Every year technology takes cars to yet another level. The year 2017 is no different. When it comes to driving fast, the pros have tested some awesome sports cars and these are the fastest out there. While these cars hit speeds over 200 MPH. The odds that a consumer will ever legally hit these speeds is near impossible. Even illegally, it is not likely to happen. With many companies backing off on both horsepower and overall engine size, these companies are forging deeply into power and size. Let’s get started.

10Ferrari LaFerrari (217 mph)

This driver oriented car matches the speed of the P1, but does it with a responsive V12 hybrid. Some have questioned how the hybrid system works because combined with the electric and the gas powered engine is the KERS system. This uses the kinetics of the engine to produce more power than would normally be produced from the same input forces.

Rather confusing for those that do not build and service vehicles of this type, it is best to simply know that 12 cylinders in this Ferrari drop 950 horsepower in the palm of the drivers hand, allowing the 217 to be reached easily and effortlessly.