Top 10 Ugliest Cars Ever Made

People are often quick to list the top best things. Things like the top best cars, top best shoes, and similar stuff. However, have you ever considered what would make up a list of the top ten ugliest cars? If you are wondering if this list really exists, keep reading. The ugliest of all cars are grouped in terms of culture, and art. The fact that people were creative enough to make these cars is amazing. They deserve a list too.

Below is a list of the top ten ugliest cars ever made.

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Lamborghini Veneno

Ugliest Cars

When you hear the name Lamborghini, you expect to see something epic. The Veneno is epic in a terrible way (not what you would expect) This car is the riskiest thing Lamborghini ever did. There is a fine line between its stylistic nightmare and its aesthetic design. Veneno didn’t just cross the line, it erased it and drew a new line (yes it’s that bad). This baby was introduced in 2013 and was meant to swipe the world off its feet with its supercar cliché. Only nine were ever built and each sold for a whopping $4.1 million. At least the company managed to prove one thing; there is no relationship between money and taste.

Nissan Cube

Another mutant looking car is the Nissan Cube. This car is renowned for its aesthetic sins which include; an asymmetric rear window wrapped around the left part of the car. It has the look of a halibut, and there’s no car like this in the world. It has slumping windows that look like they were inspired by a bad painting.

Fiat Multipla

Italy managed to yield one of the ugliest cars ever made. This car has a series of strange bulges. You would think this vehicle is made purely of soft plastic. It’s mounted running lights are hilarious and firmly fixed at the base of its windshield. This makes it look just like a rainforest frog that just passed through a genetic mutation.

AMC Pacer

Again with AMC. These people know how to make a car look like a fruit (not in a good way). The Pacer has the color of an avocado. It is a representation of how terrible car taste was in the 70ths. Apparently, it’s designers thought it would be the next big car in the industry. Well, they thought wrong. The odd design of the vehicle was made more obvious by its asymmetric doors. It was eventually converted into a station wagon and everyone who looked at it felt a sharp pain in the head.

Suzuki X-90

Source: Cararac

This car has managed to maintain its unique ugliness from crossover to crossover. Every single one took the wrong path. The next generation only got worse than its predecessor. The first member of the family is the X-90. It is a strange body if desperate vehicles. The rear looks like a compressed pickup and the front looks like the rear of a Japanese economy car. This car has a wing bolted directly to its tail. Seriously?

Tatra 603

This car looks just like the Czech streamliners that crossed the Airstream trailer back in the communist era (again this is not an exaggeration). You have to be really in love with ugly to drive this car. Well, in reality, it doesn’t matter; what is ugly to one person may not look ugly to another. This is probably the first thing the designers of this car thought when they saw it.

Nissan Juke

If you’ve ever heard the expression, hit by an ugly stick, then you don’t need any description of this car. In fact, the Nissan Juke took several hits by the ugly stick. If the world weren’t smart, it would claim Nissan didn’t intend to make this car look this ugly. However, It was no mistake; it was a revolutionary invention. Nissan hasn’t been able to bit this record of ugly.

AMC Gremlin

Now no car has ever been this badly proportioned. When you look at it from the side, it looks like a door stop (no exaggeration). It’s important to note that how it looks depends on the precise angle of view. In some cases, the car looks like running shoes. From yet another angle, you would find it looks like a wedge of cheese. The designers of this car should be given an award for having such strong faith and hope. They actually believed that the elongated hood would somehow conjure into a Ford Mustang. Well, their faith wasn’t strong enough.

Citroën Ami

This French-born car is known for its reverse-rake rear window. The regrettable Citroën Ami was debuted in the year 1961. The car brings to mind a feeling of homelessness and a sense of awe. Not many manufacturers have adopted its rare style. Irrespective of the fact that the mechanical underpinnings were inspired by the classic 2CV, it ended up being something hideous. The rectangular headlights should never have been allowed to see the light of day.

Pontiac Aztek

The first car on this list of the top ten ugliest cars is the Pontiac Aztek. This car allegedly violated every principle of aesthetics in history. This car looks like it developed from an abominable union between a dustbuster vacuum and a Transformer toy. It is a hunchbacked, and slab-sided car on a wheel the size of a roller skate.

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