Do Tesla’s Come with A Spare Tire?

It is no secret that Tesla recently became the most valuable car company globally in its market capitalization. Tesla’s substantial and continued rise is mainly due to its founder Elon Musk’s charisma and their car being the most sought-after within the electric vehicle market. However, Tesla cars contain numerous unconventional features that occasionally deter potential customers.

None of Tesla’s current cars come with a spare tire as standard. Tesla has never offered a spare tire with their vehicles for several reasons. The automobile giant has cited its reasons for this change in the protocol as being factors of practicality, free roadside assistance, and weight. 

Elon Musk and Tesla initially faced enormous criticism for their decision to remove the traditional spare tire, with many potential customers being deterred by the significant change. However, Tesla’s revolutionary move has now been emulated by most major rivals. The company has a robust rationale for the removal, with Tesla customers praising Musk for the added benefits the decision has brought about.

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Why Don’t Tesla Cars Have Spare Tires?

Tesla drivers have not reported any negative feedback regarding the lack of a spare tire, as getting a flat has become a rare occurrence. 

If a Tesla car acquires a catastrophic tire failure, Tesla will provide immediate and free roadside assistance anywhere within the United States. On their website, Tesla state that if any customer gets a flat tire, they can immediately request in-house roadside assistance from within the Tesla mobile application.

After enormous initial criticism, many other major global car companies have hopped onto Tesla’s pioneering bandwagon. Truthfully, the traditional spare tire is not utilized as frequently as it once was. In reality, spare tires in American automobiles are used less than 15% of the time, with the remaining 85% proving wasteful. 

The economic and social implications of spare tire removal cannot be understated as it has become a global trend, saving car companies millions of dollars each year.

What Has Tesla Replaced The Spare Tire With?

To replace the removal of the spare tire, Tesla designed and installed a system known as the TPMS sensor, which notifies the driver if their tire pressure is decreasing too rapidly.

By informing the customer that the pressure of their tires is too low, Tesla gives the driver enough time to make informed decisions or drive to the nearest tire repair shop before the tire becomes completely inoperative. However, not all Tesla car owners are satisfied with the numerous automated systems as it is a significant change from what they had been familiar with.

do tesla's come with a spare tire

Has Tesla Successfully Compensated For The Lack Of Spare Tire?

As is well known, Tesla is a pioneering company in many different aspects of the global car market. Tesla car tires are filled with advanced technology making them complicated to repair and replace, which led to the car company controversially deciding not to include a spare tire.

All Tesla car models are equipped with sound dampening and noise-reducing foam within their tires. While Tesla enthusiasts adore these advanced features, it makes the tire replacement process complicated, expensive, and painful. 

The noise reduction foam within the tires is permanently glued to the inside of the general tread surface area. The downside is that smaller tire repair shops lack the appropriate supplies or training to adequately repair a catastrophic tire failure.

In addition to the costly and complicated tire repair process, Tesla correctly calculated that more than 20% of all required labor costs and raw materials involved in the tire production process are reinvested into additional spare tires. 

Removing this enormous traditional cost has been a revolutionary move by Tesla, with most major car companies emulating them by utilizing the space required for a spare tire for additional engine capacity, cabin space, and fractional performance enhancements.

Does Tesla Have A Warranty For Spare Tires?

While roadside assistance is free of charge for specific Tesla models, Model 3 owners will have to pay for Tesla’s Mobile Application Service support system. Despite the costs involved, the efficiency of Tesla’s roadside assistance is remarkable. 

In most cases, Tesla’s mobile assistance service will immediately fix or replace the tire on the side of the road. However, the service cannot fully repair the damage as it is only equipped with tools for balancing and not wheel alignment.

Are There Spare Tire Kits Currently Available For Tesla Cars?

Some Tesla customers want to purchase a spare tire kit for their car in any worst-case scenario. However, these kits are costly and difficult to obtain.

Tesla previously produced an in-house tire repair kit for their range of cars, although the program was discontinued in late 2021 due to the lack of financial viability. However, due to the enormity of Tesla’s Model 3, the company has introduced a new repair kit that was explicitly manufactured for the cheapest model in their current range.

While the tire repair kit for Tesla’s Model 3 is costly, it does offer unique compatibility with all of Tesla’s different wheel sizes. In addition, the spare tire kit can clear the larger brake caliper options while using a tiny amount of the cargo space provided.

With the design process mainly focused on taking up as little cargo room as possible, Tesla’s repair kit is less than six inches wide. Moreover, the in-house repair kit includes a customizable and low-profile scissor jack. The scissor jack comprises a unique ratcheting mechanism that offers sufficient leverage at the required lifting points. 

While the Tesla tire repair kit is expensive, it is a better option than improvised tire repair techniques such as duct tape and incorrectly sized wheel replacements.

Electric Vs. Gas Car Spare Tire Costs

The costs of a spare tire for a gas-powered car vary. Generally, a gas-powered car owner can pay between $50 and $120 dollars for a spare tire, while electric car owners can spend more than $200.

To repair a catastrophic tire failure on a Tesla is costly, with it being claimed that $60 will be charged for labor, while an additional $220 will have to be spent by the customer for the tire to be entirely replaced. In contrast, gas-powered cars can often utilize different wheels, with a donut spare often costing as little as $50. Electric car owners are not afforded the luxury of choice and have to fork out far more for a customized spare tire. 


In a move that would revolutionize the global automobile market, Tesla decided not to include the traditional spare tire in their currently offered cars. Tesla decided this due to the complexities and costs involved in modern tire replacements.

In addition, by removing the spare tire, the company has been able to gain a competitive advantage regarding cargo space, engine capacity, general performance, and social support. While the decision was initially criticized, it has proven successful and pioneering as many significant competitors have emulated Tesla’s removal of the traditionally offered spare tire.

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