Have you ever looked at a car and thought to yourself, ‘what in the world were the manufacturers thinking?’ Well, let’s just say that car designing isn’t an exact science. It’s a trial and error process just like with most things in life. Most times we only see the impressive designs that made it to the assembly line. However, there are those cases when we see a bizarre, odd, ugly car on the streets and we can’t help but wonder who approved such an ugly car to get to production.

10Zundapp Janus

This car leaves us speechless. One look at it will have you asking, ‘Now which crazy company would commission such a car, let alone let it get manufactured?’ Built in 1958, this odd car, with a rear facing bench that lets passengers stare at cars behind them, plus the open doors on both ends of the car did little to help increase the car’s popularity back in the day.