Top 10 Worst BMW Models Ever Made

BMW has made a reputation for being innovative, luxurious, durable, and having advanced engineering. Were there worst BMW models ever produced? The designers and engineers at BMW are not perfect and they have developed and marketed more than a few vehicles that never even tried to support the levels of excellence and style that BMW has become known for. 

One of the reasons that BMW has placed at least 10 of the worst cars on the market is an attempt to cover all facets of the automotive market instead of sticking with the things the company does best. These 10 are the worst BMWs and the price is only a small part of the fail.

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Worst BMW Models

This vehicle is the epitome of ugly by BMW. The front end looks like a flattened bug that just woke up with a head splitting hangover. If the front end did not make you ill then the sickly green color certainly would.

The idea was to pay homage to the long line of E9 cars that BMW made. Besides spelling it wrong the car did nothing for the BMW image and luckily was never seen in production.


This model was rated as the most repair intensive vehicle ever made by BMW according to trained BMW repair technicians. The idea is that if it could break it would and did with extreme regularity and predictability.

The vehicle was designed to stay off the road and in the shop. The complexity of the mechanical design made replacement of something as simple as a hose a 30 hour project at mechanic rates.

Series 5 – all of them

The BMW series 5 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2015 are the most unreliable and maintenance intensive cars that BMW ever produced. The engines had the most problem and the average repair that was not necessarily covered by warranty cost more than $2,500.

There are major malfunctions in every mechanical and electrical system in these vehicles. BMW did not seem to want to make any changes that resolved the problems.

2011 X3

It looks like BMW could not make up its mind about creating a car or a truck. They seem to have settled on the idea that bigger is better but that did not turn out to be the case.

This is the roughest ridding and hardest to manage BMW that anyone has ever driven. One really gets the impression that BMW wanted the driver to have the semi experience and they got it with a noisy, bouncy, hard to drive car that is not a truck.


This is a valiant attempt at an ecofriendly diesel. The engine and the capacity for speed make the rest of the car minimal in size. The back seat has three sets of seat belts but the people had better be children if they plan to fit.

The choice of electronics is so overdone that most buyers never got around to reading the instructions for all of them. Nothing sets the car apart as a brand or a design change that looks different from all of the others except the price.

2014 i3

BMW’s venture into the electric hybrid market was just one word and that was ugly. The car is boxy looking. The hood can easily be missed. There is nothing that makes this vehicle stand out like a BMW should.

The venture into hybrid added way too much gear. The car is so connected that it puts a strain on the 450 pound lithium battery. Weight was minimized by so much carbon nanotube replacing steel that safety should be a concern in any accident.

2015 4 Series

This is a cut down 3 series with a higher price. One of the oddest “advances” in this model was no stick with the all-wheel drive option. The front end is overkill.

The recess for the running lights and turn signals provide no improvement in function and are an invitation to an accident.

This is one of the few “sports cars” that had a four-door coupe in the lineup. The little engine just does not produce the power one would expect from a sports car.

2012 Series- 1

The hard top and the convertible have the same problems. The car tries to look sporty and just barely makes the grade. The engine is too small to deliver the power that the sporty model suggests. Mileage per gallon is a minimal 18 and that was when gas was well over $3 per gallon.

The back seat is made for two short people. BMW went cheap on the interior and the leather like plastic just does not hold up over time. The car was just not worth the price.

5 Series GT

Over-engineered and overpriced are absolute facts about the 5 Series GT from BMW. Inside, outside, under the hood, and throughout the control system it appears the engineers at BMW were looking to find and solve problem that did not exist for any known driver.

The improvements are simply not practical or needed. The car is an ugly upgrade to boot.


This odd looking vehicle was an attempt at a SUV that did not live up to what BMW called a sports activity vehicle. The major problem is that the design does not have the style or look of competitors and the off the road performance is nonexistent.

Minimal cargo space, a small back seat for two, a much too high driving position, and not enough height from the road made owners of this model keep it on the road.

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