Top 10 Best Selling Cars of All-Time

Within the past few decades, several generations of cars have been produced with subsequent generations having more sophisticated functions than the previous ones. But in spite of the constant competition driven improvements that come with car production, one thing has remained unchanged – The major qualities that sell cars more.

These features are high speed, low cost of maintenance, fuel economy, style and availability of spare parts. These features make the under-listed cars the best selling cars of all time.

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Toyota Corolla

Best Selling Cars

This is the highest selling car of all time. One would have thought there will be a couple of Toyota models on the list but having the only one on the list rated #1 is a welcome tradeoff. It was launched in 1966 and about an unprecedented 40 million units have been sold since then.

The model has gone through over 9 upgrades. The fact that this model is still in production means it will retain this position for a very long time, especially when the latest edition has just been released a couple of months ago.

Ford F-Series

This is Ford’s third entry. Even though it is an enviable feat, it can’t be compared to that of Volkswagen as only the other two Ford models that are on this list are no longer in production and may not remain on this list much longer.

This king of pickups was launched in 1948 and about 35 million units have been sold since then. Its fuel economy is between 17 and 23mpg.

Volkswagen Golf

This is an unprecedented third entry. This is nothing but super dominance. It even gets better as the figure keeps increasing. It was launched in 1974 and about 27.5 million units have been sold since then.

Its fuel economy is between 24 and 31mpg. Volkswagen’s strategy is obviously a combination of low cost and high fuel economy.

Volkswagen Beetle

This model really speaks for itself. It would have been a surprise if it didn’t make the list. Over 23.5 million units have been sold since it was released in 1938. Its relatively longer production run is obviously a big factor to its sales figure.

Another major contribution to the success of this car is its cheap cost. It was about the cheapest car then. It has also witnessed a few upgrades. Its fuel economy is between 22 and 31mpg. This is Volkswagen’s second entry into this list.

Honda Civic

This is the second Honda car in this list. This feat establishes Honda as a brand to beat in the automobile industry. Having two models in the list of highest selling cars of all time speaks volumes about the automobile giant’s dominance in the world of automobiles.

The first edition of Honda Civic was manufactured in 1972 and over 18.5 million units have been sold up till today. The fact that this car is still being manufactured means the number will definitely increase. Its fuel economy is between 28 and 36mpg.

Ford Escort

This is another surprise entry as the feature that really sold this car isn’t clear. But about 18 million units were sold since it was launched in 1968. It was introduced to American market in 1981 even though it had been in Europe long before then.

Since it is no longer in production this model may not be able to maintain this position in the next 6 months. Ford really deserves some credit as this is their second model to hit this list even though both entries might be out of top 10 soon as neither of them is still in production.

Honda Accord

About 17.5 million units of this car have been sold ever since it was launched in 1976. It has seen several generations of powerful upgrades and it is still being manufactured up till today. So this figure will increase soon. This is the first Honda car to be manufactured in United States and it took place in 1989.

It has also remained one of the highest selling cars in the United States since then. Its fuel economy is between 24 and 34mpg. This underscores the fact that fuel economy is very vital feature in car sales.

Ford Model T

Like seriously? Yes, it’s for real. This is a shocking entry. How this car found its way into this list is a partial mystery. Believe it or not, it is on record that about 16.5 million units of this classic was sold within its 20 years of production.

What is more stunning is the fact that the last batch was produced about 86 years ago. This implies that this car has hit this list long before other entrants. It is about the oldest entrant of this list.

Volkswagen Passat

This car has sold up to 15.5 million units and has gone through seven generations of upgrade ever since it hit the automobile industry in 1973. What stood it out is its combination of affordability and luxury.

It was regarded as one of the most affordable luxury cars. Even though Volkswagen Passat is still being used today, the edition in use is much more sophisticated than the first edition. It also has great fuel economy which is between 22 and 32mpg.

Chevrolet Impala

This car model sold over 14 million units throughout its lifespan. It took the automobile world by storm when it was launched about 54 years ago. Although it was first launched as a two-door coupe, ten generations of upgrades gradually saw it metamorphosed into a rugged and stylish sedan.

Its selling point is its fuel economy which is between 21 and 31mpg. Its crash frequency is also very low. [td_smart_list_end]

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