Top 10 Best Water Squeegee and Tint Blades for Cars of 2020


When it comes to drying your car’s windows and windshields, you’ve got a few options. You can either use an air dryer if you’ve got the money and the electricity. Some other alternatives are terry cloth, drying chamois, or a good old water squeegee. Water squeegees are the go-to tool for clearing your windshield of water. These will also help to prevent water spots. With some long reach, you’ll be able to wipe your RV dry.

Small tint blades are utilized to apply bra films and tints. You use them to squeeze the air and water out of the tint. This will help keep your tint flat and consistent without any blemishes. Here are the best water squeegee and tint blades for 2020.

99. One Pass Classic 18″ Waterblade Silicone T-Bar Squeegee

This water blade squeegee is 18 inches long and has a yellow handle. It’s a little pricier than some of its counterparts but it also offers a much wider blade. It features a patented T-Bar edge that will push off over 90% of water in the first pass. The bright yellow soft edge handle allows for a more comfortable grip. The medical grade silicone blade won’t scratch your painted or non-painted, glass, plastic, or other surfaces. The flexible blade will mold and conform to the surfaces you’re trying to remove water from. This allows a more complete removal of the standing water.

Effective for large trucks and RVs, this extensively long silicone t-bar squeegee is great for removing water from large flat areas. This would excel for drying trucks and RVs after a wash. This is what you need to avoid water spots and mineral deposits.