Top 10 Best Car Vinyl Cleaners of 2021

Vinyl fabric is more and more prevalent today, especially in car interiors. Knowing what products are safe to use on your vinyl fabrics is essential for proper care, cleaning and maintenance of your vinyl fabrics.

Vinyl fabric can easily absorb stains and will even deteriorate over time, so it’s important to clean it quickly before the stains set in. Keeping your vinyl clean and protected will keep your car interior looking and smelling great.

Here we’ve covered some of the best car vinyl cleaners of 2020. 

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10. Chemical Guys InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer and Protectant

Best Car Vinyl Cleaners

This Interior Quick Detailing Spray by Chemical Guys will clean and condition interior surfaces like your vinyl trim, console, dash, and other interior surface materials as well. Safe and suitable for electronic screens like your LCD navigation screen, steering wheels, and seats. Not exclusive to only vinyl, this will also clean and condition your glass, rubber, plastic, leather and more.

Spray a small amount onto a quality microfiber cloth and use that to wipe down your interior surfaces in order to remove dust, dirt, and other grime that has built up. Your vinyl will be left clean with a non-greasy matte feel. Offers your choice of pineapple or baby powder scent. 

9. TriNova Vinyl and Faux Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

This powerful 2-in-1 formula for Vinyl and Faux Leather Conditioner and Cleaner will work quickly to restore your vinyl and faux leather. This cleaner and conditioner will fight against mild stains, binding to dirt and grime in order to pull them off of your vinyl, faux leather, durablend leather, saffiano, vegan, bonded and nuluxe. 

Safe and suitable for any vinyl products or surfaces you have in your car or even around your home, this non-toxic product exceeded our expectations when it came to cleaning our vinyl interior. Wonderful for removing water and oil stains that have built up on your upholstery.

This vinyl cleaner and conditioner will revitalize your vinyl and make it look as good as it was when it came out of the factory. It might take multiple applications to get the results desired but the gloss and shine will be remarkable when it’s all done.

8. Adam’s Interior Detailer 16oz

Quick to apply and easy to use, this Interior Detailer by Adam’s will make quick work of cleaning your interior vinyl. Great for dashboards, steering wheels, door panels, seats. This interior detailer will bind to dirt, grime, dust, and more to help you remove it from your car’s interior. The anti-static formula will also leave a protective mint-scented layer to help prevent dust accumulating and protect your surfaces from UV rays.

Clean your instrument gauges, navigation screen, or dash by simply spraying this onto a microfiber towel and wiping it all away. Clean and protect in one easy step. Adam’s stands behind their products, so you have their guarantee that this will do the job.

7. Griot’s Garage Interior Cleaner

The Interior Cleaner by Griot’s Garage is a useful household cleaner for cleaning vinyl that is safe for all fabrics. This dye free cleaner will work to take surface stains, dirt and debris off of any vinyl surface. It’s fragrance free as well, so no need to worry about having any lasting chemical smells behind once you’ve finished cleaning. This will break up tough stains that have been set on your vinyl without a fuss.

Clean up the interior of your car, truck, or SUV by breaking up and removing dirt, mud, makeup, stains, coffee stains from your interior fabrics and surfaces. This can be used on A/C vents, hard plastics, vinyl, soft plastics, leather, and many more. Spray onto a microfiber cloth and wipe away your worries like magic.

6. Marine Mildew Remover

Available in a variety of sizes from 20oz to a 128oz, the Mildew Remover from Marine 31 will work to rid your vinyl of any mildew buildup. For vinyl seat cushions, rubber fenders, gel coat, canopies, fiberglass, any marine surface, and more, this mildew remover will take off stubborn stains without the risk of damaging, drying, dulling, or discoloring the surfaces you treat. 

Also useful for household cleaning as well, this industrial strength cleaner can be used to clean grout, showers, bathtubs, counters, sinks and tile as well. Cleaning vinyl can be tough, and this mildew remover will make quick work of any mildew stains that have accumulated on your interior or exterior vinyl surfaces.

5. Raggtopp Convertible Top Vinyl Cleaner & Protectant Kit

Specially made for cleaning convertible tops, the Convertible Top Vinyl Cleaner & Protectant Kit from Raggtopp lets you safely clean the toughest soils and stains from your vinyl convertible top. This bleach free formula is safe to use on plastic, metal, rubber, and wood finishes so you don’t need to be afraid of damaging other materials near your convertible top.

It’s environmentally friendly and non-toxic so there’s no concern if you have young children or pets who might come into contact with it. This biodegradable spray is probably not the most ideal for use on fabrics, so reserve this for specifically cleaning vinyl interiors and exteriors.

4. Shine Society Interior Cleaner, Microfiber Towel Included

This Interior Cleaner spray by Shine Society is one of the best choices for cleaning your car’s vinyl as well as most interior automotive surfaces including leather, plastic, upholstery, trim, dash surfaces, headliner and more.

This doubles as a cleaner and disinfectant meaning that it disinfects as it cleans. It has a pleasant citrus smell that will leave your car smelling fresh. For your car’s vinyl, this is a great solution to keeping it clean and smelling great.

This all-natural spray is made with sustainable ingredients and is non-toxic, meaning you don’t have to worry about the health of your kids or pets. While this is safe for fabrics, it is recommended not to use more than is needed and to dry the area properly. Also great for cleaning leather and taking light stains out of your car’s interior door fabrics, seats, and carpet.

3. SEM Vinyl Prep

When you’re getting ready to paint your vinyl, you’re going to want to prep it and Vinyl Prep by SEM is the best choice for the job. This Vinyl Prep will take those vinyl substrates and remove wax, soil, grease and other potential problems while simultaneously getting it ready for an adhesion of topcoat through softening and preparing it properly.

When used in conjunction with flexible coatings, this vinyl prep is a strong solvent blend that will be essential to refinishing your vinyl. Use only in a well ventilated area and with the proper safety equipment which should definitely include a mask as this does have some potent fumes.

Incredibly affordable, this simple and easy solution to preparing your vinyl for the next step is a no brainer.

2. CarGuys Super Cleaner – Effective All Purpose Cleaner – 18 oz Kit

The All Purpose Cleaner by CarGuys is simply the best for all kinds of materials, like vinyl, carpet, upholstery, leather, rubber, plastic and more. This multi-surface cleaner will clean your car, truck, motorcycle, or RV exterior leaving a clean finish without a glossy or cloudy film left behind.

This has special cleaning agents that can tackle even the toughest jobs, taking care of bird poop, grease, tar, gum, tree sap, dirt, or other contaminants that have somehow made their way to being on your vehicle.

In conjunction with a detail brush, this cleaner will work on even the most set in stains and ground-in dirt. Old dirty seats, white leather, even interior plastic can be brought back to life with this all purpose cleaner.

This is only a cleaner, though, so follow up with a protectant of some type in order to protect the exterior of your vehicle from UV damage.

1. Mothers VLR VinylLeatherRubber Care

The VLR (Vinyl Leather Rubber) Care from Mothers tops our list as the best car vinyl cleaner for this year. This cleaner comes in a convenient spray bottle allowing you to quickly target your vinyl, leather, or rubber surfaces where you need them to be cleaned. If dirt, soil, stains, or other contaminants have taken hold on your vinyl surface, simply spray and wipe clean.

This all-in-one blend will help to restore by conditioning your vinyl, repairing and preventing drying, cracks, and fading.

This cleaner, conditioner, and protectant is infused with lanolin and neatsfoot oil, helping you to safely clean your vinyl surfaces by removing even the toughest ground-in dirt or stains. It’s useful on other interior surfaces of your car as well, and should leave a nice slippery feel after applied.

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