Top 10 Most Dangerous Cars Ever Made

For there to be lists of bests, there also have to be plenty of worsts. If you’re wondering about the most dangerous cars out there, then here is a list of the top 10 most dangerous ever made.

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Pontiac Fiero

Most Dangerous Cars Ever Made

This car was in the market for just four years in the 80s. As a two-seater, it served the needs of many car buyers looking for something smaller and more efficient. To give it its fair due though, it passed crash testing with flying colors.

What it did do though was burst into flames thanks to its coolant features. Though it gave users the direction to fill it with 3 quarts of oil, it actually needed more. This caused chronic under-filling and that led to oil leakage. And that is where the fires started!

Audi 5000

Audi has a reputation for quality but back in the 80s the reputation wasn’t as deserved as it is today. In fact, the Audi 5000 had a notable faulty engine. The engine would suddenly rev up and drivers panicked while on the road.

Their overcompensation for the problem is what caused the problems. It definitely was enough to get the Audi 5000 on the list of worst cars ever.

Yugo GV

Yugo was considered one of the worst cars of all times. Possibly the only benefit to purchasing it in the 80s was its low price tag. What came along with that low price tag was a vehicle short on quality and safety.

Though manufacturers claimed you could get up to 85-mph with the car, they also warned that if you eked close to it, you likely would have a dying engine on your hands.

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is similar to the Bronco, but larger. Ford, knowing the roll-over issue, didn’t go back to the drawing board, however. Rather, they opted to just lower tire pressure.

By ignoring the core issue of body design, they opened the door for even more chronic issues. Due to low pressure, the Explorer created a loss of general control of the vehicle and the roll-over issue remained.

Ford Bronco

The Bronco came into the market as a smaller SUV, something the market was clamoring for. Unfortunately, though it was highly popular, it also was chronic with roll-overs.

The high body made maneuvering curved roads a dangerous thing. It was especially harrowing with entry and exit ramps to highways. Ford made a misstep with the SUV. Despite heavy incidents of injury and even death due to roll-overs, Ford refused to make any changes to increase safety.

Chevrolet Corvair

The Corvair is another car that has a longstanding reputation in the history of cars. It stood out because of its unique design. It has an air-cooled engine and that engine is rear-mounted. Put together, this made an interesting entrant to the world of vehicles.

The problem though started as a result of the suspension. Drivers were known to over-steer and experience serious spin-outs. That is the main reason why it made it onto the list of the most dangerous vehicles ever.

Chevrolet Corvette

This is another car that has been very popular throughout history. It has been around since the 50s and has a great reputation with Corvette-lovers. It still made the list of the most dangerous vehicles because of reckless driving.

There is no debating that this is a sports car and its demographic is young males who like speed. As far as stats, this car has more than 5 fatalities per 10,000 cars—even higher than the Ford Mustang.

Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang has a clear following. People who love the name, the design and the drive-ability. The problem is that it also attracts a specific market of testosterone-pushing daredevils, which pushed it to the list.

In history, it is a traditional car that is involved in crashes thanks to its powerful engine and reputation for speed. On the danger meter, this one has a top position. In fact there are more than 4 deaths per 10,000 vehicles sold- not a good stat!

Ford Pinto

The Pinto was manufactured throughout the 70s and was created as an answer to the Japanese and European imports. At the time it was popular to find smaller vehicles and that’s what the Pinto was. It also required less fuel—another advantage. There were a few problems though.

The gas tank was situated just at the rear bumper and that opened the door to disaster. One hit from the back, and fire with an explosion were at a high probability. Secondly, the transmission was prone to moving into gear unbeknownst to the driver.

Two big problems like these meant sure disaster for the car’s popularity but a solid place on the list of most dangerous vehicles.

DeLorean DMC-12


So this car had its hay day with the Back to the Future film series. Yes it was touted as an amazing vision of technological greatness but there was a problem. Try crashing this car and you could have problems with the famous winged-doors.

Thanks to DeLorean’s lack of safety mechanisms to release the doors, it put drivers in a dangerous position. As an added slap, the windows weren’t large enough to offer a passageway to safety either. This solidified its list on the top “unique” cars of all time but it also put it on the list of the most dangerous. [td_smart_list_end]

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