Top 10 Worst Honda Vehicles Ever Made

Here are the top 10 worst Honda vehicles ever made:

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2011 CRZ

Worst Honda Vehicles

Unlike its predecessor – the great CRX – 2011 CRZ was unable to meet up to par. It has a poor air conditioning system that rapidly goes from cold to warm when the car stops. You will experience this better when you get stuck in traffic on a hot day.

When you stop, the engine often shuts off without delay. This naturally slow car also features awful blindspots. People on brisk jogs or bikes can easily pass you when you put your 2011 CRZ on economy mode. Due to its extremely low state, it scrapes so bad and can be difficult to park in driveway or garage.

1993 Del Sol S

Even in the wake of Miata domination, Honda failed to equip the roadster-like del Sol with an RWD configuration. One of the problems to which this car is commonly associated with is the leaky top. The cup holder is another thing that’s got everyone complaining.

The car obviously needs to wear a more aggressive look, equipped with heated leather seats, low fuel light, better paint, thicker rocker panels, tow package, B18C% Turbo AWD 6-speed, wider stance, an antenna on top, better weather-stripping, in-cabin trunk release, and interior lights.

2005 Honda Accord Hybrid

Although the 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid may be considered by many as something to consider, it is, however, commonly known to be associated with a huge widespread problem. Basically, the 2005 model suffers from transmission failure.

With a repair cost o over $2,000, the transmission will eventually have to be replaced once it begins slipping. This car performed very similarly to other non-hybrid Accords. Apart from the Accord, several other Honda models have experienced transmission failure problems.

1996 Acura SLX

Muffler, fraying belts, slow windows, unreliable CD player, valve cover gaskets, shocks, and starter are some of the most common problems with this winter truck. This Isuzu Trooper-like SUV takes a little longer than normal time to stop due to its 4k lbs.

Even as an SUV, this extremely underpowered vehicle is not very fun to drive. When parked at an angle the poorly designed rear door often presents a pain to close or unlock.

1994 Honda Passport

With only 4×4, no chains, Passport can excellently maneuver in heavy snow and ice. However, there are certain striking issues with this car that put it on the worst side, including lack of cup holders, back tire placement, fuel mileage, and interment wipers. Funny enough, this car was both designed and built by Isuzu.

Apparently, it is simply an Isuzu Rodeo with a Honda VIN and badge.

2002 Civic Si

To date, there is no any Civic that features the lowest amount of shock travel than 2002 Civic Si. It was the first Honda automobile to have a steering that is cumbrously connected to its struts.

This car is generally associated with problems concerning exhaust manifold cracks, transmission failure due to design flaw, deteriorating sun visors as a result of splitting hinge mechanism, engine block cracking, sagging headliners and exhaust manifold cracking.

1997 Acura CL 2.2

When it comes to electronic controls, this ride is finicky. Even without any serious problem on the performance of the engine, those warning lights will still appear.

There is an obvious need to recall the window motor of this two door car. While the power band seems to be more concentrated in the upper power ranges, the transmission tends to slip away.

1988 Prelude Si 4WS

This car has every reason for things to go wrong with it. As the first mass-production automobile to feature 4-wheel steering, the 1988 Honda Prelude Si 4WS featured a complex, mechanical steering system. It is hard to understand why cars would need 4 wheel steering.

Clearly, both the manufacturers and the car never knew what they were doing. Leaking power steering fluid under the hood is a common problem with this car. No airbags… no ABS.

1991 Acura NSX Automatic

It is amazing to hear that some people still find this car to be ultra-reliable when it is commonly associated with master cylinder slave and clutch problems.

Coupled with the problem of faulty window regulars that often affects the efficiency of the power window, the car’s shifter often wiggles around and pops out of the gear due to some transmission problems.

Unarguably, no amount of supercar styling or suspension finesse will ever make up for its slop-box full of valve bodies, gears, clutches and other garbage.

1992 Acura Vigor

There had been even numbers of cylinders in the world of sophisticated VTEC engines. Honda’s longitudinally mounted 5-cylinder power plant has been only seen on the Legend-like Vigor. Unfortunately, this car cannot be recommended for people over 6’2”.

It can be hard for taller people to get in because the car has very low seats. For the Vigor, there is need for an electrical system overhaul and blower motor access revision. It lacks cup holders. A permanent antenna is more preferable than the hidden one.


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