How Much Do Tesla Tires Cost?

Whether you are looking to buy a Tesla or want to know why the prices are so high, the question “how much do Tesla tires cost” can be tricky. After researching this topic and finding the top three tires for each model of Tesla, we have discovered and formulated the best answer to this question.

The price of Tesla tires depends on the model; expect to pay anywhere between 196.99 and 377.99 USD per tire. The Prices of the tires are as follows:

  • Tesla Model 3 196.99 to 299.97 USD
  • Tesla Model Y 279.96 to 313.99 USD
  • Tesla Models X 220.99 to 377.99 USD
  • Tesla Model S 278.99 to 355.99 USD

When discussing the prices of Tesla tires, we found it easiest to summarize all the information we have, based on only two tire brands. We have chosen Continental and Michelin as the tire brands for comparisons. Other tired brands also make tires for Tesla cars, but we did not compare them all for simplicity and readability.

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Tesla Model 3 Tire Prices

There are three variants of the Tesla Model 3: the performance, long-range, and standard variants. Below is the comparison and estimated price of the tires for each variant as given by the two different tire brands specified above. All tire prices are for year-round tires and are not season-specific.


Tesla Model 3Size 1Price (per tire)Size 2Price (per tire)
Standard235-40R19 96W275.97 USD235-45R18 98W196.99 USD
Long-Range235-40R19 96W299.97 USD235-45R18 98W196.99 USD
Performance235-35R20 92YNone Found235-45R18 98W196.99 USD


Tesla Model 3Size 1Price (per tire)Size 2Price (per tire)
Standard235-40R19 96W263.99 USD235-45R18 98WNone Found
Long-Range235-40R19 96W296.96 USD235-45R18 98WNone Found
Performance235-35R20 92YNone Found235-45R18 98W275.96 USD

As seen in the tables above, if you want to buy tires for a Tesla Model 3, you can expect to pay anywhere between 196.99 and 299.97 USD per tire. 

When compared to the price of tires for a Ford F-150 king-ranch-4×4 2020, one of the most popular vehicles in the US, there isn’t a drastic difference. The Ford tires cost between 210.99 and 264.97 USD from these two brands, according to SimpleTire.

How Much Do Tesla Tires Cost

Tesla Model Y Tire Prices

The Tesla Model Y has two variants: the performance and long-range models. The performance model uses two different tires, one for the front and one for the back. However, with my resources, we could not find a year-round tire from either Michelin or Continental for the Tesla Model Y performance model.

We only compared two different sizes and only for tires made for year-round use. Below are the tabled prices for the Tesla Model Y Long-Range compared to the two brands’ respective prices.


Tesla Model YSize 1Price (per tire)Size 2Price (per tire)
Long-Range255-40R20 101WNone Found255-45R19 104W279.96 USD


Tesla Model YSize 1Price (per tire)Size 2Price (per tire)
Long-Range255-40R20 101W313.99 USD255-45R19 104WNone Found

As seen in the tables above, these two brands only have one size tire for year-round use. Using what resources I had, we could only find prices for the Long-range version. 

If you need to buy new tires for your Tesla Model Y, Long-range, you can expect to pay between 279.96 to 313.99 USD per tire. The Tesla Model Y’s tires are a bit more expensive than that of the Ford F-150, for which you can buy tires costing between 210.99 and 264.97 USD from these two brands.

Tesla Model X Tire Prices

Again, there are two different variants for the Tesla Model X. One variant is called the Tesla Model X Long-Range, and the other is The Tesla Model X Plaid. Both of these variants use different tires for both front and back, and both front and back have different sizes.

Below you will find the price tables for both tire brands split up into different sections for the front, rear, and two different sizes. I only used tires that show as year-round tires and not season-specific tires.


Tesla Model XSize 1Price (per tire)Size 2Price (per tire)
Plaid (front)255-45R20 105Y220.99 USD265-35R22 102W200.99 USD
Plaid (back)275-45R20 110V298.96 USD275-45R20 110YNone Found
Long-Range (front)255-45R20 105Y220.99 USD265-35R22 102W200.99 USD
Long-Range (back)275-45R20 110V298.96 USD275-45R20 110YNone Found


Tesla Model XSize 1Price (per tire)Size 2Price (per tire)
Plaid (front)255-45R20 105Y263.99 USD265-35R22 102WNone Found
Plaid (back)275-45R20 110V377.99 USD275-45R20 110Y309.96 USD
Long-Range (front)255-45R20 105Y263.99 USD265-35R22 102WNone Found
Long-Range (back)275-45R20 110V377.99 USD275-45R20 110Y309.96 USD

As seen in the tables above, the tires used for both variants of the Tesla Model X are the same. The fact that the tires are the same means that both the Plaid and Long-Range variants’ tires cost between 220.99 and 377.99 USD per tire based on the information we could find from these two brands.

The lowest-priced tires of these Tesla models are within range of that of a standard car like the Ford mentioned above or a 2020 Honda Accord. The Honda Accord has tires that range between 128.99 and 234.96 USD per tire, according to SimpleTire.

Tesla Model S Tire Prices

The Tesla Model S Long-Range and Tesla Model S Plaid are the two variants of the Tesla Model S. Below is a table comparing both of these variants’ tire prices from Continental and Michelin.


Tesla Model SSize 1Price (per tire)Size 2Price (per tire)
Long-Range245-35R21 96W355.99 USD245-45R19 98W332.96 USD
Plaid 245-35R21 96W355.99 USD


Tesla Model SSize 1Price (per tire)Size 2Price (per tire)
Long-Range245-35R21 96WNone Found245-45R19 98W278.99 USD
Plaid 245-35R21 96WNone Found

The Tesla Model S has the least amount of tires compared to the previously mentioned models. All in all, you will be looking at paying between 278.99 and 355.99 USD per tire. This price is not the highest on this list but is still more expensive than some traditional car tires.


If you are still uncertain about some things or have any related questions, the frequently asked questions below might be of some assistance to you.

Are Tesla Tires More Expensive Than Regular Tires?

Tesla tires can range in price due to the model, tire size, and even the brand. This means that some tires will be more expensive than others. If you buy a well-known brand’s tire for your regular car, you will probably end up paying about the same amount.

How Often Should I Buy New Tesla Tires?

Depending on the brand that you buy, you will need to replace your tires between every 25 000 and 30 000 miles. You should always keep a watchful eye on your tires, and if the treads are wearing thin, you should also consider replacing them.

Can You Buy Tesla Tires On Credit?

Some dealerships will allow you to pay off the total amount of your Tesla tires by asking for a deposit and using debit orders. Buying Tesla tires on credit will usually entail a credit check to see if you are a trusted buyer. 


Though Tesla tires can be pretty costly, they can fall into the same price range as other car tires. Compared to a 2020 Honda Accord and a 2020 Ford F-150, the Tesla tires can be a bit more expensive, but you can walk away without breaking the bank while still having reliable tires if you know which brand to buy. 

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