Top 10 Worst Mercedes Models

We rounded up the worst Mercedes models in this article. Explore and discover why they made it to this list.

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R171 SLK Class (2004- )

Worst Mercedes Models

Cramped, cheap interior. The exterior is somewhere on the road between ugly to generic depending upon the day and approach angle. Lacks the visual spark of its predecessor.

W201 190 Class (1982-1993)


Yeah, the Baby Benz hails from Benz’s glorious over-engineered decade. But somewhere along the way the engineers in Stuttgart forgot to design a cabin over that 5-link suspension that could actually carry adults with any degree of luxury or comfort.

W110 “Fintail” a.k.a. ‘Heckflosse’ (1962-1968)


So dull, it’s painful. Defines “Generic Merc.” Someone in R&D caught the hint in time to introduce the sleeker W111 before the sixties hit the seventies.

W219 CLS (2005- )


When the Germans do deliberate emotional styling, it’s awkward to the point of all out embarrassment. Tight rear quarters and comic book exterior proportions are major negatives. History will not be as kind to this car as I’ve been.

X164 GL Class (2006 – )


Another winner from Benz’s Alabama plant. This generic soccer mom ‘ute was “designed” to replace the die-hard G-Wagen. Benz buyers thought better and the demand for the original continues.

W163 M Class (1997-2006)


Built in Alabama, the M-Class marked the start of the slippery slope. The model ushered in an era of poorly built badge-engineered cars. Badly aged examples still litter America’s highways.

W245 B Class (2006- )


“B” is so appropriate for this car. It’s a B level effort from a car company that we expect to score A+. Dubiously described as a “grand sports tourer” there’s a reason why Mercedes lacks the confidence to brings this hatchback to the American market.

V251 R Class (2006- )


The company owes itself a favor to discontinue this minivan ASAP. A disgrace to the marque and close contender for the top spot as worse Merc ever. That there exists an AMG version beggars belief.

W203 C Class Coupe (2000-2007)


Would it have really hurt to kept the trunk? Or the traditional grille with the star on the hood? An example of corporate rationalization gone mad, Mecedes arrogantly ignored BMW’s own folly with the early 90s 318ti. Near-luxury hatches aren’t hot Stateside. Period.

W168 A Class (1997-2005)


The Isuzu Trooper of Benz hatchbacks. The tipsy A180 was the cheapest car ever to wear the chrome star. That this rolling ergonomic disaster is even in the same family as such legends as the 540K or the Gullwing stands beyond reason. The worst Mercedes-Benz ever built.

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