11 Reasons Why Electric Cars are So Popular

Electric vehicles are set to take over the roads in the near future; they will be doing heavy hauling, deliveries, and the everyday commute.  This article will give you 11 reasons why they are so popular and explain some of the common misconceptions of the Electric vehicle. 

Electric cars are popular for the following reasons:

  1. Increased battery range  
  2. Cost-saving
  3. Better charging facilities
  4. Lots of EVs on the road
  5. Environmentally friendly
  6. Sporty performance
  7. Less noticeable 
  8. Top safety record
  9. latest technology
  10. Carbon neutral 
  11. EVs make a statement

Electric cars are fast becoming the first choice for buyers, so let’s look at the top features that are setting the trends for the modern vehicle. 

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1. Improvements in Electric Vehicle Range

The Electric vehicle always had flaws when it came to range, which is related to the batteries in the car.  The good thing is that the battery performance of electric vehicles has only seen a rise in the range that they can go. 

In 2011 the average EV could drive a mere 94 miles on a full charge; by 2014, this range was increased to 265 miles.  The 2021 average range for Electric vehicles is 402 miles on a full charge. 

Average Electric Vehicle Battery Performance Range from 2011 to 2020

YearMed Range (miles)Max Range (miles)

Currently, batteries are being made with nickel, iron, or cobalt, showing excellent performance.  Still, several companies are working on solid-state batteries.  For instance, QuantumScape is working on a solid-state sodium battery and has established a boost in the range for EVs.

The technology is ever-growing, but the current ranges available for Electric vehicles are sufficient for the average American’s daily commute.  With the number of commercial chargers increasing country-wide, it is now easier to plan and take longer cross-country trips.

2. Electric Cars are Cheaper in the Long Term

Electric vehicles are, on average, $10 000 more expensive than their gas counters.  The average EV price is $56 437 per Kelly Blue Book, roughly the same as a gas-powered entry-luxury car.  The eventual savings start as soon as you charge up the batteries for the first time.  Consider the $2000 price tag for a level 2 charger that will speed up the charge to less than eight hours.

There is much less maintenance involved when owning an Electric vehicle.  The typical wear items such as tires, air-con filters, and bulbs will still need replacing, but no oil or drive belt changes are required.   

EVs use regenerative braking, which will put energy back into the battery when you slow down.  This feature means that the vehicle’s brake disks are used much less, resulting in more minor wear and longer usable expectancy. 

So the EV costs a little more when purchased, but the money saved from not doing oil changes or filling up the gas tank adds up.  If money can be saved, it is sure to be popular.

3. The Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure is Expanding

The charging infrastructure is growing fast.  There are currently over 46 000 commercial charging stations across the country and 113 558 charging outlets.  Then you still have the option to charge the car in the comfort of your own home. 

Charging an EV at home may take longer than a high output commercial charger, but a vehicle would stay parked most of the time anyway.  Then there is the added option of charging the cars while at work.

Energy prices vary from State to State, but the average price for charging an EV is $25.20.  If an EV owner uses a commercial charging station 11 times a month, the average is slightly over $10.00 per full charge.

Many people are not interested in waiting at a commercial charger for the EV to charge.  Waiting at the commercial charger for up to an hour is no fun, but you do not have to stay in the car.  This time can be used to shop, grab refreshments, and stretch your legs during the long driving stage.  Owners of EVs have adopted a new lifestyle when filling up the battery, and it is trending.

4. Electric Cars are Flooding the Market

Another reason for the rise in fame is that electric vehicles are becoming an everyday sight on the road.  The fact that so many brands allow the consumers to have a wide choice is appealing to most car buyers. 

 In 2021, Electric vehicle sales grew by 26%, with a whopping 6.4 million Electric cars sold worldwide.  Now that there are over 16 million EVs on the world’s roads, the chance that you will see one silently overtaking you on the road is very likely. 

Electric Car Sales for 2020 by Region

Main RegionEV Sold in 2020
Europe1 390 000
China1 330 000
USA328 000
South Korea52 000
Canada47 000
Japan31 000
Taiwan7 000
Other Markets43 000

2020 World EV Sales by Manufacturer

BrandUnits Sold
Tesla Model 3365 240
WHG Mini EV119 255
Renault Zoe100 431
Tesla Madel Y79 734
Hyundai Kona EV65 075
Volkswagen ID.356 937
Nissan Leaf55 724
Audi e-Tron47 928
Baojun E-Series47 704

5. Electric Vehicles are Good for the Environment

The world is looking for a new alternative to fossil fuels, with Europe leading the way as it has plans to have zero emission by 2030. 

The transportation sector will play a major part in the decarbonization of the future by offering Electric vehicles.  The auto industry has invested half a trillion dollars into EV transitioning for the next five years.  Scott Keogh, Chief Executive of Volkswagen Group America, said, “It’s one of the biggest industrial transformations probably in the history of capitalism.”

With no harmful gasses being expelled and no engine noise, air and noise pollution will improve drastically.  Gas-powered cars are slowly becoming a thing of the past, so noise levels will drop significantly in city centers and neighborhoods.  The only noise from an electric vehicle is the wind and tire noise as it drives by.

The constant traffic noise has been proven harmful to one’s health.  It may lead to chronic insomnia, depression, and anxiety.  So driving an EV has health benefits for the masses, and for climate-conscious people, owning an EV is just a small way to obtain a lower carbon footprint.

6. Electric Vehicle Have Good Performance

It is no surprise that performance will always be a big seller when it comes to cars.  Fortunately, electric vehicles have responded and have swayed a few petrol heads to the battery segment.  When EVs went into the world, they were nothing more than a pretty golf cart, but things have changed.

The Tesla Model S Plaid is claimed to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 2 seconds, this from an EV with four doors and ample trunk space.  The big European brands have joined in with performance models, such as the Porsche Tycan Tubo S, Audi e-Tron GT RS, and the Rimac Nevera. 

Electric vehicles are on the heels of performance gas vehicles and opening up more doors in the EV market at a fraction of the cost.

The Top Performance Electric Vehicles

BrandModelBattery (kWh)0 – 60mph (Sec)Top Speed (mph)
Audie-Tron Quatro93.43.9152
LucidAir Dream1182.5168
PorscheTycan Turbo S93.42.6161
TeslaModel S Plaid1002.0200
VolkswagenID.4 Pro824.4150
VolvoPolestar duel784.5127
MercedesEQS 5801154.1130
KiaEV6 AWD77.45.1117

7. Electric Vehicles Blend In

It can be puzzling to differentiate between a modern EV and a gas-powered car nowadays; the styling has not become spaceship-like as anticipated but rather a contemporary style – most people like this as they do not stick out in a crowd.  Of course, there is an exception for the owner who wants to be noticed.

Electric vehicles can come in all shapes and sizes, from a two-door hatchback to a large SUV.  Many Manufactures are planning to launch a wide variety of EVs in 2022, so finding one that suits them will become easier. 

8. Electric Cars are Safer on the Road

Safety is a big concern for anyone looking for a vehicle, and Electric cars are no different.  The NHTSA has claimed that an occupant of an Electric vehicle will suffer fewer injuries than in a gas power vehicle, so electric cars are slightly safer.  This is imparted to the less compact packaging of an EV, leaving extra room for safety equipment and electronics.

All the vehicles sold in the US must meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.  Vehicles must undergo an extensive testing process, regardless of whether the car operates on gasoline or electricity.  EV battery packs must meet their own testing standards.  Besides, EVs are designed with additional safety features that shut down the electrical system when detecting a collision or short circuit.

Reasons Why Electric Cars are So Popular

9. Electric Vehicles are Loaded with Technology

Electric vehicles use battery power, so adding the comfort features you have on your cellphone or pc to this vehicle is not difficult for manufacturers.  The added benefit is that adding special features and advanced tech to the car is a significant selling point. 

Electric vehicles are still relatively new compared to gas power cars, which leaves ample room for the expansion and testing of new tech.  The one talking point is the new Bi-directional charging which is slowly being tested and rolled out.  This will allow the EV to take energy from the grid and put power back into the grid.  Tech like this will change the future of EV quicker than expected.

For the skeptics with range anxiety, the features in EVs will assist you every step of the journey by plotting a course.  The course will have you stop at the charging stations to rest and top up the battery.  Then there is the “semi” self-driving aspect of EVs. Though it is not totally self-driving, it has proven safer over long distances.  So when it comes to tech, the EVs are definitely leading the field. 

10. It is Fashionable to Own an EV

Driving an EV and being noticed is similar to being seen in a fiery Italian supercar.  The EVs do not always have the head-turning abilities of a supercar.  Still, they bring up a whole new category of questions, like what am I doing to save the environment?

The more Electric cars driving on the roads, the more this question will be on everyone’s mind.  This is a good thing as driving an electric vehicle is becoming more affordable and environmentally conscious.

11. Electric Vehicles are the Future

The world is forever changing whether we like it or not.  Electric cars are the new future of transportation, and we need to get updated.  Countries are pushing for carbon neutrality, and the electric vehicle is the first stepping stone as transport is vital in all areas.

It is a fact that the internal combustion engine has reached its peak, so further improvements will outweigh the costs of the vehicles.  Electric vehicles are advancing quicker and quicker and will soon fulfill the role of gas-powered cars.  Car Manufactures are launching new models such as minivans, pick-ups, and SUVs.  


The popularity of modern electric vehicles is on the rise due to the advancement in battery technology, which leads to a more extended range for the car.  Even with the advancement in batteries, the charging stations are increasing at a fast rate, further expanding the EV range.

Electric vehicles offer much less noise and air pollution than their gas-guzzling cousins, which is great for the environment.  The styling on the EVs of today is well suited for the trends that are in the car industry, and manufacturers are ever-expanding on their models.

The performance aspect of electric vehicles is similar to gas-powered supercars but with very little environmental impact.  So if you’re looking for a car to purchase, then look to the future, and the future is an Electric vehicle!

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