Top 10 Best Car Vacuums of 2021

Dirt, dust, and more can build up quite quickly inside your car if you don’t clean it out very often. You’ll need to vacuum the floorboards and interior in order to make your car’s interior look and stay immaculate. Instead of hauling out the clunky house vacuum, you’ll need something a little smaller.

These car vacuums are almost necessary to have if you want a clean car and you don’t want to keep dropping quarters into the local car wash’s full-sized vacuum cleaner.

Most of the vacuums on our list are handheld, portable, and plug in via the car’s cigarette lighter in order to get enough power to suck up all that accumulated dirt and dust. As with all corded car vacuums, make sure that your car is on while you’re attempting to use it or you won’t experience the full power of the vacuum. Here are the best car vacuums of 2020.

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10. High Powered Car Vacuum Cleaner by SwiftJet

Best Car Vacuums

This high powered 4KPA suction handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner by SwiftJet offers powerful handheld cleaning for your car in a small unit. Once plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter adapter for power, the 120W motor will start working to vacuum up even the toughest dirt, crumbs, and even wet spills on your upholstery or interior carpet.

Dust is no match for the convenient attachments included, such as a crevice tool, brush tool and even an extension tool to get into those hard to reach nooks and crannies.

It has a 14.5 foot long power cord that should let you reach most spots inside a sedan or small truck. The HEPA filters are reusable, washable and waterproof. SwiftJet stands behind their products with a 100% return policy, allowing you peace of mind with your purchase.

9. 12V Mini Wet & Dry Portable Vacuum Cleaner by Hikeren

An incredibly compact vacuum, this Mini Hand-Held Automotive Vacuum by Hikeren is approximately 10 inches long. The advantage of having a smaller vacuum like this is that you’ll able to get into and clean out smaller areas like underneath your seats and smaller compartments.

This mini vacuum plugs into your cigarette lighter adapter for power and offers 75W 3200PA of suction, allowing plenty of power to vacuum up crumbs, dirt, dust, soil and clean your interior upholstery.

The power cord is 14.8 feet long, which while not long enough for some larger trucks and RVs, is more than enough for cars, sedans, and most reasonable sized trucks. This mini vacuum offers a reusable and washable filter that will allow you to keep it clean and maintain it’s full suction power.

Hikeren stands behind their products, offering a one year guarantee where they’ll work with you to refund or replace your product if there are any problems.

8. 12V Handheld Mini Blue & Black Car Vacuum Cleaner by Vacplus

The 12V Car Vacuum by Vacplus comes with 2 stainless steel HEPA filters that are guaranteed by the company. They’re durable, washable and guaranteed by the company if you ever run into a quality problem with the filters. This vacuum comes with a detachable head, making dispensing the trash it collects incredibly easy. The LED light on the front will also allow you to see what needs to be vacuumed up.

The VacPlus Car Vacuum is extremely affordable, and backed 100% by the company. If you have any problems, their customer service is outstanding and will work to resolve your problem in any way they can. It runs on a 12V DC connection that you plug into the car’s cigarette lighter adapter and the car must be running for this to turn on.

Please wait 3 seconds after turning the car on before attempting to run this car vacuum.

7. Black Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner by Deenkee

This lightweight car vacuum by Deenkee is all black, and offers great suction for dust, cigarette ashes, crumbs, and other dirt that has built up on your car’s interior carpeting. As long as the car is running while you attempt to use it, most soil problems should be no match for this car vacuum.

The long cord and multiple nozzle attachments will allow you to reach into nooks and crannies while being plugged into the car lighter in the front of the vehicle. The vacuum is made out of plastic but the durability on it is decent enough to withstand a few bumps here and there.

Affordability is what makes this car vacuum stand out. On top of that, it’s lightweight and compact. Included is a zippered carrying case that allows you to store the vacuum and multiple accessories when it’s not in use. Due to this, it shouldn’t take up too much room and you can easily keep it under a seat or in the trunk of your car for when you need to do a little spot cleaning.

6. Corded Portable Cyclonic Car Vacuum Cleaner by Seven Sparta

This powerful built-in cyclone vacuum by Seven Sparta allows quick cleaning by way of the built-in cyclone vacuum. Suction powered up to 5500PA will quickly suck up dirt, dust, debris, cigarette butts, crumbs, leaves, and rocks that are littering the floorboards and crevices of your car’s interior. Coming with 3 attachments, you can vacuum up wet liquids or dry debris with your choice of the nozzle attachments.

A 16.4ft power cord will allow you to reach the innermost areas of even the longest vehicles. The stainless steel HEPA filter in a double filtration setup will provide high precision filtration and work for the life of the vacuum without needing any replacement filters.

The protective lid and see-through trash compartment will allow you to see when it needs to be changed and keep the vacuumed up contents from spilling out on accident.

5. 12V Wet & Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner by Tsumbay

Featuring 5000 Kpa of suction, the Tsumbay Car Vacuum Cleaner can be used to take care of wet or dry spills. Liquids that spill onto your carpet or in between your center console can be a pain to take care of, but this will make quick work of them. Whether you’ve got dirt, dust, crumbs, pet hair, or liquids, this powerful vacuum will clean your car’s interior. The 16.4 ft long power cord will allow you to reach everywhere you need.

This vacuum is extremely portable and the head can be detached for easy cleaning. The stainless steel HEPA filter will allow you to easily clean the vacuum in between cleanings, making maintenance incredibly easy.

The storage bag that is included will allow you to store it in your garage or trunk and not run the risk of losing any parts or attachments. Three different attachments round out this vacuum, a brush, a short flat tube, and a soft long tube so you can choose what’s needed based on the challenge in front of you.

4. Car Vacuum Cleaner by FORTEM (120W)

This tough little vacuum cleaner, the Car Vacuum Cleaner by FORTEM, will use your 12V car cigarette lighter or power adapter to clean your truck, car, RV, or any vehicle’s interior quickly and easily.

Included with the vacuum are a carrying case, an extra HEPA filter, and 3 nozzles to let you pick and choose between cleaning standard, brush, and crevice types. The versatility of the nozzles allows you to tackle any car cleaning task with ease.

The cord is 16ft long which should let you reach every spot in even some of the longest vehicles. The brush attachment is ideal for digging dirt and ground in grime from the carpets or upholstery while the crevice attachment will let you reach those hard to clean corners, in between seats and other places the standard nozzle wouldn’t let you normally.

With 120 watts of power behind the suction, not much should get left behind when you choose this Car Vacuum Cleaner by FORTEM.

3. Black & Red Car Vacuum Cleaner by HOTOR

The Black & Red Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner by HOTOR conveniently plugs into any 12V adapter in your car, truck, or RV. It features a 16.4ft cord that should let you reach all the way to the back of even some of the biggest trucks. With a detachable head for easy dumping of the dirt and trash accumulated, it’s never been easier to clean your car.

It even has an LED light so you can see exactly what needs vacuumed up. 106 Watts of power work hard to extract all the dirt and grime from your vehicle wherever it is trying to hide.

The motor is quiet and incredibly stable which allows for consistent suction use after use. The handy attachments in conjunction with the LED let you see in the dark and get that dirt and dust out of your car. The filter gets loaded up pretty easily, but with an extra filter included and the ability to wash and reuse the filters, that shouldn’t be a problem.

2. [5th Gen] 12V 106W Car Vacuum Cleaner by Reserwa

The 12v 106W Car Vacuum Cleaner by Reserwa starts off strong with the ability to pick up objects weighing up to 16oz. That means it easily has the power to suck up pet hair, dust, allergens, crumbs, dirt, debris, and other trash from among your floorboards, carpet, upholstery, and even in the cracks between your seats.

This vacuum can also function as a wet vac, vacuuming up liquids and other wet fluids (excluding flammable, corrosive, or explosive materials).

The package that this vacuum comes in includes an extra HEPA filter, a trendy black zipper bag for carrying, manual, a cleaning brush, and three tip attachments for your choice of convenience. It’s easy to wash, featuring an easy disassembly and reassembly. It also has a clear trash receptacle, allowing you to see when it fills up.

The 16+ foot cord will allow you to reach even the furthest spots in some of the longest vehicles. This is yet another solid choice when it comes to choosing the best car vacuum.

1. Car Vacuum by ThisWorx

This corded Car Vacuum by ThisWorx is a crowd favorite among car enthusiasts. While it does need to be plugged in to function, it has a suitable 16 foot long cord allowing even the longest of cars, trucks, and RVs to be cleaned thoroughly.

Featuring a 106 watt motor, the strong metal turbine will provide ample suction for this affordable car vacuum to suck up dirt, debris, pet hair, and whatever other unwanted tidbits you can find in your car. Three different nozzles come standard to allow you to clean those hard to reach places and scrub the upholstery as well.

With a transparent trash container and ergonomic design, it’s no wonder this car vacuum sits at the top of the list. When you’re finished using this car vacuum, simply return it to its convenient carrying bag and tuck it away under a seat until you need it again.

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