Top Ten Best Car Wash Equipment Products of 2021

There’s a wide assortment of tools and products available to assist in washing cars from the wash mitts, towels, applicator pads, buckets, and more. All of these things aid in the successful cleaning of your car’s exterior, helping you keep your car looking great and sometimes getting it prepped for even more detailing.

We cover some of the best and most useful car wash equipment products to have in your garage. Here are the best car wash equipment products of 2020.

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10. Red Cyclone Dirt Trap Car Wash Bucket Insert by Chemical Guys

Best Car Wash Equipment Products

When you use the two bucket method to wash your car, you’ll find yourself in need of the Cyclone Dirt Trap Bucket Insert by Chemical Guys. This round bucket insert sits at the bottom of your car wash buckets and has holes that trap dirt and debris from your towels and sponges.

Trapping this dirt at the bottom of the bucket is essential to preventing swirls and scratches from trapped debris on your cleaning tools. The insert features almost 300 dirt trap cyclones to help funnel dirt down and away from your soapy water.

This insert fits in a traditional 12-inch bucket and is one of the most essential car wash tools that every DIY’er should have on hand. This will keep dirt and debris at the bottom of the bucket where it belongs and won’t allow it to cycle back onto your towels, sponges, and rags.

This helps to prevent accidental scratches, swirls, and damage to your car’s surface when you’re washing your car with a typical two bucket washing setup.

9. Deluxe Car Wash 10″ Dip Brush with 65″ Extension Pole by Carrand

The 10” Dip Brush with telescopic extension pole from Carrand is a great help when washing large vehicles. The extension pole can extend from 36 inches all the way up to 65 inches, so if you need a little extra leverage to brush off the dirt and grime or you need a much larger reach, this allows for both.

The aluminum handle has ergonomic foam grips which will give you maximum control over the fully extended brush. The brush head has a rubber bumper so that you don’t accidentally scratch your paint. 

The soft bristles are not stiff enough to scratch your paint, allowing them to be firm at taking off any tree sap, road grime, dirt, bird droppings, and other unwanted contaminants away from your car’s paint. This car wash dip brush is durable and should last many washings, making it a worthy investment for your car washing essentials. 

8. Black 8-Inch Bug Sponge Squeegee by Mallory

The Black 8-inch Bug Sponge Squeegee from Mallory is your standard go-to for cleaning windshields and windows. Featuring a 15 inch handle, it has a nylon netted sponge on one side to hold windshield cleaning solution as well as gripping onto the dead bugs, tree sap, dirt, and grime on your windshield for easy removal.

On the other side is the 8-inch long squeegee with a wide, soft rubber blade to clear that water off after you’ve removed all the bugs and debris from your windshield and windows.

This should look familiar because this is the style of bug sponge squeegee that almost every gas station has available for use. There’s a reason they all have this design, it works. Team this bug sponge squeegee up with a decent window cleaner and you’ll have spotlessly clean windows in no time.

This sponge squeegee can also be used to clean countertops, windows, shower doors and other areas of the house that need scrubbed and wiped off.

7. MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon with 1 Liter Bottle

The Adjustable Foam Cannon by MATCC is the perfect attachment for pressure washers to distribute car wash soap onto your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle or RV. The core of it is made up a strong brass construction which will reduce the likelihood of equipment failure. It has a ¼ inch quick disconnect fitting that allows you to quickly connect and disconnect the foam cannon to your pressure washer.

The capacity of the chemical compartment will hold up to 1 L of car wash soap, and there are adjustment valves that will let you control the amount of foam dispensed. In addition, another adjustment will allow you to adjust the spray pattern.

It’s recommended that this adjustable foam cannon only be used with pressure washers between 1000 and 3000 PSI for best results. Ideal for weekend warriors or professionals alike, this adjustable foam cannon will allow you to dispense soap and cleaning chemicals with accuracy and speed. One of the best selling points of this foam cannon is it’s cost. It’s extremely affordable and you get a durable quality product.

6. Wheel Brush by Mothers

A hardy brush suited for scrubbing tires, the Wheel Brush by Mothers has a non slip comfort grip that has raised bumps for extra grip. The bristles are long and soft, but still firm enough to break free dirt, debris, tar, and road grime from your wheels, rims, fenders, bumpers, and tires. The long bristles will also help you reach those hard to clean spots in between the wheels.

This brush is made of a durable hard plastic with bristles that will endure scrub after scrub and the best part is the affordability. This brush comes in two versions, either a standard length or a Long version when you need that extra leverage to really dig into cleaning those tires. Either way, the bristles are soft enough that they shouldn’t damage your wheels or paint.

5. Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket (4.5 Gal) by Chemical Guys

A necessary part of any car wash is a way to dispense the soap to your car, and the Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket with Logo from Chemical Guys is the perfect complement. Incredibly durable to being constructed of a 30% thicker plastic than most buckets, it also features a compact tapered design to allow them to easily stack for convenient storage.

Gamma Seal lids will lock onto the flanged lip allowing you to transport soap water without spilling any. For ease of transport, it also has a plastic handle that is combined with a steel baling wire to allow you to carry the bucket around.

The internal dimensions will suitably fit any Grit Guard, allowing for a better car wash without contaminants getting back onto your sponge or towels. The more buckets the merrier, as you’ll need one for soapy water, one for rinsing dirt off the mitt, and maybe even one for your wheels. When not in use cleaning your car, these buckets serve as a convenient storage location for your car washing tools and chemicals.

4. Gray Multi-Functional Car Duster

Washing your car isn’t just about cleaning the exterior. The interior needs dusted and cleaned thoroughly too, otherwise the odors in your car can start to build up. This multi-functional car duster will let you quickly take off the top layer of dust from your interior vinyl, leather, plastic and electronic screens.

With the proper application of some polish or wax, it can be used to evenly distribute the chemicals onto your car’s surface.

The bristle heads are made out of a soft cotton and plastic combination that will bind to dirt, dust, and other grime allowing for a quick clean every time. This brush can also be used to apply soap to your surfaces as the brush bristles are water absorbent. The handle will allow you to reach further and in harder to get to spots than a typical towel, allowing for an easier thorough detailing of your interior.

3. 18″ Master Wheel Brush by TAKAVU

When washing your car, detailing your tires is often forgotten but shouldn’t be neglected. With this Master Wheel Brush by TAKAVU, you can easily reach into your rims and spokes to do a detailed cleaning job without the risk of damaging your rims and tires.

This brush will quickly and easily let you clean your wheels with just soap and water, no harsh chemicals needed. The brush head is 9.5 inches long, allowing you to get the proper leverage you need to scrub those hard and troublesome spots off.

The rubber coated tip on the end of the brush will prevent accidental scratches as you clean and scrub your tires, rims, and hub caps. The bristles are semi-soft and the stem is rigid but slightly flexible. When bent, it will slightly retain the shape you bend it into letting you reach behind and round to clean hard to see spots as well.

2. Microfiber Applicator Pads – Blue – 6 Pack by Viking Car Care

These Microfiber Applicator Pads by Viking Car Care are the ultimate in interior and exterior cleaning. Perfect for washing your car, polishing troubling spots, swirls, and scratches, finishing with a wax, protectant or applying any sort of chemical, shampoo, or other finish onto your car.

They can even be used to wipe down the interior dashboard, plastics, electronics, monitors, dash, Audio/visual screens or center consoles to help keep your car incredibly clean. 

The standard distribution between microfiber bristles allows an even and constant distribution of whatever medium you’re using them to clean with. When you’re finished using them for whatever purpose you desire, simply throw them in the wash and they’ll be clean and ready to go next time you need one. Simple, reusable, and effective, they can’t be beat for how incredibly affordable they are.

1. Relentless Drive Ultimate Car Wash Mitt – 2 Pack by Relentless Drive

This Premium Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt from Relentless Drive is great for cleaning your car, truck, RV, motorcycle or even your house. Don’t worry about gripping onto a wet towel or chamois when you can put your hand inside this one and become the mitt! This wash mitt features thick microfibers that are super absorbent to help wash the dirt away quickly and easily just as easily as waving your hand.

The microfiber threads won’t scrape or scratch your finish, providing a safe and clean wash on your paint and other delicate surfaces. When you’re all finished with washing your vehicle, simply drop it in with your dirty laundry as it’s machine washable so it’s fresh and ready the next time you need to wash your car, truck, motorcycle, or RV.

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