Vans (whether regular full-size vans or minivans) have served individuals and families alike for a number decades now as utility vehicles. While there have been some fantastic models in the past, they are even better models in the present day upgraded with more innovative features. This article considers the top ten best van models of 2020.

9Nissan Quest

This cavernous Nissan Quest is a luxuriously built minivan. It includes a plush interior which makes for a smooth, compliant ride. Its 3.5-liter V6 engine feels lively with a respectable 19 mpg overall fuel economy system.

The Nissan Quest is a commendable minivan, with a reasonable amount of leg and head room in its first two rows, as well as enough room for three adults in the seats on the third row. The two rear rows can fold to the form of a flat load floor. The vehicle’s covered cargo bay behind its third-row seat is a feature that is uncommon in minivans. The blind-spot detection is optional.