Top 10 Best Water Squeegees and Tint Blades for Cars of 2021

When it comes to drying your car’s windows and windshields, you’ve got a few options. You can either use an air dryer if you’ve got the money and the electricity. Some other alternatives are terry cloth, drying chamois, or a good old water squeegee. Water squeegees are the go-to tool for clearing your windshield of water. These will also help to prevent water spots. With some long reach, you’ll be able to wipe your RV dry.

Small tint blades are utilized to apply bra films and tints. You use them to squeeze the air and water out of the tint. This will help keep your tint flat and consistent without any blemishes. Here are the best water squeegees and tint blades for 2020.

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10. Red Jelly Blade by California Car Duster

Best Water Squeegees and Tint Blades

This Red Jelly Blade squeegee by California Car Duster features a V-blade design. This helps to push water efficiently. It has an extension on one end for tight areas and the opposite end narrows down to a point for small, recessed areas.

The overall functionality of this water squeegee is truly exceptional. The blade is medical grade silicone that will flex and conform around corners. This lets you squeegee water from both flat and curved surfaces.

The extension end on one side will let you squeegee water away from compact areas. This lets you have a much smaller squeegee blade for smaller areas. The opposite end is much more narrow which will let you reach into recessed areas like side view mirrors. Ribs line the water squeegee to help give it stability when pushing water away.

9. One Pass Classic 18″ Waterblade Silicone T-Bar Squeegee

This water blade squeegee is 18 inches long and has a yellow handle. It’s a little pricier than some of its counterparts but it also offers a much wider blade. It features a patented T-Bar edge that will push off over 90% of water in the first pass.

The bright yellow soft edge handle allows for a more comfortable grip. The medical grade silicone blade won’t scratch your painted or non-painted, glass, plastic, or other surfaces. The flexible blade will mold and conform to the surfaces you’re trying to remove water from. This allows a more complete removal of the standing water.

Effective for large trucks and RVs, this extensively long silicone t-bar squeegee is great for removing water from large flat areas. This would excel for drying trucks and RVs after a wash. This is what you need to avoid water spots and mineral deposits.

8. Superflex Water Blade, Silicone T-Bar Squeegee

The Superflex Water Blade by One Pass gets its name from its ability to contort into almost any shape. The entire construction is entirely flexible, allowing you to conform the blade into almost any shape so you can expel water from the most hard to reach places.

The silicone blade is medical grade and won’t scratch your painted surfaces, glass, or other surfaces. The T-Bar edge is patented and claims to remove over 90% of standing water from the surface you’re using it on.

Lightweight, this water blade comes in at a little over 10 ounces. The blade is approximately 12 inches long and won’t scratch because it will be fifteen times less friction than using a typical terrycloth towel.

If you need a device to dry the flat or wicked curved sections of your car off after a good rinse, this will get it dry. The handle is soft and over-molded, giving you a comfortable and durable grip to get the job done time and time again.

7. T-Bar Silicone Water Blade Squeegee

Featuring a patented T-bar edge, the Original Soft-N-Dry Water Blade Squeegee will clean standing water off with fifteen times less friction than a traditional terry cloth. When you’re detailing your car, one of the most overlooked things is drying, which if not done at all, can lead to water spots and mineral buildup on the surface of your car.

This can lead to a blemished look and even potentially damage the paint if left on the surface too long.

This Water Blade Squeegee will eliminate the need for towels and chamois, allowing you to dry your car’s surfaces with ease and speed. The flexible blade will mold to the surface of your car, allowing the water to be pushed off and leaving behind a perfectly dry surface.

This is also useful for household uses, such as showers, countertops, tables, shower doors, mirrors, or anywhere water is building up that needs whisked away in a hurry.

6. Silicone T-Bar Squeegee, 12 Inch Purple

Eliminate the need for drying towels and drying chamois with this Water Blade Squeegee by One Pass. Coming in a brilliant purple color, this will work to remove over 90% of standing water with less resistance than using typical cloth towels.

The silicon blade will mold to your windshield or window, allowing it to push the water efficiently and without risk of damaging your glass. Provided there aren’t any stuck on particles on your water blade, there is no risk of damaging your glass or painted surfaces because the silicon blade is safe for these surfaces.

These are incredibly durable and should last you a few years, if not more. This can also be used to dry your shower doors, countertops, and for other household uses as well. The ergonomic handle has a soft edge that allows an easy grip, making pushing away that water an easy task.

5. 18 Inch Silicone T-Bar Squeegee with Pole Adapter

This Water Blade is ideal for drying off large, flat surfaces like those that are found on RVs, boats, motorhomes, and large trucks. The silicon blade is high quality and will really help cut down the drying time for when you’re detailing your RV and want to dry it without leaving any unsightly water spots. This will only take very light pressure to get the desired dry results that you’re looking for.

The pole attachment screws on which allows you to use virtually any pole attachment provided it has the threads that will let you screw an attachment on. The squeegee does have a little flexibility in it which will let it work better than conventional squeegees. A solid choice for drying your automobile in our books, and the versatility of adding in your own pole makes it even better.

4. FOSHIO 5 Inch Shower Squeegee

This Green Squeegee by FOSHIO also includes a smaller Silicone Water Blade with a non-slip handle. These squeegees are easy and quick to use for removing water off of flat surfaces. The squeegees offer a beveled design on their rubber blades that lets you push water away faster or focus pressure on the tint to push out those air bubbles. They’re incredibly durable and the blade is stiff and sturdy.

These squeegees can also be used around the house to clean shower doors, bathroom mirrors, kitchen windows, household mirrors, and even glass stovetops. Since they’re relatively small, they can also be used to clean side mirrors. These are ideal for applying tint to your windows with minimal effort and won’t scratch your tint.

3. 8-Inch Bug Sponge Squeegee by Mallory

This 8-inch bug Sponge & Squeegee combo by Mallory should look incredibly familiar, as you can find this style of squeegee tool available at almost every gas station. It is a double-sided tool with a bug sponge on one side and the squeegee on the flipside.

The length of the tool is approximately 15-16 inches, allowing you to easily reach the center of your windshields and windows. The rubber blade is wide and will push or pull water off of your windows and windshields with ease. The bug sponge is a foam pad encased in a nylon netted bug sponge so it can grip bird droppings, tree sap, dead bugs and more with ease.

Having a tool that has both the cleaning sponge and a squeegee makes cleaning your windows and windshield a breeze. This will enable you to both apply soap and remove contaminants from your windshield with little effort. When you’re done scrubbing the bugs and bird droppings off, simple flip the tool over and use the squeegee to dry your windows in an instant.

2. Y-Bar Hydro-Glide Design, Classic 14 Inch by One Pass Water Blade

The 14 Inch Y-Bar Waterblade Water Squeegee from One Pass Water Blade is the premier waterblade when it comes to whisking away water from your car, truck, RV, or automobile.

The Y-Bar shaped edge claims to remove over 90% of standing water, leaving a streak free and dry car or window behind. The Y-Bar Waterblade has a silicone blade that molds to the surface of your vehicle to push water away consistently, eliminating the need for chamois or towels typically used to dry your car.

1. Good Grips Wiper Blade Squeegee by OXO

The Wipe Blade Squeegee by OXO is ideal for wiping down windshields, windows, glass, painted surfaces and mirrors to remove water quickly and easily. The non-slip handle is comfortable to hold and won’t slip out of your hands even if the entire handle is soaking wet.

The squeegee itself is a lightweight, durable and flexible blade that will conform to curved surfaces, allowing you to push water off of your car’s painted surface, windshield or windows smoothly and without any resistance.

It has a flexible rotating hook on the end of the handle so it can be conveniently hung in the garage or elsewhere. Included with the purchase of the squeegee is a PVC-free suction cup hanger.


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