Top 10 Best Car Corrosion and Rust Inhibitors of 2021

Rust looks terrible on a vehicle, and it doesn’t take long for corrosion to take over a vehicle if left untreated. It’s best to take care of rust and corrosion as soon as you notice it. Anyone in a state where it snows a lot knows the danger and frustration of rust and corrosion, a large part in thanks to the salt we dump on the roads to clear up the ice and snow. 

Here are the top ten best car corrosion and rust inhibitors for use on automobiles, cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, and even some will work great for your household use or tools.

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10. Loctite Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver

Best Car Corrosion and Rust Inhibitors

This Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver by Loctite is ideal for when you have rust that’s already taken hold on your metal surfaces. This acts by dissolving the rust at its source, allowing you to quickly and easily remove the remainder. Clean the metal surfaces with coarse sandpaper or a wire brush so as to remove all of the dirt, oil, grease, and loose rusted metal from the target area.

Once your area is prepared for cleaning, apply this Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver to the surface of your rusted metal. In the event it is a painted surface, you’ll need to wipe it off immediately. For rusted chrome surfaces, limit the use to 5 minutes. For all other metal applications, wait 20 to 30 minutes for the rust dissolver to work.

Rinse the rust dissolver off, sand it lightly, and repeat if necessary until your rust problem is no more.

9. Rust-Oleum Automotive 10.25-Ounce Rust Reformer Spray, Black

Ninth on our list is from a trusted name in Rust prevention and protection, but has a limited scope in its uses, the Rust Reformer Spray by Rust-Oleum. This oil-based spray will apply a flat black surface on top of any rusty, metal surface to cover it up and prevent future rust.

By covering up the rust, you won’t have to sand it down to the metal, simply spray it with this rust reformer spray to cover up the rust and follow up with the paint color of your choice, knowing that the rust is trapped underneath where it won’t spread any further. This spray will easily bond with the rusted surface, preventing any cracking, chipping, or other problems commonly associated with covering up rust.

It’s easy to use and features an any-angle spray tip so that the bottle can be sprayed from even the most awkward positions. It would be higher on our list, but sometimes coating the rust with several layers of paint to cover it up isn’t always the best option.

8. ProtectaClear 4 Oz. Clear, Protective Coating for Metal

Eighth on our list is ideal for small metal or jewelry applications where rust or corrosion needs to be prevented, the Clear Protective Coating by ProtectaClear will do the job. 

Available in quantities as small as 1 oz all the way up to a gallon, this easy to apply coating will protect plated metals, stop skin discoloration, and seal jewelry to prevent any rust or corrosion from accumulating.

This doesn’t require any mixing and will apply a thin, durable coating to your jewelry or metal to protect from rust or corrosion without the risk of discoloration or yellowing. Great for small jobs or jewelry applications.

7. Corroseal Water-Based Rust Converter Metal Primer

Seventh on our list for the best rust and corrosion inhibitors is this easy to use Water-Based Rust Converter and Metal Primer by Corroseal. Ideal for general household, industrial, marine, and automotive needs, this will act to convert rust, paint and prime all in one.

If you have rust or corrosion on your tools, car, truck, RV, automobile, snow blower, lawn mower, or otherwise, simply apply this rust converter to take care of your rust and corrosion problem. This converter and primer will restore your metal surfaces, extending their life and protecting them from future rust and corrosion. 

This water-based formula is non-flammable and easy to apply, simply brush, spray or roll it on where desired to cover up and protect your metal from rust and corrosion.

6. WD-40 Multi-Use Product

Sixth on our list is something you should recognize immediately, the classic Multi-Use Product from WD-40. This multi-use product is great for lubricating hinges, pulleys, chains, wheels, gears, or any other moving parts. In addition to lubricating, it will also help to remove sticky residue, gunk, tar, sap, gum, grime, grease, super glue or other stuck on things from a multitude of surfaces. 

This multi-use product will help to protect against rust and corrosion, driving out moisture and drying quickly to prevent the risk of electrical systems from shorting out due to moisture. For low-impact lubrication that allows you to soak and dip your tools when necessary to clean and protect, it’s always a good idea to have some WD-40 laying around.

5. Zerust NoRust Vapor Capsule

Fifth on our list is a set and forget it solution, the NoRust Vapor Capsule by Zerust. These are perfect for putting in your utility boxes, storage lockers, tackle boxes, golf bags, garage cabinets, knife drawers or anywhere you might be worried that rust and corrosion could affect your tools.

These non-toxic capsules will protect your tools or metal parts by releasing a vapor that coats your tools, protecting them from rust and corrosion. Completely odorless and environmentally safe, one of these can be put in each of your toolboxes and you’ll never have to worry about rust or corrosion on your tools again. 

These are guaranteed to protect your copper, iron, silver, steel, brass, and aluminum from rusting or collecting corrosion. We can’t recommend them enough for a set and forget solution.

4. POR-15 Gloss Black Rust Preventive Paint

Fourth on our list of the top ten best corrosion and rust inhibitors for your car is the Gloss Black Rust Preventive Permanent Coating Paint by POR-15. Available in a variety of size options, this gloss black paint can be applied directly over the rust in an application where you’re looking for a gloss black surface. 

This rust preventive paint will then protect and cover the rust, preventing it from spreading any further. If you’re okay with just simply covering up the rust with a gloss black color, this is one of the best solutions for your rust problems on your car. Use it as a rust-preventative primer and paint over with your ideal final color.

3. WD-40 Specialist White Lithium Grease Spray

Third on our list for the best corrosion and rust inhibitors is the Protective White Lithium Grease by WD-40. WD-40 is a trusted name when it comes to lubricants and protectants, and this is no exception.

This white lithium grease will act as both a lubricant and spray on as a nice thick protective coating for your sprockets, gears, door tracks, pulleys, cables, hinges, door springs, or any moving parts that are at risk of rusting and seizing up.

This corrosion inhibitor will spray on as a liquid and dry quickly to form a protective coating that will protect and lubricate simultaneously. This spray is ideal for metal on metal applications where an industrial style lubricant is required while still allowing you to protect from rust and corrosion.

2. Evapo-Rust The Original Super Safe Rust Remover

This Water-Based Rust Remover from Evapo-Rust comes in a strong second on our list of top ten car corrosion & rust inhibitors. This will not only remove rust but it will also help to prevent rust from forming as well.

This environmentally safe rust remover doesn’t require any special protective equipment while you’re using it because it’s safe if you accidentally spill some on your skin. In addition, it’s also safe on plastics, PVC, most paints and unrusted steel. 

This non-corrosive acid-free rust inhibitor is reusable and will remove rust within mere minutes. This ranked high on our list because of how safe it was while still doing a wonderful job at removing rust.

1. Fluid Film 11.75oz Spray Cans

At the top of our list for corrosion and rust inhibitors for your automotive needs is the lubricant penetrating spray by Fluid Film. This lubricant is a highly effective rust and corrosion inhibitor that will also penetrate and lubricate your metals. 

If you are applying this to the underside of your vehicle, it is recommended to wash your vehicle beforehand. The easiest way to achieve this is to run your vehicle through a car wash with an under body spray. Then, you can utilize this fluid film in order to spray the underside of your vehicle in an effort to prevent rust from taking over. 

Given the name, it should be no surprise that this will set and form a protective layer on the metals that you spray it on in order to give it continued rust protection.

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