Top 10 Best Exterior Car Accessories of 2021

There were a lot of options for the best exterior car accessories, but we narrowed the list of the best down to just 10. There are license plate frames, towing kits, bike racks, and many more.

When it comes to taking advantage of our vehicle, we want to make the most use of it. Some of these accessories will help you to do just that. Keep on scrolling to find out which ones we thought were the best exterior car accessories for 2020!

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10. Deluxe Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Best Exterior Car Accessories

For bike enthusiasts who like to travel with their bicycles, the Deluxe Trunk Mounted Bike Rack from Allen Sports is a great choice. A patented design with straps and rubber-covered carry arms to protect your vehicles paint allows it to securely attach to your car, minivan, hatchback, or SUVs trunk or rear.

The frame of this bike rack keeps the bicycle away from your trunk so your bicycle won’t be scratching your car’s paint either.

Coming in a variety of sizes allowing you to carry 2, 3, or even 4 bicycles with one rack, this fully assembled bike rack is easy to install and is compact enough to not take up very much room when it’s not in use.

We recommend using some additional straps to fully secure the bicycles in place so they aren’t bouncing around when you’re driving down the road.

9. 18-Inch Snow Broom Snow Removal Tool

When you’re wanting to wipe the snow and ice off of your vehicle in the morning, this 18 inch snow broom with an ice scraper on the opposite end by Snow Joe is what you need.

The ice scraper measures 4 inches across and the handle for the compact broom can be extended from 33 inches all the way up to 52 inches. Lightweight and effective, this will clear the snow and ice off of your car, truck, SUV, or RV in a hurry.

8. 2” Round HD Blind Spot Mirrors

When it comes to automotive exterior mirror attachments, you’ll love these new blind spot mirrors from Ampper. They come 2 in a package, and once attached to a mirror cleaned with alcohol, they’ll need to be applied with firm pressure to get them to set properly.

Each one is a 2” ultrathin curved glass rust resistant haze-proof mirror that will allow you to view your blind spot with ease.

If you struggle when changing lanes or viewing your surroundings through your typical mirror, this is a great help. This is a top choice for mirror accessories for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, or RVs. Unfortunately, this may not work for motorcycles.

7. Black Matte Aluminum License Plate Frames (2-Pack)

This 2 pack license plate frame from Ohuhu is one of the best in the business. The slim design of this new release is great, it’s designed to obstruct as little of the license plate as possible.

The package comes with all the necessary hardware and accessories required for installation, and is incredibly easy to install. This new license plate frame is made out of a durable, high-quality aluminum that will be resistant to both rust and peeling.

It comes in two different options, black with 2 holes or black with 4 holes. If you’re looking to upgrade your license plate frame on your car, truck, SUV, or RV, you can’t go wrong with this set.

6. 26” Ice Scraper

Most useful for winter on our list is the 26” Ice Scraper by Mallory. This is a must have for anyone living where there is potential for ice or snow. With a long 26 inch reach, this ice scraper allows you to reach the middle of your windshield to effectively and efficiently clear off any ice or snow.

The brush features sturdy bristles to help combat thick, wet, or heavy snow while the scraper blade on the opposite side will help to clear even the thickest ice. Comes available in a variety of colors for your fashion convenience.

5. Backup Camera and Monitor Kit

This backup camera and monitor kit by LeeKooLuu features an incredibly easy installation process. For power only when backing up, it can be connected to the reverse lights so that it is only powered when needed.

It can also be connected to a 12v source fuse box or cigarette lighter adapter if you want continuous monitoring through your new rear monitor camera. It’s IP68 certified waterproof and attaches on top of the license plate frame. Also offers IR night vision to let you see clearly at night.

This backup camera kit comes with a 4.3 inch LCD display monitor that you can mount directly to your dash with adhesive foam and pedestal. An alternative method of setting it up is via a windshield mount (not included, must be requested). The monitor itself has the capability to monitor two video inputs.

Backed up by a 2 year warranty and free technical support from LeeKooLuu, this is an ideal solution if you’ve always wanted to add a reverse camera or reverse monitoring setup to your vehicle.

Great for large RVs, trucks, or any vehicle, really. Picture quality is great for the price point and the customer service from LeeKooLuu is outstanding. A no brainer for anyone wanting to upgrade their car to having the accessory of a backup camera.

4. Silicone License Plate Frame

The License Plate Frame from Rightcar Solutions is the best thing if you want your license plate to look stylish. Available in colors ranging from blue, red, yellow, white, and grey, this rust-proof license plate frame will allow your license plate to be completely visible and firmly stand out with a modern look.

Sold individually, so you will need to order two if you want front and back frames to match.

Crafted from an industrial grade premium silicone, this license plate frame will hold securely to your vehicle without rattling, rusting, or experiencing any sort of fluctuation from even the most intense weather.

Rightcar Solutions stands by their product, and if you have any problems with this license plate frame, they offer a 100% unconditional money back guarantee with no questions asked.

3. Bungee Cords Assortment Jar

You never know when you might need to secure or strap small to medium size objects down, and with this Assortment Jar of Bungee Cords by Cartman, you’ll never have to wonder if you have the right size to secure those small loads. Included are 20 bungee cords of varying size and 4 8” canopy/tarp ball ties.

These color-coded rubber corded bungees range in length from 10” all the way up to 40” and will help secure objects to your vehicle or inside the trunk bed of your truck.

With a UV resistant jacket protecting them from discoloration and damage, you can be confident that when it comes to needing the right size bungee cords, you’ll have the best tools for the job.

2. Ratchet Tie Down Straps

These Ratchet Tie Down Straps and Bungee Cords from AUGO are industrial strength tie down straps that will allow you to secure your load with complete confidence. Featuring four 15ft straps that will allow you to tighten down and strap in loads of varying size, whether they’re small or large.

The affordable straps have thick, durable rubber coated S hooks so your cargo won’t get scratched or damaged when getting strapped down. The strap handles are secured into the S-handle hook by a secure molding, preventing the strap from disconnecting.

When it comes to tie down straps, these are simply the best. The convenience of having an additional 2 bungee cords provided in this kit is an added delight to anyone needing to secure much smaller equipment to the straps themselves.

1. Towing 2″ Starter Kit

First on our list for the best exterior accessories for your car or vehicle is the very popular 2” Starter Kit for Towing by Reese Towpower. This kit provides a strong shank that measures 1 inch in diameter and 9 inches in length. This includes a two inch ball mount that is well secured and the lengthy shank will allow plenty of clearance for turning.

This comes put together quite well, so if you need to switch out the pre-installed ball hitch, you might consider an option that doesn’t include the ball. This will fit great into your receiver, and does what its meant to do quite well.

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