Top Ten Best Car Cleaning Brushes and Dusters of 2021

You’re going to need a decent brush whether you’re giving your car a good wash or scrubbing the fenders, wheel wells, rims and tires to bring out that great original shine. We’ll highlight some of those and some other brushes that are good for spot detailing, interior cleaning, and even some dusters for simply picking up a days worth of dust on your dash.

Keeping a clean car is important, and having some of the best brushes and dusters available on the market will make it a breeze. Here are the best car cleaning brushes and dusters of 2020.

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10. Chemical Guys Acc_S95 1 Pack Long Bristle Horse Hair Leather Cleaning Brush

Best Car Cleaning Brushes and Dusters

This Long Bristle Horse Hair Brush from Chemical Guys is exactly what you’d expect from Chemical Guys. This is good for leather, interior vinyl, and other interior surfaces as well.

The bristles are firm and stiff which is great for breaking up dirt, grime, and other foreign objects but not so rough as to leave scratches on your leather. The handle is a firm durable ergonomic plastic that is contoured for a convenient grip allowing you to really dig in with the brush. 

The first thing people noted that was good about the brush was that the grip was firm, and the use of this brush produced better results than trying to clean with microfiber towels. Seems like it’s ideal for cleaning leather interiors, could also be used for motorcycles to clean the leather saddlebags and leather seats.

One minor complaint that people had with this horse hair brush were that the horse hair bristles started to fall out upon first use. It seems that some of the bristles may not get fully installed, and once those fall out, you shouldn’t have any problems with that any more.

The cost seems on point for what you get. A quality product that’s perfect for cleaning upholstery, bags, leather interior, saddle bags, leather seats, convertible tops, luggage, briefcases, boots, door panels, dashboards, shoes, armrests, and other parts of your interior.

9. Carrand 93063 Deluxe Car Wash 8″ Dip Brush with Bumper and 27-48″ Extension Handle

Here’s another excellent long car wash brush from Carrand. This one features a 8 inch brush head with a telescopic handle that ranges from 27 to 48 inches in extension. The brush head has super soft bristles that will let you clean a slightly more selective area of your truck, car, SUV, or RV than its larger counterpart.

This is also useful for cleaning around the house and garage. Can even be used to clean the vinyl on the side of your house without leaving any scratches. Incredibly affordable, this telescopic car wash brush is high quality and stands up to the abuse of wash after wash. This will easily cut down the time it takes to wash your vehicle. Wonderful for brushing snow off the roof of your vehicles as well.

8. Viking Red & Black Premium Metal-Free Wheel & Rim Brush

This Red & Black Wheel & Rim Brush by Viking Car Care has a sure-grip handle made from thermoplastic rubber. This means that you can really get down to business scrubbing your wheels and tires and never lose your grip.

The other end of this heavy-duty brush is a microfiber sponge that can compress slightly, allowing you to get in between the rims easily and into those hard to reach spots. It is microfiber so it will be safe to use on clear coat and painted rims alike without the risk of scratching them.

Even if you accidentally bump the handle across your wheel or rims, there’s no risk of scratching it because this brush features a completely metal-free design. The shape of the sponge at the end of is a tapered cone with an increased length over most brushes, allowing further reach into the nooks and crevices of your wheels and tires.

7. Carrand 93062 Deluxe Car Wash 10″ Dip Brush with 65″ Extension Pole

This 10” Dip Brush with an extending pole of 65” from Carrand is ideal for scrubbing the sides of your RV, car, truck, or SUV. This telescoping brush will let you scrub dirt, dust, pollen, or other problems off the sides of your vehicle with ease. For larger trucks, this extended handle is ideal for allowing you to reach spots that would otherwise be impossible to reach.

The brush has firm bristles that will allow you to keep using it wash after wash with comfort but soft enough that they won’t scratch the paint of your vehicle. The locking mechanism is sturdy and will hold the pole firm when extended. The handle is made out of metal, and the handle adjustment parts are a strong, durable plastic. A decent quality brush that serves its purpose well.

6. 18” Wheel and Rim Detailing Brush by TAKAVU

This Wheel and Rim Detailing Brush by TAKAVU is a great choice for when you need to choose the best brush for cleaning your wheels and rims. From handle to the end of the brush, it reaches 18 inches. This will give you the length and leverage you need to break that dirt, grime, and brake dust free from your wheels and rims.

The black and red bristles are soft enough not to scratch the surface of your rims but are firm enough that they’ll break loose any accumulated brake dust and dirt grime. The 9.5” flexible brush head with a rubber capped end allows flexibility to get into those tough to reach spots without any risk of damaging or scratching your wheels. This flexibility also allows you to reach nooks and crannies other brushes can’t get to.

Reviews praise its ability to clean easily, and mention that while it is flexible, it has the flexibility of a pipe cleaner. This means that if you bend the brush head into a certain angle, it will likely retain that new angled bend. This might be incredibly beneficial if you’re trying to reach hard to clean spots in your engine bay.

Overall, a great choice for a brush when you need to clean your wheels, rims, or hard to reach spots anywhere in your truck, SUV, RV, or car.

5. SUBANG 11 Pieces Car Cleaner Brush Set,Including Natural Boar Hair Detail Brush

When it comes to detailing brushes, this 11 piece Detailing Brush Set by Subang has a variety of brushes to meet your diverse needs. It comes with 6 different natural boar hair brushes so you can choose the size you need.

These are great for cleaning the interior of your car, especially the dash, interior vinyl, lug nuts, and also for small or narrow spaces that are hard to reach otherwise. These brushes have rounded smooth handles that allow you to grip them easily and also have a pre-drilled hole to provide for convenient hanging when they’re not in use.

Two brushes are included to assist with cleaning your air conditioning vents, and they work wonders. In addition, three wire brushes are also thrown in for detailing and cleaning metal, removing rust, and other metal cleaning as required. These are extremely coarse bristles intended for metal cleaning only, such as lug nuts or metal parts where you aren’t concerned about preserving the paint.

4. Mothers Wheel Brush

Affordable and simple, this Wheel Brush by Mothers will allow you to clean your wheels, tires, fenders, and bumpers with ease. It features a comfort grip with a raised rubberized section to allow you to grip it easily. It also has long bristles that are soft and gentle enough for everyday cleaning but still allow you to reach hard to reach spots.

Available with a standard sized handle or an extra long grip to allow you to reach further and get extra leverage, this wheel brush is ideal for cleaning your wheels and tires. The hardened plastic handle will make it easy to hold even if it gets wet, and the plastic won’t scratch your wheels or car if they come in contact. We recommend the long handled version if you’re looking to clean your wheel wells.

3. Multi-functional Car Duster / Dusting Tool / Gray Mop

The gray multi-functional car duster from Shopping GD is our second choice when it comes to cleaning brushes and dusters. This brush features thick water absorbent threads made out of plastic and cotton that will easily pick up dirt, dust, and wipe your interiors clean.

This can be utilized in a variety of ways since it also soft enough to be used for waxing and polishing. With a long handle parallel to the brush itself, this will allow you to get to hard to reach spots like the lower end of your windshield as well. For as high quality as it is, we were surprised to see it’s also incredibly affordable. A great choice for cleaning and dusting.

2. Blue Chemical Resistant Stiffy Brush by Chemical Guys

This Chemical Resistant brush by Chemical Guys comes highly rated. It has a thermal heavy duty plastic handle allowing you to really scrub when it is needed. The hard crimped polypropylene bristles are ideal for years of cleaning bumpers, fenders, and wheel wells.

This brush will definitely last you a long time, as the bristles are resistant to heat, chemicals, acid and solvents. The bristles are firm enough to break loose the dirt, brake dust and other particles from your wheels and rims without scratching the paint. You could also use it for cleaning your engine bay, as the harsh chemicals needed to clean metal won’t affect this brush.

The brush itself is 10 inches long and the bristles are 2 inches in length.  This comes in your choice of blue or yellow, but they’re both the same. The thermal plastic handle will allow you to easily grip it and dig into those trouble spots when you’re cleaning.

1. Chemical Guys Wheel & Tire Brush

This Wheel & Tire Brush by Chemical Guys is simply the best when it comes to cleaning wheels, tires, trims, inside fenders, undercarriages and more. With a heavy duty constructed handle allowing for an easy no-slip grip, you’ll find it easier than ever to scrub clean dirt, grease, and grime from your car, truck, SUV, RV, or motorcycle.

The bristles are flogged and chemical resistant so they’re durable and will stand up to even the toughest jobs. Coming in a short or long handle for your convenience, this is quite easily our top pick for the best automotive cleaning brushes and dusters of this year.

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