Top Ten Best Car Oil Change Tools of 2021

Here are the top ten best car oil change tools:

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#10 Funnel with Flexible Extension

Best Car Oil Change Tools
2-in-1 Funnel with Flex Extension, 40-Ounce

This Funnel is chemical resistant and made of a durable and smooth polyethylene plastic. This is ideal for automotive fluids like brake fluid, oil, transmission fluid, gas, coolant, windshield wiper fluid, and more. The funnel has a wide neck and wide spout to facilitate faster transfer of fluids.

The funnel is 7 ½ inches with a flexible 8 inch extension that is optional. The full tube and funnel can hold a whopping 40 fl oz of capacity. The adjustable hose can be screwed off and on so you can decide whether you need both parts of this deluxe funnel.

#9 Hopkins 42003MI FloTool 16 Quart Super Duty Drain Container

The Super Duty Drain Container from Hopkins holds 16 Qts (or 15.14L) of liquid. It has an air release valve so fluids can go in the main drain hole while air escapes out an alternative path. It has a carrying handle on the corner that is integrated into the structure.

This drain container is large and rectangular, which makes it one of the best choices for catching fluid spills and oil during oil changes. There have been some problems with leaking from with the air valve and the main oil drainage hole, so take caution before being too reckless.

#8 Lisle 63600 Oil Filter Tool

Lisle 63600 Oil Filter Tool,U.S.,2-1/2 - 3-1/8

The Oil Filter Tool from Lisle is a fairly basic oil filter remover tool which is capable of removing oil filters ranging in diameter from 2 ½ inch to 3 ⅛ inch. This enables it to fit most import car filters as well as the domestic 3 inch car filters, allowing easy removal of most oil filters.

This can be used in areas where the workspace is limited, as the front of the filter is where the ⅜ inch drive socket can be inserted to use the tool. This tool does come pre-greased, so use gloves if you’re trying to keep your hands clean.

We recommend using oil filters tools only to remove oil filters as they can be damaged from over-tightening if installed with a tool. This will make it incredibly easy to remove oil filters in a hurry.

#7 Innovant Adjustable 3 Jaw Oil Filter Wrench Tool

Innovant Adjustable 3 Jaw Oil Filter Wrench Tool Best for Removing Motorcycles Cars Trucks & Heavy Duty Oil Filters Fits Diameters 2 1/8-4 1/2 Inches Fits ⅜ and ½ inch Drive

This innovative 3-jaw Oil Filter Wrench Tool from Innovant is fully adjustable so you can size it down to the dimensions needed. This ratcheting action provides a sturdy grip and allows you to remove hard, stuck on oil filters by providing extra leverage. This can work for motorcycles, heavy duty trucks, tractors, passenger cars, and even household uses such as stuck lids or jars.

With this professional multi use tool, you’ll be able to quickly and easily remove oil filters on a variety of vehicles. We don’t recommend installing oil filters on standard vehicles as you might over-tighten oil filters with the use of a tool. Hand tightening oil filters upon installation is recommended.

Also included with this 3 Jaw Oil Filter Wrench Tool is ½” to ⅜” socket adapter and 5 pairs of large nitrile rubber gloves. It might be beneficial to apply some lubricant or oil to the tools gears as the gears might come from the factory a little dry.

#6 Lisle 57180 Oil Filter Plug Tool (Cummins)

Lisle 57180 Oil Filter Plug Tool (Cummins), 1 Pack

The oil filter plug tool from Lisle allows you to thread this tool into an oil filter. This tool is specific to Cummins engines, and the most popular vehicle with this engine is a Dodge Ram. Once the tool is threaded into the filter, you can then remove the oil filter from tight, cramped spaces without the risk of spilling any oil.

The red plug tool is made of a hard oil and chemical resistant plastic. Be careful over tightening this oil filter plug tool into oil filters as the threads are made out of the same plastic and might get stripped fairly easily. This tool has a T-handle to provide extra grip and will allow for easier installations and removals of oil filters.

Having an oil filter plug will also let you pre-lube or partially fill the oil filter before installation. This means that your vehicle won’t be temporarily running dry until oil can be pumped through the oil filter properly.

If you’re changing your own oil on a Dodge Ram or any vehicle with a Cummins engine, this little tool is incredibly handy. It will allow you to remove, pre-lube, and install oil filters without spilling a single drop of oil on your driveway.

#5 WirthCo 40092 Funnel King Drip Tray

WirthCo 40092 Drip Tray - Black - (22" X 22" X 1.5")

The Funnel King Drip Tray from WirthCo is a square heavy duty polypropylene plastic. It’s chemical resistant and is designed to catch any spills or drips when you’re working underneath your car. It’s not very deep, coming in at only 1 ½ inches tall, but it is wide and can hold 2 gallons when it is at capacity.

These are convenient to have when you’re experiencing a leak of any kind to catch the drippage. Otherwise, they are simply great to have around the garage when you need to catch potential spills or fluids while working on the car.

#4 Lisle 17232 Right Angle Funnel

Lisle 17232 Right Angle Funnel, One Size, Factory

The Right Angle Funnel by Lisle is a one-piece angled funnel with a .7 inch spout and the mouth of the funnel is 3.5 inches. This translucent funnel is offset by 6-¾ inches from the center of mouth to center of spout. It’s approximately 10 inches tall and will help you reach some of those hard to fill car fluids.

#3 EPAuto Spill Proof Radiator Coolant Filling Funnel Kit

EPAuto Spill Proof Radiator Coolant Filling Funnel Kit

The spill proof radiator coolant filling funnel kit by EPAuto offers a wide-mouthed funnel that secures itself to the radiator cap. It does this through a group of color-coded adapters that fit into various sizes connection caps. Once connected, you can then fill your radiator with coolant knowing confidently that the funnel won’t tip over.

There is a plug that can be inserted to retain any excess overflow of coolant. A lid is included so as to minimize the chance of spilling during transport. There are 45 degree elbows and a 5 inch extension bar so you can go under shrouds or at any angle if the situation calls for it.

#2 Motivx Tools Oil Filter Wrench for Toyota, Lexus, and Scion 2.0

Motivx Tools Oil Filter Wrench, Drain Tool, and Advanced Engine Oil Funnel Set for Toyota & Lexus 2.0L - 5.7L Engines With Cartridge Style Systems

The Oil Filter Wrench from Motivx Tools offers a gripping method for oil filters for Toyota, Scion, and Lexus vehicles that have 2.5L to 5.7L engines that use Toyota’s oil filter with a cartridge style system. These Toyota oil filter caps can be very tight and need this oil filter wrench in order to properly apply enough leverage to remove them.

This oil filter wrench attachment is constructed with high quality 6061 T5 aluminum, making it inflexible and far superior to standard cast aluminum in terms of strength. The surface is coated in a black anodized finish to prevent rust or corrosion.

Motivx backs their products with a 1 year warranty and their excellent customer service department is ready and willing to answer any questions or comments.

#1 Lisle 14700 1-1/4” (32mm) Oil Filter Socket for GM Ecotec

Lisle 14700 1-1/4”/32mm Oil Filter Socket for GM Ecotec

One of the most useful tools for your toolbox is the Oil Filter Socket by Lisle. This low profile oil filter socket is sized ¼ inch or 32mm. While it is specifically listed for the GM Ecotec, it will fit any oil filter that is the same size. There may be a little play, but it shouldn’t do any damage to the plastic oil filter housing when removing it even if it doesn’t fit exactly.

Before installing your new oil filter, coat the rubber seal on the new oil filter with oil (a little bit of used oil will work fine). While wearing a glove, dip a finger in oil and then rub that finger along the rubber seal. This will help the oil filter form an airtight bond where it attaches.

Use a hand tool with this socket for the removal of your oil filter. It’s not recommended to use this socket with an impact wrench or any power tool. You might strip the threading while removing your oil filter if you use a power tool. Oil filters are not intended to be tightened down too much, so be sure not to use a power tool to install them with this socket.

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