NASCAR is unarguably one of the most divisive sports today. Most people don’t understand it. On the other hand, some folks treat it as a religion, and it’s not just driving to them, it’s a physical grind which involves coordination, and crazy endurance. The sport has suffered its fair share of crashes. Few of the accidents have been elated above the others as a reminder of how risky entering one of the cars might be. With this in mind, here is a highlight at the top 10 NASCAR crashes of all time.

9Bobby Allison Winston 500 1987

This crash forced NASCAR to reexamine its rules. During the race, Bobby Allison (on 200 miles per hour) tore a wheel on his car and spun around in reverse before going up and over a retaining wall. The car slammed down and got hit by other race cars. Even though Allison was uninjured, a lot of fans were hurt by debris and needed to be rushed to the E.R with minor wounds.