Top 10 Best Automotive Detailing Tools of 2021

When it comes to detailing tools, there is quite a range of things to pick from. When you’re cleaning your tires or dusting off your interior, you’ll need brushes and towels.

You may want a good pressure washer or some buffing agents to remove iron particles for fully detailing your car. We tried our best to cover the best automotive detailing tools for your car, truck, or otherwise that we thought really stood out for 2020.

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10. 4 Pack of Auto Detailing Clay Bar Cleaner by IPELY

Best Automotive Detailing Tools

Clay bars are a popular detailing item and this Clay Bar by IPELY is no exception. These clay cleaning bars can be used on glass, optimal plastics (taillights, headlights), paint, polished metal, chrome, aluminum alloy wheels, stainless steel wheels, exhaust tips, bras, and many more materials.

When combined with soapy water, this clay bar will allow you to remove contaminants from your car’s exterior paint that you would otherwise have trouble removing.

Reviewers claim that these particular bars are more soft and sticky, so recommend using a chemical conditioner or some other form of clay lube to allow them to move across the surface more evenly. Great for cleaning off oxidation. These will make your paint surface slippery smooth and ready for polishing and waxing.

9. Car Duster with Wooden Handle by California Car Duster

This platinum series Wooden Handled Car Duster by California Car Duster has a cotton mop head that’s treated with paraffin wax that will easily pick up dirt, dust, and debris from your vehicle’s interior surfaces.

It has a long quality real wooden handle about 10 inches long for ease of use and the cotton mop head won’t scratch your finish. This car duster is great for trucks, motorcycles, and RVs to clean windows, headlamps, vinyl interiors, and electronics. 

Make sure to let it air out before your first use as the paraffin wax needs to otherwise you might leave streaks on the surfaces. Reviewers were frustrated and upset about the eventual loss of red lint and fabric all over the interior of their vehicle as the product breaks down. It does come with a protective plastic cover to store it in.

Don’t wash this as this will get rid of the paraffin wax on the cotton mop head which is how it works so well. Some even claim that the dirtier the mop head gets, the better it will work at accumulating dirt and debris.

8. Automotive Detailing Magic Gel by AGN

Automotive Dust Vent Crevice Interior Detailer Removal Detailing Magic Gel (aka ABN 3057) by ABN is an interesting solution for picking up loose dirt, dust, and debris from places you normally can’t clean very easily.

This gel has the consistency of a slimy, thick gel that is great for cleaning cup holders, air conditioning vents, keyholes, door handles, air vents, gear shifters, knobs, CD slots, around buttons and dials, or anywhere you wouldn’t normally think could be cleaned before. It’s biodegradable and 100% natural. Keep it out of direct sunlight but for the most part it should be okay to leave it in your car.

Reviewers mention that it does smudge high gloss surfaces but it works great at cleaning vents and crevices. Also to be careful not to drop it on carpet or use it on upholstery or with a towel as it will adhere itself almost semi-permanently to fabrics and be very difficult to remove. Otherwise they’re satisfied with how well it gets rid of dust and dirt from their car interiors.

7. Porter Cable 7424XP Detailing Complete Detailing Kit

For serious detailing, the Chemical Guys Complete Detailing Kit of 13 items covers all the bases. This detailing kit includes a Porter Cable variable speed polisher, counter weight, wrench, backing plate to fit to any finishing pad, 5 variable hex-logic pads, pad cleaner, conditioner, and a couple microfiber towels for finishing up.

The pads that come with it are all 5.5 inches to fit the polisher and are for medium-heavy cutting, light-medium polishing, light polishing/finishing, finishing and ultra light finishing. They’re color coded for your convenience.

Chemical Guys kit will let you polish like a skilled detailing professional. This will let you get an amazing polish that simply isn’t possible with only your hands. If you want to apply waxes, sealants, and polish to your car, this is the complete package.

6. Interior Car Detail Duster with free Microfiber Towel by TAKAVU

The grey detail duster by TAKAVU is ideal for interior cleaning and detailing. The long, thick microfiber finger bristles surround the brush in full 360 degrees, allowing you to spin it to quickly pick up dirt, debris, and dust that is resting on your car’s console, dash, or electronics. It features a red ribbed handle for easy gripping which will let you firmly brush off any dirt or dust.

The brush from end to end is 14 inches with the dusting head taking up 10 inches of that, and comes in a convenient carrying bag for storage when its not in use. Simply stash it in your glove box and bring it out when you need to do dust your dash again.

We found this one was great for dry detailing of your car interior to quickly pick up dirt and dust that has accumulated over time. They stand behind their product with a money back guarantee in the event that you’re not satisfied.

5. Pro-grade Auto Detailing Brush Kit 12 Pack

Auto Detailing Brush Kit from Deal Guys USA includes 12 brushes to meet your every brushing need. This includes gentle wood-handled detail brushes, wire scrubbers, paintbrush style brush, an angled nylon bristle brush, and more.

This kit has a little more variety in some of the styles of brushes it has, and it feels like you’re getting more than you paid for since a few of these brushes are actually double-sided. The fiber duster stretches and bends, allowing you to get into the vents properly or cleaning accurately along curved surfaces. Some of the smaller nylon bristle brushes allow you to clean your electronics without risk of damaging them. 

The variety of brushes you get with this package make this kit a great choice. If you aren’t happy, they even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no time restriction.

4. The Boar’s Hair Detail Brush by Chemical Guys

This Boar’s Hair Detail Brush from Chemical Guys is perfect for cleaning intricate, hard to reach places. The plastic handle means it’s lightweight and easy to hold as well. For cleaning and detailing the interior of your car, this is the perfect brush. The long, sturdy bristles can easily reach into the holes in speaker doors, and for cleaning other hard to reach places.

This durable brush can also be used to detail lug nuts or other metal as needed. You may want to have one for interior and one for exterior purposes though. If you’re one for detailing your wheel rims and tires frequently, you’ll want to add this to your list of shop tools for sure.

3. Long Handled Soft Bristle Wheel and Tire Brush by Maxshine

This Soft Bristle Wheel and Tire Brush from Maxshine has a long handle and is ideal for detailing wheel rims and tires. The handle is made out of a sturdy plastic material which provides a non-slip grip and has a hole drilled through for easy storage.

The bristles are 25mm long and their soft but strong enough to remove dirt, grease, and grime from your wheel rims and tires quite easily. For the price point, this brush is simply fantastic and a worthwhile purchase.

2. High Pressure Car Cleaning Gun and Car Wash Kit by Fochutech

With this handy and convenient car cleaning gun by Fochutech, you’ll never have to purchase another car wash again. This hooks up to your air compressor to allow you to pressure wash your car, truck, RV, motorcycle, SUV, bicycle, or anything else that needs cleaning with ease.

The kit includes a brush, a car wash mitt, 2 replacement hoses, and the washer gun/foam cannon gun with bottle attachment.

Use the gun without any liquid to do a dry cleaning, taking care of dust and preparing the surface for further cleaning. Then add your favorite cleaning solution and you can then blow shampoo or cleaning solution into those hard-to-reach crevices and cracks.

Can also be used for applying shampoo to your car, then spraying it clean! Great for professional detailers and for saving time and money if you frequently wash your own personal vehicles.

1. Microfiber Detailing Wax Applicator Pad w/Handle Pack by Polyte

Coming in a pack of 12, these Wax Applicator Pads by Polyte are the best choice when it comes detailing cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, or motorcycles. Coming in a variety of colors, you’ll be able to keep them separate based on what chemicals, waxes, polishes, creams, glazes, or sealants you’re using at the time.

They have an ergonomic handle on top that will allow you to easily control the pad comfortably without getting your hands dirty. These are super soft microfiber and foam pads that are reusable because they’re machine washable. Each pad is 5 inches in diameter, allowing an even and steady application when you’re detailing your vehicle.

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