Top 10 Best Car Glass Care Products of 2021

Being able to see through your front and rear windshield and windows is essential to your safety while driving, so don’t skimp out on keeping them clean and protected. For exterior surfaces, you’ll want excellent hydrophobic properties and to keep contaminants sliding off instead of sticking and obstructing your view.

For interior surfaces, you’ll want anti-fogging properties so you can consistently see out of your windows despite the weather conditions. We’ve covered some of the best glass care cleaning and protecting products. Here are the top 10 best car glass care products of 2019.

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10. Rain-X Glass Treatment & Anti-Fog Combo

Best Car Glass Care Products

The Glass Treatment and Anti-Fog Combo by Rain-X is a two in one kit, offering both the Original Glass Treatment and the Anti-Fog. The Original Glass is for exterior windshield and windows to offer hydrophobic beading protection for your glass.

The Anti-Fog is for your interior glass to help improve all-weather visibility, allowing you to see comfortably out of your windows without the risk of fog clouding your view.

We recommend cleaning your windows in order to prepare it for the glass treatment. Once they’re clean, apply the glass treatment and distribute it evenly with a microfiber towel. For the interior of your car, use the Anti-Fog cleaner and enjoy your pristine and clean windows.

9. Chemical Guys Signature Series Glass Cleaner

The Signature Series Glass Cleaner by Chemical Guys is great for interior electronic screens, GPS screens, cell phones, computer monitors, windows, windshields, and mirrors. This safe for tint cleaner is non-toxic and ammonia free and is also formulated to be streak-free.

This pleasant scented glass cleaner is best used in conjunction with two quality microfiber lint-free towel. Spray the cleaner on your window, windshield or screen, distribute and wipe to the edges with the first microfiber towel, then clean off the excess with the second microfiber towel for spotless, streak-free results. A little goes a long way with this one, and you can even dilute it with water to get similar results.

8. Windshield Cleaner (2 Pack) With 4 Micro Fiber bonnets, 6 Piece Set

Cleaning the inside of windshields near the bottoms edge is troublesome because you have less room as you get closer to the bottom of the windshield. This Windshield Cleaner by GI will give you the reach you need to fully clean your windshield, inside and out.

This 2 piece-kit includes 2 cleaning handles with 4 microfiber covers. For those of you struggling to reach the inside edge of your windshields, this elongated handle will give you that extra reach you need to reach the bottom.

These windshield cleaners are incredibly affordable. If the inside of your windshield is covered with nicotine and tar, you’re going to have to really clean it a few times before you start to get the results you want.

Utilizing any cleaner in a neglected windshield situation may end up smearing and producing a hazy result. You’ll need to redouble your efforts the first time you try to clean it but this product will help you keep it clean and maintained once that first cleaning is taken care of.

7. Headlight Cleaner and Sealant by Turtle Wax

Headlights fade over time fade and get oxidation, and this Headlight Cleaner and Sealant by Turtle Wax undoes that. It will bring your headlights back to their original clarity and shine, allowing your headlights to be as effective as they should be. In one easy step, this 2-in-1 cleaner and protectant will restore the clarity of your headlights and protect it from future oxidation and discoloration.

Not just useful for headlights, this cleaner and sealant will also work wonders on plastic windows, clear plexiglass, and other translucent plastics. This is safe to use on tail lights as well, and can be used in conjunction with other lens restoration products. Cloudy surface oxidation can really diminish the light that your headlights put out, and this cleaner and sealant will bring your headlights back to full power.

6. 3D Auto Detailing Products Eraser Water Spot Remover

When you need to take care of hard water spots on glass and other surfaces, the Water Spot Remover from 3D Auto Detailing Products is a gel formula that will make quick work of your problems.

Incredibly easy to apply, this thick fluid will stay where you put it, so it doesn’t run down the sides of your car. Great for chrome, aluminum, glass, and painted surfaces, it won’t cause any damage or scratches while it’s taking care of those hard to remove water spots.

Other possible uses include cleaning off your boat, RV, or use it around the house in your bathroom, kitchen, exterior windows or anywhere else you might see water spots forming. If your car paint, windows, or windshield are exhibiting signs of water damage and those old vinegar solutions aren’t doing the trick to take them off, this goes on easy and takes the problem water spots with it.

5. Rain-X 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellant

There’s no buffing required with the 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellant by Rain-X. Spray directly on your glass and wipe away with a quality microfiber towel and you’re all done. This will both clean your car, SUV, or truck’s glass windshield and windows and protect them from water, ice, bugs, snow, road salt, and other contaminants. 

Rain-X is a trusted name in water-wicking supplies and this is one of their flagship products. It’s incredibly easy to use and handy to have on hand around the garage. The results will speak for themselves on this one once you’re driving through a storm with Rain-X protecting your windshield.

4. Driven Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner

For tough jobs that most simple glass cleaners won’t take care of, look to Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner by Driven. This acid gel will eat away and destroy hard water spots, mineral buildup, calcium buildup, lime scale, nicotine residue, salt spray deposit, alkali, mold, mildew, paint overspray and even rust deposits.

It includes cutting abrasives and other industrial strength cleaners to tackle even the toughest jobs when you’ve really let your glass windows, windshield, or mirrors go.

This will work great to get rid of calcium, water stains or any water spots that might have popped up from neglect over time. This does have abrasives in it, so be gentle and let the acid do most of the heavy lifting. Give the acid some time to eat into the problems, then gently wipe it away with a microfiber towel. If you apply too much pressure, you might scratch your windshield or windows.

3. Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner by Meguiar’s

A little goes a long way with this Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner by Meguiar’s. In fact, that’s the recommended way to use it. This glass cleaner excels at cleaning tree sap, road grime, vinyl fog, smokers film, bird droppings and bugs off of your windshield and windows. Safe to use on tinted windows too. Sprays on easily and wipes off quickly.

By following the proper directions, you can easily get a showroom finish on your glass. This anti-hazing formula won’t leave any smears, streaks, or spots after you wipe it off. We recommend a decent microfiber towel to wipe down and clean off your windshields with this one.

2. Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner

This residue free Premium Glass Cleaner by Invisible Glass works wonders on mirrors, glass tables, patio doors, glass cooktop stoves, and windows. This ammonia free glass cleaner is safe to use to clean tinted glass or tinted windows. This glass cleaner will dry clear and leave your glass looking pristine.

This, like other glass cleaners, will work best with a microfiber towel or sponge to apply. For a real true clean on your windshields, use in combination with a clay bar in order to get all the dirt and impurities off of your windshield. Also works great on other materials like cleaning granite countertops. One spray bottle of this will last you awhile and leave your windows sparkling.

1. Shine Society Glass and Window Cleaner with Microfiber Towel Included

The best automotive glass care product we could find is this Glass and Window Cleaner by Shine Society, and it even includes a microfiber towel when you order it! This affordable all-natural formula eliminates streaks, spots, and is incredibly easy to use. For windshields, rear windows, side windows, tinted or non-tinted, the results from this cleaner will astonish you. This natural glass cleaner will work on all glass surfaces. 

Spray on with the included 18 fl. oz leak-proof spray bottle, wipe off and enjoy your new shining windows, headlights, or tail lights without any unwanted residue. This anti-streak formula also serves as a disinfectant for those worried about their health and safety.

This will work to disinfect the interior of your windows as well as clean off fingerprints, smudges, streaks, or spots. It is recommended that you have a second microfiber towel handy as proper use of this spray recommends applying with one towel and cleaning off with another.

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