Top 10 Best Audi Cars of All-Time

As superb as the Mercedes-Benz and BMW are, Audi, no doubt produces the best engines in the world. The name Audi came from a Latin translation of the founder’s name, August Horch. Horch, which means ‘Audi’ in Latin.

Another aspect that has an important bearing on the creation of Audi is the Audi logo. The four rings found on the Audi logo stands for one of the four auto companies that collaborated to create the Audi’s forerunner company called, the Auto Union.

Rounded up here are the best Audi cars.

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Audi Quattro

Best Audi Cars

The name Quattro means four in Italian came about for being the first production car with AWD. This Audi was the first example of an AWD car developed with a turbo engine and it got a widespread success.

More importantly, it was the version of the all-conquering rally car made by Audi. It’s a perfect combination of contemporary design and performance, and it has the ability to woo any buyer that’s looking for something different and original.

Audi R8

This Audi is undoubtedly one of its kind. It has an isolate look and advanced aluminum space frame made from one of the most coveted sports cars around. The R8 is seen as one of the best-driven cars on the road today and is one of the most livable. This car is sure to be classic.

DKW Monza

The DKW Monza is technically not an Audi; but it was created by DKW (one of the four companies that merged to form Audi).

It has an ultra-lightweight polyester coupé body with superb aerodynamic that helped the DKW Monza to set five world records at Monza race course in Italy. This small sized sports car has a widespread acceptance in the US, and a large number were exported as well.

Horch 26/65

Audi as it is known today is actually the final evolution of Auto Union AG. The Horch 26/65 created one of its first production six-cylinder engines to the world. This car recorded massive success in its production and racing and was seen as a superior to the Mercedes-Benz of the era of 1907.

Audi RS6/RS6 Avant

The Audi RS6/Avant has given the automotive world supercar power levels in a personalized vehicle.This car was technically the single most powerful car Audi had ever produced with an extraordinary 571 hp.

That type of power is just mind blowing for a family car, but then again Germans are known to have been producing fast laser wagons since the RS2 in 1994.

All this possibility was not available back then in North America until Audi changed all that with the third generation RS6. This wagon car can only be termed as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” with its looks. It also handled like a dream.

Audi R18 Ultra & E-Tron

This Audi is among the newest successors to the highly successful R8 LMP, R10 LMP and R15 LMP with a diesel engine of 3.7L turbocharged. Its successful track record has helped Audi develop its engine technology and the Xtrac sequential trickles down to more cars production.

The use of hybrid systems on the R18 E-tron has propelled this race car to new levels of success, and performance, and have developed alongside the Audi R8 E-tron prototype road car. Feels powerful when driven.

Audi R8: the Le Mans Prototype

This R8 was built by Audi Motorsport as well as Joest Racing for LMP-900 class at the Le Mans and American Le Mans racing competition. Powered by a 3.6L V8, the R8 LMP went ahead to win the Le Mans tournament five times in a roll. And also, the overall season tournament in the Le Mans Series 6 times.

The R8 LMP can be attributed with the success and is directly responsible for the creation and release of the popular road car. This car is fast, has a high speed of 344 km, and could go for as 0-62 mph in 5. 1 seconds. Loved by both critics and buyers for its originality.

Audi RS2

The Audi RS2 is the first Audi to bear the RS design, and the word ‘weapon’ comes to mind when discussing its powerhouse because it is a collaboration with Porsche. With a low stance, deep-dished rims, it became obvious that this was not an ordinary wagon.

It is fortified straight from the factory with similar tires as the 964 911 Turbo, and it produces 315 HP with acceleration numbers from 0 to 60 mph close to 4.8 secs and 0-30 mph of 1.5 secs. This means that this wagon is a lot fast.


This Audi when it was built, got a widespread recognition and acceptance among critics and buyers as fast as you can imagine. That’s because it is sleek in shape and has unarguably one of the finest classic design of the 21st Century.

With a power range of 150 HP to 250 in FWD or AWD configuration, depending on the trim level. It has such a fine appeal, and it feels good to be seen and driven.

Auto Union Type D

This Auto Union is a racing car which has different types starting from A to C. This type D was partly developed by Ferdinand Porsches and It was the most refined and drivable car of all the Auto Union’s.[td_smart_list_end]

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