Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies for 2021

If a car is going to be used on the road, it must be insured. While there are hundreds of car insurance companies in every state willing to provide this service, there are also a very large number of people looking to have it.

However, it can be very tricky to figure out which ones are the best. If you are looking for reliable auto insurance companies that are financially sound and offer competitive prices while providing the required cover, this list of top 10 best car insurance companies can be of great help.

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You stand to get a lot for your money with an Amica auto insurance policy. Along with some rather unique options, Amica is known to offer excellent vehicle coverage, including identity fraud protection.

It offers both collision and comprehensive coverage – while comprehensive is designed to take care of automobile damages caused by events that are not related to accidents such as vandalism or fire, Collison coverage seeks to protect against damage caused in an accident.


Best Car Insurance Companies

This is also an Allstate insurance company that provides its customers with a wide range of discounts. Esurance offers great policy coverage options that can help to protect against property damage liability or bodily injury. Anyone can make significant savings with its auto insurance policy.

Apart from taking care of the damaged vehicle, Esurance can even pay your lost wages and medical bills especially if you get involved in a serious accident. It can even take care of repairs for a stolen or damaged rental car.



MetLife auto insurance is one of the best auto insurance companies in the US. It is known to have simplified the process of getting quotes with the establishment of an easy and intuitive online quote tool. Apart from its exciting buying tools, this auto insurance company also provides a great quote and hassle-free policy management.

It also offers smooth claim processes. Together with its hassle-free claims management system, MetLife provides its customers with a convenient online dashboard from which they can modify their coverage, change vehicles and even add new drivers.

Liberty Mutual


Apart from auto cover, this “A” rated auto insurance company also offers life and home insurance. Liberty Mutual was founded in 1912 as a full-service company that specializes in providing comprehensive auto policies at highly competitive rates.

Its financial services are not limited to the US alone as it has successfully built a wide network of excellent services in over 20 countries throughout the world. No wonder, it has always been rated among other top car insurance companies in the US. As a reputable insurance company, Liberty Mutual also offers quality resources and online support.

AA Auto Insurance


Along with auto insurance, this organization which is a non-profit lobby that comprises of a federation of associated auto clubs offers a large number of other services like, emergency road service, towing, and first aid to its members.

Founded in 1902, the American Automobile Associations (AA Auto Insurance) has gained a wide reputation for its ability to provide coverage that is really strong and dependable. As a customer, you are entitled to certain uncommon benefits, including discounts, excellent vehicle coverage, and a lifetime renewability.



Allstate supports a wide variety of customers with a wide range of policy options that suit their every car need. Along with accident forgiveness and safe driving incentives, they are widely reputed for the competitive rates they provide. Allstate has frequently been rated among the top car insurance companies in the US and for about 7 decades now, it has been ranked as a top insurance company.



Formerly established as The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation in 1925, this car insurance company was officially recognized as “Nationwide” 30 years after it was founded. Today, Nationwide has risen to become one of the world’s largest financial organizations with a strong and stable financing. It always seeks to provide its customers with lots of low-cost insurance options just to keep them happy and satisfied.



Apart from auto insurance, Progressive also offers a range of other services like RV, Segway, watercraft, bike and snowmobile loans. Progressive was established in 1937 as a multi-dimensional company. Potential clients can counteroffer the provided quote by accepting its innovative offer known as “name your price.”

This company has earned a credit rating of A+ with is also a good thing. Also, Progressive is widely reputed as an honorable insurance company with the highest number of sales in commercial auto policies.



Available in all fifty states of the nation, this car insurance company – Geico (Government Employees Insurance Company) – specializes in providing consumers with private auto insurance. It is owned by Berkshire Hathaway.

While promising to help consumers obtain the least expensive auto insurance policy Geico also pledges outstanding customer service. Geico has risen to become a favorite insurance company with many potential clients because of the several payment options it offers.

State Farm Insurance


If there is any car insurance company that offers its customers with an adequate variety of discounts, it is the State Farm Insurance. It is also reputed for its high competitive rates.

As one of the most favorite features about insurance generally, this company has a significant number of consumers registered as it helps them to save up to 40 percent. In fact, there are claims that this company is ideal for both the elderly and teenagers. [td_smart_list_end]

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