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#10 Pack of 4 Rubbermaid ActionPacker 8 Gal Lockable Storage Box

Best Tool Boxes
Rubbermaid® ActionPacker®️ 8 Gal Lockable Storage Box Pack of 4, Outdoor, Industrial, Rugged, Grey and Black

The RubberMaid 8 Gal Lockable Storage Box comes in a pack of four for this size. It is constructed of a durable heavy duty polypropylene plastic. For those concerned with security, the latches on each side are lockable with a padlock. The lid is double-walled and forms a strong seal to keep the items inside dry and clean.

It’s remarked that this toolbox can store your tools and keep them dry. If you’re worried that your tools might get rained on, this is a great choice to have available.

#9 Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox with Foldable Comfort Handle & Removable Top Storage

This Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox is quite the rolling package. The rugged bottom portion has two 4.2” wheels, a smaller third wheel, and there’s a comfort grip handle that folds down. This makes it incredibly easy to bring this polypropylene and metal toolbox with you wherever the tools may take you.

It has a deep bottom compartment, two removal tool trays, and an incredible 24 storage compartments for small parts. The clear front to the small parts bin allows you to look through and see your drill bits, hex keys, and other small parts and tools. Two cable hooks reside on the back for cord storage, or anything that you’d like to keep attached and convenient.

#8 17-Inch Multi-Purpose 3-Layer Toolbox with Tray and Dividers

17-Inch Multi-Purpose 3-Layer Toolbox with Tray and Dividers - Household Plastic Tool Organizers,Orange Folding Storage Box

This 17-inch 3-Layer Toolbox is the leader when it comes to storing and organizing lots of small tools. The lid opens and sits level with the base when fully extended, displaying two smaller tool trays with maximum visibility because of the horizontal placement design.

All latches are secured with stainless steel, offering the advantage of durability and strength. The folding rods between each layer are incredibly thick folding rods, meaning they can support the weight of your tools and not run the risk of failing. The top of the toolbox even has transparent small parts containers with lids. 

This heavy duty 17-inch toolbox comes with a bimaterial handle for ease of transport and is great for storing and transporting a large variety of small tools.

#7 Plano Molding 1354 Stow N Go Tool Box

Plano Molding 135430 Stow N' Go Pro Rack with 4 #23500s Prolatch Organizers,Graphite Gray, Sandstone

The Stow N Go Tool Box from Plano Molding offers quite an array of small parts holder to allow you to secure and transport your small parts without worry. It has 4 partitioned, transparent trays that slide out to give you full visibility of your parts.

This hard plastic is impact resistance and constructed to hold up if dropped. The front has a protective covering that encapsulates the four trays to give them additional protection.

This conveniently sized Stow N Go Toolbox is ideal for small drill bits, hex keys, screws, bolts, washers, and more that you will need while working on your vehicles. Multiple of these can be ordered from the same vendor if you’re looking to purchase in bulk.

#6 DEWALT DW2190 Heavy Duty Medium Tough Case

DEWALT Accessories Tough Case Storage, Medium (DW2190)

The Heavy Duty Medium Tough Case by Dewalt has a hard, yellow plastic shell and opens up to reveal two sealed storage compartments.

These compartments are divided by static rows with adjustable subdividers to form smaller compartments for drill bits, screws, nuts, washers, and more. Each half has its own locking lid so parts don’t fall out during transport. Each compartment has a depth of 21/32” (17mm) and is approximately 1 inch wide. 

This case is great for carrying drill bits of various sizes, drill drive adapters, hex keys, countersink bits, torx bits, fastener assortments, and other various small necessary bits for drills. Some people have reported that the inner plastic covers aren’t as tough as the rest of it, so be careful not to drop it when it’s opened.

It should be durable and hold up to the rigors of time otherwise though, as this is made of a durable plastic.

#5 Keter Classic Pack of 4 19” Tool Box

Keter Pro Tool Box 19, Black

The 19 Inch Classic Tool Box from Keter is built out of rugged polypropylene resin, so it’s durable while still being fairly lightweight. It offers an interior utility tray with a carrying handle that can be removed. The utility tray can be used for small tools like screwdrivers, scissors, paintbrushes and more.

The lid safely rests on a piece of metal to hold the lid open. There’s even a hole for padlocks if you’d like to lock your tools up with a padlock. This toolbox comes in a convenient set of 4.

#4 Akro-Mils 9514 14-Inch Red Plastic Tool Box

Akro-Mils 09514 ProBox Plastic Toolbox with Removable Tray for Tools, Hobby or Craft Storage, 14-Inch x 8-Inch x 8-Inch, Red

The all-red 14-Inch ProBox Tool Box from Akro-Mils is constructed of heavy duty plastic. Dimensions are 14 inches long by 8 ⅛ inches wide by 8 ⅛ inches in height.

It’s lightweight but still sturdy enough to do the job. The handle allows you to securely hold this tool box confidently even when it is fully loaded with tools. Just inside the top of the tool box sits a small parts tray with built-in handle for extra storage.

The tool box stays securely locked because of the steel latch offering an enlarged padlock eye closure. If you need to keep this safe, you can even add your own padlock to keep it locked. Designed for the workplace, this tool box is also chemical resistant so there’s no need to worry if you spill chemicals, gas, or solutions onto the toolbox.


DEWALT TSTAK Tool Box, Extra Large Design, Removable Tray for Easy Access to Tools, Water and Debris Resistant (DWST17806)

The Deep Box toolbox from DeWalt is one of a variety of Tstak style toolboxes offered from DeWalt. This is made of a durable polypropylene material and this toolbox can support up to 44 lbs. The handles are bi-material with finger indentations to allow a firmer and more ergonomic grip of your toolbox while carrying it.

The benefit of the TStak system is that all of the units can stack and securely latch together so they can all be moved together on a trolley. This unit is the deep toolbox, giving you a safe and secure place to store your large corded and cordless tools. It also includes a removal interior tray that can store smaller items as well. The latches and hinges are made of a heavy duty metal.

#2 17-Quart Work Cooler and Toolbox by Klein Tools

Klein Tools 55600 Work Cooler, 17-Quart Lunch Box Holds 18 Cans, Keeps Cool 30 Hours, Seats 300 Lb, Tradesman Pro Tough Box

The 17-Quart Work Cooler from Klein Tools is strong, durable and convenient. The chest itself is made of a hard durable plastic and the lid is hinged with stainless steel.

It features a large storage compartment that can hold 17 quarts (16.1 L), which is plenty of room for your tools during workdays and great for camping on your off days.

It not only stores your drinks and keeps them cold, but it can support 300 lbs so you can sit on it while you’re eating your cold lunch.

The lid opens to a full 180 degrees and offers storage compartments so while your toolbox is open, you can have sorted items sitting inside the lid. One side of the tool chests lid has its own lid for the small storage compartment so small items can be stored safely without them falling into the tool box when both lids are closed.

This toolbox has the benefit of being versatile enough to keep in the garage and to be useful for outdoor adventures also.

#1 GANCHUN 14-inch Consumer Storage and Toolbox

Plastic Tool Box, 14 -inch Portable Tool Box Plastic Toolbox with Removable Tool Tray and Detachable Tool Kit For Craft Storage, Household

The Consumer Toolbox for Storage by Ganchun is a high visibility black and orange toolbox for safely storing tools.

It’s made of a high quality polypropylene plastic and has a convenient ergonomic grip handle so you can take it wherever you go. It has a padlock eyelet for locking the lid down so accidental drops don’t spill your tools all over your garage or worksite.

On top of the box are two small parts organizers with their own lids for items that are accessed frequently. Inside the 14 inch toolbox is a separate tool tray with a non-slip handle that sets into the top of the toolbox for more small parts organization.

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