouge bar, and 16oz of Pro 40 Perfection Metal Polish.

It will allow you to do a proper three stage process to minimize swirl and scratch marks on your car’s painted surfaces.

This polishing kit will help you clean aluminum pontoons, aluminum tires, aluminum or stainless steel to bring out that mirror shine. While there are no instructions included with this kit, it is highly recommended to look up YouTube videos for the preferred method of utilizing this kit to the fullest.

4. Premier Car Care Kit (8 Piece Kit) by Armor All

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The Premier Car Care Kit by Armor All includes a vast assortment of interior and exterior cleaning products. The included products for polishing and waxing include the Ultra Shine Wash & Wax, a Wash Pad, Wheel & Tire Cleaner, Extreme Tire Shine, and Glass Cleaner for making your car’s exterior look and stay looking amazing.

The kit also includes Multi-purpose cleaner, Original Protectant and a 3-pack of Linen Scented Air Fresheners to take care of your interior.

All of the products except the Wash & Wax come in convenient spray bottles making them extremely easy to use. The Wash & Wax includes surface lubricants, real carnauba wax and a blend of cleaning agents to help bring out the shine on your car’s surface.

The Wash & Wax will clean your car’s surface and also act as a protective layer that will bead water away and keep your car with a mirror-like glossy shine for longer. If you’re looking for a well-rounded cleaning kit that offers a little of everything, this is a decent choice.

3. Best Two Bucket Wash and Dry Kit (11 Items) by Chemical Guys

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For those looking for a decent start right out of the gate with automotive detailing, especially polishing and waxing, this Best Two Bucket Wash and Dry Kit by Chemical Guys will get you off on the right foot.

It includes two Chemical Guys buckets, two Dirt Trap bucket inserts, two Snap-On Bucket Lids with the Chemical Guys logo, a premium chenille microfiber wash mitt, a microfiber drying towel, a bottle of Citrus Wash & Gloss, a bottle of Mr. Pink’s Super Suds Shampoo, and a bottle of After Wash Spray.

Utilize the two bucket method to wash your car the right way with the dirt trap cyclone inserts making sure you don’t accidentally have any leftover residue that might scratch your car’s surface. One bucket is for your Citrus Wash & Gloss, and the other bucket is for plain water to rinse your washing mitt clean.

After you’ve thoroughly washed your car using the washing mitt, use the After Wash Spray to help dry your car quickly utilizing hydrophobic drying technology. This will add lubrication to reduce swirls, scratches, and bring out the streak-free gloss and shine of your car’s surface. Finish off the job by taking care of any leftover water with the microfiber drying towel.

2. Black Paint Maintenance Kit (6 Items) by Chemical Guys

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The Black Paint Maintenance Kit by Chemical Guys is perfect if you have a dark or black colored paint on your car, truck, or SUV. It includes 6 items: Two foam applicator pads, two black microfiber towels, Black Light: Hybrid Radiant Finish and Black Wax: Luminous Glow Infusion.

The Black Light can be applied with the microfiber towels and will from an even coat of protection to fill in scratches and swirls, enhance reflection and glow, and serve as a UV protectant from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The Black Wax can be applied afterwards with the applicator pads to further enhance how your dark car will glow, giving it a deep wet shiny look. This will also serve to protect it from the elements. Restore and keep your black or dark colored car looking fantastic with this maintenance kit for black paint.

1. Ultimate Car Care Kit by Turtle Wax

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The 10 piece Ultimate Car Care Kit from Turtle Wax has it all when it comes to the best polishing and waxing kits for your car, truck, motorcycle, or RV. This Car Care Kit includes a Car Wash & Wax, Odor-X Spray, Scratch & Swirl Remover, Tire Shine, Wax & Dry Spray, Dash & Glass, Inside & Out Protectant, Zip Wax, a foam applicator and 2 microfiber towels with which to use.

This kit provides a great value for your dollar and covers just about all the bases when it comes to car cleaning and maintenance. For polishing and waxing, the Wash & Wax will come in handy allowing you to wash and wax your car simultaneously with a foaming spray. For an even better shine, apply the Inside & Out Protectant as needed to further brighten that shine you so desire.

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