Top Ten Best Car and Truck Tire Care Products of 2021

Keeping proper care of your car’s tires is important for the longevity of your tires. With proper inflation, rotation, and cleaning, your tires can last you a lot longer than if you just leave them neglected. Cleaning is an essential part of tire care as well. The best time to clean your tires is after a car wash.

While cleaning may not seem like something you need to do for tires, it helps prevent rust and corrosion which can lead to tire pressure loss. A great looking tire also just helps your car look great overall. Here’s some of the best car and truck tire care products of this year.

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10. Durafoam Contoured Large Tire Dressing Applicator Pad by Chemical Guys

Best Car and Truck Tire Care Products

The dual sided Durafoam Contoured Large Tire Dressing Applicator Pads by Chemical Guys is the best choice for applying tire dressings evenly to your tires. Using these applicator pads will reduce the amount of product wasted because you’ll be able to apply the exact amount you need to make your tires look great.

These pads are washable, reusable, and durable. They should last you upwards of 25 applications of tire dressings before they start to break down.

These are sturdy and strong enough to hold your tire dressing products so you can easily and quickly apply them exactly where you want them. In the event that you do destroy them in the process, they’re affordable enough to warrant a repurchase.

9. Extreme Tire Shine by Armor All

In order to protect your tires and give them a shine that will last weeks, Extreme Tire Shine from Armor All will go on easy and provide that long-lasting protection. Comes in a convenient spray bottle and offered in a 2-pack for economical reasons, this will help save you some money.

Extreme Tire Shine goes on smooth and evenly and features gloss enhancers to give your tires that deep, wet glossy mirror-like shine. In addition, your tires will be conditioned and nourished so they stay looking great and are protected from the elements. The long lasting protection from this tire shine will also prevent sun fading and cracking from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Goes on strong and lasts for weeks to help keep your tires looking and driving great. The product has a slick, slightly oily texture to it because that protection needs to stick onto your tires and stay there, protecting them. This tire dressing is quality made from a trusted name, and will give you the deep, dark wet look while still protecting your tires for weeks.

8. Tire Shine Spray by Car Guys

This Tire Shine Spray by Car Guys is simply the best when it comes to treating your tires with care. This spray is perfect if you’re looking for that wet black tire shine that you typically only see at car shows. This spray will also coat your tires in a protective UV coating shielding it from the harmful rays of the sun. This quick dry formula will help finish your full car detail in minimal time.

The spray bottle comes with a microfiber applicator to allow you to evenly spread and distribute this shine spray. This also lets you choose the level of shine you desire. If you want a deeper glossy look to your tires, just buff it until the desired look is acquired. The nano-polymer additives will bond to your tire so once you get the look you want, it won’t spin off as soon as you drive away. 

7. Rubber Care Tire Dressing by Aero Cosmetics

Rubber Care by Aero Cosmetics is an aircraft grade rubber conditioner that will do wonders for your vehicle’s tires. If you’re looking for a matte/satin look for your tires that is dry to the touch, this is it. This is best used after the tires have already been thoroughly cleaned. This conditioner will leave a UV protectant layer on your tires to prevent sun damage or UV rays from causing your tires to fade.

This protective layer will help prevent dirt from sticking to your tires as well. Clean your tires, spray this on, and you should see the results you want after about 30 minutes. This tire conditioner is great for all rubber or plastic materials that you desire a satin or matte look for and need UV protection like weather stripping, trim, and other surfaces.

6. Hex-Grip Pro Tire Dressing Applicator by Adam’s Polishes

For precision applications, the Hex-Grip Pro Tire Dressing Applicator by Adam’s is the best when you need to apply tire shine to a precise area without risking overapplication. The hex grip applicator features open cell foam that will absorb the cleaner of your choice and allow you to really bring out the shine on your tires.

Tire dressings are often overapplied which will result in the excess being slung all over your car when you drive off, so it’s good to be able to ration the amount of tire dressing properly.

This entire product is a sponge and will not work well with gel cleaners. With a spray product, this applicator is superior due to its comfortable handle. Spreading the tire cleaning product evenly has never been easier than with this all foam tire dressing applicator. Adam’s stands behind their products and offers a satisfaction guarantee on their products.

5. NXT Generation Insane Shine Tire Coating – Aerosol Spray by Meguiar’s

Insane Shine Tire Coating by NXT Generation comes in a convenient aerosol dispenser that will allow you to spray this on in a hurry without the need for towels or getting messy.

It features an advanced resin technology that will bind it to your tire instantly, providing a protective high gloss coating that will last. This protective spray that you can apply to your tires will give it a deep, dark, and wet mirror-like shine.

This spray can last several weeks as it is water resistant. For best results, you’ll want to re-apply every two weeks or so. Be careful spraying during windy conditions, as the aerosol spray can blow back in your face.

This is also great for bringing out a decent shine on your car’s plastic exterior parts as well. If you’re worried about overspray, spray this onto an applicator pad and apply only onto the parts that you want to truly shine.

4. Aerospace UV Protectant by 303 Products

For the ultimate in protection from the sun’s harmful rays, the Aerospace UV Protectant by 303 Products is a surefire choice to protect your car tires. This is especially helpful for anyone who parks their car outside as once applied, this will prevent your tires from fading, cracking and suffering under the beating rays of the sun day after day.

Safe and effective for other products besides tires as well, such as: vinyl, carbon fiber, plexiglass, plastics and even finished leather. We recommend thoroughly cleaning your tires and applying either in a shaded area or on a cool, overcast day. Spray the surface with the UV Protectant spray and wipe completely dry with a quality microfiber towel or applicator pad.

This product will not air dry, and will not produce streaks unless too much protectant has been sprayed onto your tires. The result should be a clear matte finish that will last a few weeks and protect your tires from the sun. We recommend reapplying every 3 to 5 weeks for maximum protection.

3. Tire Wet Foam by Black Magic

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The Tire Wet Foam by Black Magic is specially formulated as a thick foam that will bind to brake dust, dirt, dust, road grime, mud, iron particles and more to help break them free and get them off of your wheels, rims, and tires. This won’t leave behind any powdery residue, and will clean your tires to a bright, lasting shine.

If you’re looking for a wet shine on your tires, this will both clean your tires and bring out that great wet shine. Once wiped off, the foam will leave a protective layer that will last up to 2 weeks to help reduce the amount of road contaminants, brake dust, tar and much more from sticking to your tires.

This will keep them both in great shape and looking great as well. This can be used on the first pass to clean the tires, wipe clean with a microfiber cloth, and a second application can be left to dry on to bring a nice wet shine look to your tires.

2. Black Shine Tire & Trim Coating by Griot’s Garage

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Black Shine Tire & Trim Coating from Griot’s Garage will bring out a deep intense shine on your tires and tire sidewalls. The spray can offers excellent spray control and coverage, allowing you to spray this tire and trim coating only where you need it. This coating will go on thick and easy to bring out a high gloss shine on your rubber tires. The coating will smoothly cover your tires.

We recommend using a quality applicator pad to apply this dressing onto your tires, and buff it for an even distribution. It does have a greasy feel to it, so don’t over-spray with this one or you might experience spin-off when you drive away. May need reapplied after a good rain, but the results are worth keeping it around to reapply.

1. Tire Shine Spray by TriNova

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The Tire Shine Spray by TriNova will work wonders on your tires to make it look dark and give it a shiny look. If you’re tired of faded and dusty tires, this will help restore the beauty and shine of your tires while also protecting it from future problems. This spray will protect and apply a low gloss, medium gloss, or high gloss shine depending on the duration you leave it on before wiping it off.

This will give you the results and protection you need when it comes to making your tires looking great and giving them a protective coating to keep them looking that way.

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