Top 10 Worst Ford Vehicles Ever Made

Here are the Top 10 worst Ford vehicles Ever made.

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1974 Ford Gran Torino Elite

Worst Ford Vehicles Ever Made

Being desperate to get some of the luxury markets, the company brings Mercury’s Cougar coupe sheet steel, gives it a dreadful nose and misnames it. It was a cynical rebranding at its very worst.

1984 Ford Bronco II

This model is a tipsy, and short-wheelbase SUV and it was based on a Ranger pickup. It rode like there were small rocks in its tires. It was replaced by the extremely popular, four-door Explorer.

In its 7-model-year run, this model was a success for the company. Following the same design of the Mustang II built a decade before, the vehicle was a downscaled return to the first 1966-1975 Bronco’s compacted dimensions in an eye-catching, modernized package.

Also based on Ford Ranger pickup, this rugged little vehicle was instrumental in starting off the SUV craze with Jeep Cherokee and the Chevy S-10 Blazer. But its tall car height, short wheelbase, with a narrow width, made it seriously susceptible to rollovers.

In an official investigation that took place in 1990, it was discovered that approximately 70 people died in one year when their models rolled over, and this gave it the highest rollover casualty rate of any car tested. Soon after the report was announced, it was replaced by the Ford Explorer that had a longer wheelbase.

Ford Model T

This Model T Ford is a well-known automotive icon. Within its pioneering nineteen-year production run, the company sold over 15 million of this model and converted America into the globe’s first automotive powerhouse. In addition, the vehicle was a death trap.

When it was initially introduced in 1908, outstanding safety features included items like a horn, headlights, and a windshield. After this, you are pretty much left on your own. Also, the fact that the owner refused to add some front brakes to reduce the costs didn’t help either.

1993 Ford Aspire

The small Ford Festiva – which was built by Mazda under license in South Korea by KIA– was a stumpy little supermini that was sold reasonably well on these shores.

Subsequently, Ford chose to import the Festiva’s replacement from Kia also; however, the name was then changed to Aspire. Unluckily, by the time the vehicle was introduced in 1994, buyers already disliked the design.

1958-’60 Ford Edsel

This Ford Edsel is unarguably one of the most infamous of automotive gaffes. But in spite of being homely and pricey, this car was not actually a bad car.

Intended to slot below Lincoln, the company sunk about $400 million into building the brand from scratch, employing experts as well as market researchers to “know what the public prefers” – without showing anyone the vehicle it was building.

Ford Probe

Seriously, Ford? Is this the best idea you could think up? On top of its impassive design the real mockery here, aside from its tailpipe-puckering name, is Ford actually considered the vehicle to be the replacement to the legendary Mustang. Luckily, that never came to fruition and the Ford Probe passed away in 1997.

Ford Mustang II

This automobile is also one of the most loathed of all time. As well as being on all automotive hate list, the car has the honor of being the first in a book known as “Crap Cars.” The first Mustang muscle car was cool, while Ford Pinto wasn’t.

Why not bring them and see what you’d get? Here is why not: The car shared the Ford Pinto’s infamous gas tank design. Thanks to the oil ban of the 70s, the Ford Mustang II got a lanky engine. The chrome horse on its grille could probably outrun it – and it is inanimate.

1971 Ford Pinto

Any vehicle that tended to explode into flames during a low-speed mysteriously rear-end collision deserves a special spot on this list amongst the worst vehicles of all-time.

To make things even worse, Ford decided, because of its disreputable cost-benefit investigation of the situation that was known as Ford Pinto Memo-that spending money on the cost of victim settlement ($50 million) was more fiscally beneficial than recalling and fortifying the vehicle’s rear ends ($121 million).

Ford Explorer

This is yet another name that’ll be forever caught up in controversy because of a series of accidents it had in the 1990s. It also triggered various legal disputes between Firestone, a tire manufacture and Ford.

The dispute aside, the Ford Explorer definitely had some serious failings. It was made based on a truck chassis design, whose elevated center of gravity contributed to errant handling in an intense steering maneuver, like when a tire exploded.

Ford Escort 1990

The Ford Escort was actually on one of the greatest cars to ever be built. However, not all of these vehicles were a big success, and debatably one of the most lackluster was made over 25 years ago.

While it wasn’t a bad looking vehicle, the whole package just did not really match up to the others that came before and was it criticized for both its dull design and build quality.

It was unrefined and noisy, with nothing extraordinary in the equipment department, with plain, boring styling. This earned it a place on the list of worst Ford vehicles.


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