Top 10 Import Cars To Purchase In The US

For you to import any car into United States for the very first time, you have to wait until 25 years after the model has been launched. Any car model that was launched exactly 25 years ago would have been launched in 1991.

So you can import cars that have been manufactured in 1991 or earlier. Some of them are already available in the states now.

Here are the top ten import cars to purchase in the US:

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10 Volkswagen Golf GTI MK II

Import Cars To Purchase In The US

What gave this vehicle a wide acceptance are fuel economy, durability, low cost of maintenance, cheap and availability of parts. It is also a relatively fast car, at least for its size.

BMW E28 M5

This is another old BMW model that has found its way into the United States. Doesn’t this say something about BMW cars? – Durability, isn’t it? People often say it is the best car ever produced.

How they got to that conclusion is still shrouded in mystery. However, it is a classic. There is no doubt about that.

It is one of the rarest models of cars because only 2191 units were produced and some of them are still available and in use in America now. It is very reliable. Needless to say it is also durable.

Audi Quattro

This is the first car with an all wheel drive in the real sense of it. It has the ability to produce about 217 hp and it can comfortably do up to 143 mph on the highway. It is simply a race car.

A good number were imported into the United States but a lot of them are now grounded because of scarcity of parts.

BMW E30 M3

The main reason this car will continue to be relevant is that BMW did not produce any other car like it for about 18 years. It is small but powerful. It is said to be in a world of its own. It produces about 217 hp.

It is also seen as an evolution model as it does not conform to BMW style of cars. It is completely different from all the other BMW models that were produced before it. It is still available but not in large numbers.

Buick Grand National

This car is known for speed. It is nothing but a 300hp beast that can cover a quarter of a mile in less than 14 seconds. Not only that. It can accelerate up to 60 mph in exactly 4.5 seconds. This is why it is faster than Ferrari Testarossa, Porsche 928S d even Lamborghini Countach.

Porsche 944 Turbo S2

This is one of the first cars with pop up headlights. It can produce about 208 hp. It is so fast that it can accelerate up to 60 mph in less than six seconds.

Due to its relatively lower price compared to the other Porsche models, it is called the poor man’s Porsche. It is a classic anytime. It is just unfortunate that it is no longer available in large numbers.

Toyota W10 MR2

This old beauty can simply be described as small, light but powerful. It is known for a great power-to-weight ratio. It can accelerate up to 60 mph in less than seven seconds. This is why it is called a “Mini Ferrari”. It is also very fuel efficient and its parts are relatively cheap.

Mercedes R107 SL

This is one of the most beautiful Mercedes cars to have been manufactured. Its stylish design makes it a sight to behold. Little wonder those that own it today still drive it around with pride. Being manufactured over 25 years ago, one would think its parts are no longer available. On the contrary, its parts are available in good numbers and so is the car.

BMW E24 635 CSi/M6

This car combines beauty with strength and fuel economy. It is known to be the most beautiful BMW car produced in the post-war era. One thing you can’t take away from this car is its fuel economy.

It can move for up to 250 miles on tank of gas. The fact that it was manufactured over 25 years ago and it is still available now means just one thing – durability!

Volvo 760 Wagon

This automobile comes with a turbocharged engine and it is known for producing up to 182hp. Another great feature of this car is that it could accelerate up to 60 mph in just 8 seconds? Cars with automatic transmission can never do that.

Like most of the cars produced in the 80s, it has a very strong body and it is very durable. You may not appreciate how strong old cars are until one of them accidentally runs into a contemporary car.

It comes with standard ABS and airbags. These two features are the least to expect in contemporary cars but it is a big deal when it is offered by a “dinosaur” like the Volvo 760. It is also equipped with an electronic traction control.

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