Top 10 Best USA Car Shows to Visit for 2021

One of the ideal ways to learn the new trends and auto technology in the industry is to go to a car show. These shows are excellent places for regular customers and enthusiasts who can experience new designs and innovations in a variety of car models. Here are the top 10 best USA car shows to visit.

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Capitola Car Show in California

Best USA Car Shows

This show features an exhibition of custom cars, hot rods, roadsters, muscle cars and antique cars. Attendees can watch the classic beauties on the coastline on the starting day as they move from Santa Cruz boardwalk down to Capitola.

The show covers the weekend and is filled with great music, charming cars, restaurants, and fun at the beach. Attendees can speak to the car creators about concepts and design of the automobile. It’s a fun family event.

Orange County Auto Show in Anaheim, California


The Anaheim convention center in California hosts this show in October every year. It is a mix of new vehicles and custom cars along with exotic vehicles for car enthusiasts. Even though the show is still budding since it started in 1996, it has drawn more people annually.

The show lasts for only four days, and it is a perfect platform for car industry executives and manufacturers to generate business fortunes and share ideas with their consumers. Manufacturers like Chrysler, ford and Suzuki are exhibitors in the show as well.

Charlotte Auto Fair


This fair is North Carolina’s biggest exhibition of collector cars. It holds twice every year and is open to car enthusiast who wish to buy or sell exceptional cars, supplies, restoration parts for unique antique vehicles.

Vendors can purchase car corral spaces so potential buyers can see the automobile up close and touch it or even drive it and speak with the owner of the car. Other buyers can participate in auctions to pick their custom vehicles.The show also includes a NASCAR simulator with auto inflatables for kids. The auto show’s spring show is bigger than the other which takes place in the same year.

Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona


The show was launched in 1949 and is the longest surviving and oldest operating exhibitions of customized vehicles in the U.S. enthusiasts and lovers of custom cars will enjoy this auto show. Over 500 vehicles compete for awards in the Fairplex buildings.

Chicago Auto Show


Presently, it is the biggest and longing running car show in the state and features all the whistles and bells a car enthusiast could dream about. the McCormick place convention complex hosts this show annually. It was established in 1901 and has over 1 million visitors per year. They have three indoor test tracks with professional drivers who offer an assortment of road experiences.

Philadelphia Auto Show


This one-of-a-kind auto show is family friendly and is held in February every year. It is conducted at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and debuted in 1902. The show has grown drastically over the decades and welcomes over 250,000 visitors annually.

It fills 700,000 square feet and features over 700 automobiles with a list of new concepts, vehicle debuts, exotics, tuners, and antique cars. It also features a black tie gala on the night before the auto show kicks off. Proceeds from the show go to the Philadelphia’s children hospital.

SEMA in Las Vegas

Crowds inside and products on show floor

The show is held in the casino city and is the largest convention in the city. It is held in the city’s convention center annually. The displays are placed in 12 section, and new tool, parts, and components are exhibited yearly.

The first show was in 1967, and it now occupies over one million square feet. it also attracts an audience of over 60,000 people and 3000 media personnel. It has more than 2,300 exhibitors and 11,000 booths.

Los Angeles Auto Show


This car show is 110 years old this year, and it is held at the LA Convention Center annually. It opens for ten days in the year and allows the public to view the exhibits filling over 760,000 square feet of exhibition space. It has specific days for every activity, some days are dedicated to press, days for public access and peeks at new models. This show is attended by celebrities and offers exciting exhibits.

New York International Auto Show in New York


The city that never sleeps hosts their own auto show every April of every year. The attendees get a sneak peek of new cars, new concepts and can even attend the charity gala. It’s hosted at the Jacob Javits Convention Center and has been held since 1900. Before the opening of the show every year, numerous auto shows debut new concept and production vehicles for the press.

North American International Auto Show in Detroit


The famous motor city hosts this international show which is held annually in the first month of the year. It is a traditional platform for a lot of the automakers in the United States. The auto show also hosts award ceremonies for the car and truck of the year in North America, and this gives it more clout internationally.

The show features a display of over 700 car models so consumers can have a first look at what their favorite auto manufacturers have in store for them. The cars are concept cars and general production cars alike.[td_smart_list_end]

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