Top Ten Best Car Bras and Films of 2021

Protecting our car’s paint is important, and sometimes the best way to do that is to add an extra layer of protection. Bras and films serve that purpose by adding an exterior barrier that will protect the painted surfaces of your car from scratches, dings, road debris, rocks, and anything else that might damage your car.

Some of the most common places to get unsightly scratches are behind door handles and on the inside of door sills, and in order to help you protect your car better we’ve picked some of the best car bras and films of this year. Here are the best car bras and films of 2019.

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10. Self-Healing Clear Paint Protection Film (Hood Strip Kit) by Install Proz

Best Car Bras and Films

This Self-Healing Clear Paint Protection Film by Install Proz is a self-healing universal film that is intended to be applied to the front of your hood. This will protect the paint of your car’s hood from scratches, rock chips, road debris, and other hazards that might potentially chip or scratch your paint.

This clear film will go on and be virtually invisible, giving your car a secret protected layer on top of the surface that is 8 mil thick. This film can be trimmed to your desired length or width if necessary so you can fit the film to the area you wish to cover if you want to protect somewhere else besides the hood. 

These hood strip kits can be applied onto any vehicle, but they do offer other variants of this paint protection film that can be computer cut to your specific make and model.

You’ll simply need to input your car’s information at checkout for some of their other films to get custom cut patterns. This strip is tough, thick, and durable, but it can be custom cut with scissors so you can apply it wherever you want 8mil of clear, virtually invisible protection on your car’s surface.

9. Basic 5% VLT Automotive Window Tint by Gila

Available in 5% Super Limo Black or 35% Dark Smoke, this Automotive Window Tint by Gila is an incredibly affordable DIY window tinting solution. If you’re looking to tint your windows yourself and are looking for an easy to install window tint in order to reduce glare to help you see more clearly, this is your best bet.

The 5% Super Limo Black means that it will block 95% of light, whereas the 35% Dark Smoke is a lighter version that will only block 65% of incoming light. This window tint is scratch resistant and features adhesive film that makes it incredibly easy to install.

Check your local ordinances on window tint before choosing to tint your windows. Some areas have restrictions on the level of tint that can be used for certain windows. This film is relatively thin and can be cut to size if you’re looking to tint the top of your windshield. For a typical 4 door sedan, you’ll probably want to invest in 3 rolls, one in order to tint the rear window and one roll for each side.

Clean your windows thoroughly before applying the tint and make sure to have a quality squeegee tool available. Follow the instructions and you should be able to save yourself a pretty penny by applying window tint to your windows yourself.

8. Clear Paint Protection Film Roll 6″ x 84″ by XPEL

This Paint Protection Film by XPEL will be practically invisible to the naked eye once installed. It will help you to maintain your gloss finish and easily wipes clean. It is applied on top of your paint and will keep your paint protected from swirl marks, scratches, spills, tree sap, bird droppings and other contaminants that might attempt to impact your paint’s surface.

The film is 8 mil thick urethane and features a clear top-coat finish that will allow your surface to shine like gloss paint.

A convenient application squeegee is included to allow an easy installation without any water bubbles trapped underneath. This film is slightly more sticky than 3M film, which is great for pulling it around corners to adhere to curved surfaces. This also means that it is easier to place it in its final location. If you have anywhere on the exterior of your car where you need extra protection, this is a decent choice.

7. 4PC 3M Scotchguard Clear Door Handle Protective Guard by JDMBESTBOY

This 3M Scotchguard Protective Guard for your Door Handles by JDMBESTBOY is the premium in paint and scratch protection for behind your door handles. Tired of scratches, scuffs, and swirls blemishing your car’s paint behind your door handles?

Install these clear, practically invisible paint protectors before your door handles and you won’t have to worry any longer. Before applying, make sure to thoroughly wash under your door handles and remove any scratches, scuffs, or marks that you don’t want to see anymore. Once they’re all gone, apply this 3M Paint Protection Film to keep it looking great.

The size of these paint protectors are approximately 3.25” by 3.25” and should universally fit most vehicles. They are self-adhesive through an easy to use peel and stick backing that will allow anyone to apply these in no time at all.

Follow the directions with a proper solution of soap and water to get the adhesive to adhere exactly where you want it. All in all, getting these underneath your door handles should take less than 5 minutes per door once you’ve properly cleaned and prepped the area.

6. 36″ Door Edge Protection Film by 3M

The door edge protection film by 3M goes on virtually invisible to protect the door edges of your car from scuffs, marks, chips, and scratches. This will also protect the sides of any cars you accidentally open your car door into.

This edge protection film will help keep your car doors looking new and you’ll feel better knowing they’re safe from damage. Each of these kits include two half inch door edge strips so you can protect up to 2 doors.

Step by step instructions are included to facilitate an incredibly easy installation using only soap, water, and a water squeegee. Clean the inside and outside edge of your door thoroughly so that no dirt or dust remains. Coat the adhesive underbacking of the film with soap and water, put it in place, and squeegee the water from under it to adhere it firmly.

Your car doors will then be protected from rust and damage from accidentally opening your car door into other cars or obstructions. In the event that the door edge protection film gets damaged, it can be cleanly removed and replaced with ease.

5. Clear Paint Protection Bulk Film Roll by 3M Scotchgard

vailable in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, the Scotchgard Clear Paint Protection Bulk Film Roll by 3M is both versatile and sturdy. It is an 8mil thick clear polyurethane film with an adhesive backing that will protect your car’s surface from bugs, tree sap, or any potential contaminants.

Once installed, it is virtually invisible and will keep your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or RV’s paint looking newer for longer. This film is strong and will serve as a protective layer to block small dents, scratches, and other potential marrs on the surface of your car.

Proper utilization of a squeegee and a water/alcohol solution to properly get this film to adhere is recommended. This film can be stretched a bit around corners and curves to form fit to your car’s unique bends and valleys.

Apply edge pressure with squeegee properly to push out any remaining bubbles, but don’t worry if there are a few remaining. As the film cures over the course of a few days, the bubbles should dissipate.

4. Black Universal Door Sill Guard (60″ x 2.75″) Paint Protection Film Kit by XPEL

The Black Universal Door Sill Guard Paint Protection Film Kit by XPEL is incredibly durable looks great after you apply it. It can cover up those pesky scratches and scrapes from your door sills and leave your door sills looking wonderful. If you have paint on the inside of your door sills that keeps getting scratched and you want a nice replaceable protective coating, this door sill film will fill that need.

Before application, clean the surface of your door sills and then let a coating of isopropyl alcohol fully dry. Apply a mixture of dish soap and water to the underside of the sill tape and place where you want it. Carefully use a quality squeegee to push out the excess liquid, wipe dry, and follow up with a heat gun on low to cure the tape in place.

The tape will adhere to painted metal quite easily and a heat gun can be used to fully prevent any air bubbles from getting stuck underneath. If you’re tired of the scuffs, scratches and marks scarring your paint inside your door sills, this tape will cover those up and keep you protected from future damage as well.

3. Clear Bra and Paint Protection Vinyl Wrap Film by VViViD

The Clear Bra Security Film by VViViD can be wrapped onto your car to protect it from scratches, dings, water, road debris, dirt, grime, mud, and other contaminants that your car might interact with. This acrylic based adhesive is scratch resistant and will prevent dirt from sticking to your car.

This comes with a 3M Squeegee and small felt applicator for easy application. No chemicals are needed to install this adhesive that will wrap onto your car and become an invisible protective shield around your car or truck. It won’t crack, peel, or chip even after years of protecting your vehicle. The size of each vinyl wrap film that is provided is 6 inches by 120 inches (10ft).

2. Black Truck Bed Liner by Raptor

The Black Truck Bed Liner from Raptor is stain and scratch resistant, strong enough to fend off small dings. You can use this spray as an undercoat for cars, truck bed liner, or anywhere you need an incredibly durable layer that won’t get damaged easily. When used on the undercarriage, it should work to reduce some of the road noise. Truck liners aren’t the only use for this truck liner, this can form a protective shield over any surface. The texture is relatively thinner than it’s comparable counterparts, and will still manage to waterproof whatever you coat with it.

Use proper safety equipment when using this product, as the fumes are somewhat caustic. Before applying, thoroughly clean the surface and prep it as necessary. This durable liner will engulf and protect the targeted area, protecting it from road contaminants, scratches, dings, and dents.

1. Advanced Masking Film, Surface Protector, Dust Barrier by Hand-Masker

This advanced masking film by Hand-Masker is the best choice when it comes to needing a protective film for paint masking and protection from overspray. This flexible but still strong will allow you to unfold it to cover small, medium, or even large areas.

This 4-mil thick film is an incredibly flake resistant film that will allow multi-coat paint applications. Coming in your choice of 72 inch or 99 inch widths, it will roll out to cover a length of 90 feet, allowing the ultimate cover for all your masking needs.

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