Top 10 Worst Rated Cars of 2021

This year has been truly eventful with the release of many new automobiles, however some appear on this list of the Worst Rated Cars of 2020. The top two “best” automakers were Audi and Subaru this year, and they were followed by some of the other luxury brands, BMW, Lexus, and Porsche, as the highly-influential top five.

Mazda came in sixth while Buick took the seventh position. Toyota took the eighth position overall and was followed by Kia in the ninth position, and Honda ended things on the 10th. 

This list, however, contains the top ten worst rated vehicles of the 2020. 2020 has been a wild, crazy year with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting all walks of life. However, many of these carmakers cannot blame the world pandemic for these worst cars of 2020! Enjoy!

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Jeep Cherokee

Worst Rated Cars

The Jeep Cherokee is one that’s promoted as providing electricity and extravagance and a heavily publicized vehicle, but don’t attempt telling any of that to the people who have reviewed this subpar SUV.

This SUV was likewise smacked for having lousy visibility from the front windshield, not much cargo capability, a nine-speed automatic transmission that was clumsy, and a weak 4-cylinder engine to speak of.

Undoubtedly, a poor investment. We may have been impressed by the Eco Diesel Grand Cherokee and the small turbocharged Renegade Sport seen here, but apparently, there is more to the equation than meets the eye.


It appears the power hungry brand of the 1990s has fallen a hole, as it has just been awarded as Japan’s worst car maker of 2016.

Burnishing a lowly road test score of 46 and an overall score of only 51, the brand that created cars like the twin- DSM Eclipse and turbo VR4 3000GT has lost its way as it plans on stopping the long-running Lancer Evolution.

Nissan Pathfinder

The Crossover SUV market, by which the Nissan Pathfinder is a competitor, is one of the very most competitive automotive sections now, and according to critics, the Pathfinder is the worst of the bunch in this group.

A huge interior cannot make up for poor acceleration, a treatment that is incompetent and made controls to cancel an equally inexpensive interior design. If you want to see the best Nissan vehicles ever made, check out this list.

Chrysler 200

The vehicle brand known for making its share of bad cars for years has worked to enhance its standing in late times. However, the Chrysler 200 is a step backwards as far as most automotive reviewers are concerned. Complete design and the interior seems to have sunk this car.

They found the typical four-cylinder engine to be underwhelming, while critics did like the fact that the Chrysler has an optional V6 engine.

Consumer Reports gave the car an overall evaluation of only 51%, barely a pass. Also, J.D. Power and Associates claims that this vehicle will likely lose 60% of its value in the first three years. Bad. Clearly, Chrysler has some work to do in the packed midsize car market, as they will not have the ability to improve their standing making cars such as the 200 that are horrible.

Ford Fiesta

It’s promoted as an entertaining subcompact car for young professionals, students, and first-time drivers, but parents may want to reconsider giving their children a Ford Fiesta when they value security and dependability in a vehicle.

The consensus is that it is essential that folks should avoid purchasing Ford’s smallest car. The Fiesta had a score of -267 out of a possible 100. Other than having great fuel economy, there is not much to recommend in regards to the Ford Fiesta.

The vehicle has a small space inside, with poor handling, and controls that are really designed, with the 3-cylinder engine being the subject of the criticism. Both Consumer Reports and J.D. Power and Associates also claim that this car is way overpriced.

For the cost, folks can get a larger, spacier, and more powerful car. J.D. Power and Associates expects 70% of this auto’s value to be gone in five years. If you are interested in additional bad Ford vehicles, check out our list of the Top 10 Worst Ford Vehicles ever made.

Dodge Journey

Sadly, a price that is reasonable cannot hide the flaws in this vehicle. Consumer Reports also criticized the Journey’s third-row seat as it was miniature, with its weak transmission, abysmal fuel economy, inferior handling, and obscured visibility from the rear window.

The Journey also got a poor score from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety on its front crash test evaluation. J.D. Power and Associates anticipates this SUV to lose 80 percent of its value in five years. Ouch!


Just 25% of the car’s lineup comes recommended. The car earned a shocking “worst rating” for reliability. Nonetheless, Cadillac scored a few points in a few areas, earning it a test score of about 76. Regrettably, this wasn’t sufficient to help its total score of 58.


GMC may make amazing trucks such as All-terrain X, but according to the report, it makes problem-prone cars as well, featuring a road test score of 71 and poor reliability.

Consumer Reports could recommend only 17% of all GMC models, which brought down its entire score to 60. If you’d like to see other bad GMC cars, check out our list of the Top 10 Worst GMC Vehicles.

Infiniti Q50

Another luxury car that is certainly less than luxurious is the Infiniti Q50. The car underwhelms across the board, a compact luxury vehicle. The single thing that critics appear to enjoy about this car is its acceleration. Comfort, controls, and the handling took a critical attack.

Add in bad fuel economy with a sticky handling; the car is a vehicle worth jumping. While Consumer Reports gave the car an overall evaluation of 57, it was the lowest score among luxury vehicles.

Its total reliability score proved to be a horrendous -64 out of a possible 100. There exists only too much working against this auto to make it worth considering as a purchase. And J.D. Power and Associates expects 70 percent of this auto’s value to evaporate in five years.

The Acura RLX

The Acura RLX is portrayed as a high-end midsize sedan. Nevertheless, critics state that this auto is a turkey and not likely to hold its value. This car was given score of 59 out of 100 by Consumer Reports (a “D” standard).

The vehicle was commended for having standard safety features and a roomy interior, but the car lost much-needed points and what was seen as a “choppy ride.”

The car was tagged as having inferior value and scored a -68 for dependability out of a 100. Not for the folks at Acura or good news for consumers. The Acura RLX is The Motor Digest’s number one worst car of 2020.

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